How to Build Your Web Site  – Review of SEO Mumbo

Get Your Web Site Right = $$$$$$$

By Samuel Junghenn

The problem!

You know that

  • Internet = $
  • Leads in your inbox  = $ build a website

But – you are

  • Confused by the internet jargon
  • You know some things but not all – not enough to make $


You want a

  • Simple explanation
  • Someone to show you HOW
  • To make that $

From Ah to Ah Ha

Let me tell you how I went from the confused and frustrated to the Ah Ha – yes I’ve got it!

I went straight to the experts and found SEO Mumbo put out there for you by Australia’s Samuel Junghenn.

Benefits for you

The best thing about this course – well there are quite a few good things, but what really helped me is that it is visual – all  there on my screen for me to see.

As Samuel was explaining the steps etc, I could see exactly what he was talking about via the on screen mind map.

Because it is downloaded onto my computer I have been able to go through it as many times as necessary.


Great Help

He also includes a PDF format which I have printed out and bound into a book. So I have been able to go  through that and highlight the important bits.

I found it a great help to look at the videos, then read about it as well.


Great Results

What was once ‘mumbo jumbo’ has now fallen into place.

I have been able to use what is in this course and apply it to my website and hence my marketing campaign.


The result – leads into my inbox and money in my pocket!web site buider


What is in the course about?


  • Keyword research
  • Domain names
  • On site optimization
  • Content
  • Existing site


  • New sites
  • Reverse engineering
  • Automation
  • Word press

Web site tools

Samuel works  with the amazing keyword research product Market Samurai. [see recommended products]

You can also use Google key word research which is free.

Market Samurai is a lot more sophisticated and as your initial key word research is so  important, I found spending the money well worth it.

He uses Cheap Domains and Host Gator which I do too. I decided that if the gurus are using them, they must be okay. [ see link in recommended products]


One other excellent tool he will be talking about is Word Press.

This is an open source blog tool and publishing platform  – in other words you use it to write your web site, blogs, posts and pages.

Word Press offers  many many free themes to choose from-  also paid themes. They really do have everything you need and most experienced web site people use word press.

Who is this course suitable for?

The intermediate person.

If you are a total beginner, SEO mumbo is not for you –  yet.

It does presume you have some knowledge of the internet and website tools and navigation.

The beginner

For the raw beginner I suggest you start with Sandy McDonald’s ……… [ see my review] .

Sandy has a great understanding and empathy for the beginner and will take you through the first steps.


Then you will be ready for SEO Mumbo and then Fast Web formula.

The problem

What I found is that there are plenty of products telling you WHAT you can do, but not so many telling you HOW to do it.

It’s the HOW which is gold to you. All that knowledge does not mean a thing unless you know how.


Learn to do one thing well, then go onto the next.

I felt as though I wanted and had to do everything at once, but it did not work.

When I stopped and got good at one thing at a time – I had great success.


How you and  I earn Money from these recourses

As I am recommending these recourses, you may be asking ‘ what’s in it for me?’

There is something in it for me and for you too. I earn a commission and you can too. Just as I recommend certain products, you can do the same.


This is all part of your Internet marketing income – affiliate marketing – it can be very powerful for you.


Bottom line

It’s money from your primary business and money from this secondary business. People may want  to buy a hosting plan, a domain name, but may not want your MLM business.

So you are marketing to a much wider audience and literally doubling your income potential.

This is how it works on the Internet.


The rewards are  there and they are worth it. But be patient and kind to yourself.

Have a look at SEO Mumbo, get my free newsletter, explore this web site. There is so much information for you here before you spend a cent.

You will be able to build a web site and find those leads and that money you deserve.