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MLM Companies With Real Vitamins And Minerals

Not all vitamins and minerals from all MLM companies  are created equally!


 In fact it is 95% over 5% – it is very unequal.

95% are made from petroleum- coal tar.synthetic vitamins and minerals


Only 5% are made from plants –  something your body does know how to digest and use.


Are these the ones you are taking? The useless ones or the good ones?


We were designed to eat plants and get our nutrients from them.

Plants get them from the soil.

We were not designed to eat the dirt, gorund up rocks and petroleum.

Yes it might be natural in that it comes form the ground, but it is not for human consumption.


Why are there so many synthetic vitamins and minerals?

Two reasons

  1. Price
  2. Technology has not been available until now to make pure plant based and standardised vitamins and minerals

Test your vitamins and minerals to see if they are plant based.plant based mlm company vitamins and minerals

Put them in the oven and see what happens to them.

If they change, go black, melt in any way – they are synthetic – made from a petroleum base and coated in a protein to trick your body into digesting them.


How many nutrients do you think you are absorbing from them?


Science And Technology Continues To Change The World.

Science and Technology Have Changed Vitamins and Minerals.

2400BC  – The Abacus

1791 – The Steamboat

1834 – The Refrigerator

1924- Television

1958 – the Silicon chip

1990- the world Wide Web

2007 – The iPhone

2011 – The Real Vitamin and Mineral Supplement


Click here to discover what a true plant based vitamin and mineral supplement is from a science based MLM company

Be a social entrepreneur with your online mlm business

Special Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Does your vitamin and mineral supplement have a bigger purpose?


  • What if you could turn your daily routine into an amazing legacy?
  • What if by taking your vitamin and mineral supplement you could also feed a malnourished and needy child
  • How would you feel – making a difference to your life and the life of a hungry child?
  • How would you feel if your vitamin had a bigger purpose?


vitamin and mineral supplementsWhat is this purpose which includes vitamin and mineral supplements?


Over 5 million children under the age of 5 die every year from the devastating effects of malnutrition.


Lack of proper nutrition in the early developmental years is to blame for issues such as stunted growth, retarded brain development and poor health.



This affects lives of 55 million children worldwide.


According to published reports, feeding programs are not enough— “young children are so susceptible to malnutrition because what they eat lacks essential vitamins and minerals to

  • help them grow
  • remain strong
  • fight off infections”

Nutritional deficiency has now become epidemic in America as well as the third world countries.

A significant amount of the money spent on food is used to buy processed foods. A recent national survey reports that “nearly the entire US population consumes a diet poor in real nutritional value.”


Malnutrition is linked between 1/3 and ½ of all childhood deaths

But people with a purpose are changing this and changing their own lives as well.

These people are Social Entrepreneurs and the phenomenon is known as Social Entrepreneurship.


What is social entrepreneurship?

You may not be familiar with the phrase Social Entrepreneurship, but it’s quietly becoming the most powerful business model of the 21st century.

It’s an exciting new strategy which tackles global issues like poverty, malnutrition, clean air and water, and health care.

In fact, this new initiative has the world’s leading policy makers predicting that it will not only become the most purposeful, profitable platform of our time, but also a revolutionary paradigm shift for sustainable global improvement.

While all of this may sound lofty and unreachable, it’s not.

There is easy, seamless, dynamic way for you to join other social entrepreneurs who are changing the world

The goal is to link 5 million consumers worldwide directly to the needs of   5 million malnourished children.



The company doing this has chosen to incorporate a direct marketing distribution and compensation model into their social entrepreneur business strategy.

This allows them to financially reward individuals who choose to participate in their world-changing fight against malnutrition, in direct proportion to their level of activity.

It’s a rewarding income with a priceless outcome.

What else do they have to offer you?

  • You might need more than one reason to participate.
  • It has to give maximum value to you.
  • It’s all about the quality and the type of vitamin and mineral supplement you take.

Important for you !

The question is – If you knew your nutritional supplements were made of petroleum and rocks – would you take them? Would you switch to a product which actually gave you nutrition your body could use?

The truth about what’s really in most vitamins is shocking.

  • Coal tarsynthetic vitamins and minerals
  • Petroleum
  • Rocks

They’re all common ingredients in synthetic supplements, which make up 95% of the nutritional supplement market in North America alone.

And ingredients like that simply aren’t absorbed well (if at all) by your body.


Your food does not ‘feed’ you

As you typically don’t consume all the nutrients you need at the proper levels in your diet, and it’s no surprise that malnutrition is the #1 health risk in the world, affecting more than 925 million people worldwide.


The Shocking Truth! – Is This You?

150 million people take a vitamin/mineral product.

95% of all sold are synthetically made.

Most people do not know this.

They do not know they are wasting their money and  could be harming themselves.


What you do need

  • Plant or naturally sourced vitamins extracted from foods or plants or those cultured in yeast.
  • Plants use multiple processes to accumulate minerals from the soil, predigest them and then bond them into a food matrix.
  • Minerals from plants are, therefore, more soluble.
  • Research suggests that naturally sourced vitamins are easier to absorb and retain than synthetically made vitamins.

The Answer

The company who makes the world’s highest and most absorbable standardized plant based vitamin and mineral supplement supplies the same product to the needy children of the world.


Bottom line

  • You give yourself the best
  • You help the starving children of the world
  • You get a financial reward as well.

For more information on how you can make a difference ot your life and the life of others click here now

Stay tuned for more posts  on this up and coming topic!

Susan Rutherford







safe vitamins and mineral network marketing companies

Safe Vitamin and Minerals

Is your vitamin and mineral supplement literally killing you?


You are doing the ‘right thing’ – taking a supplement as recommended by the American Medical Association.


But do you know where your supplement comes from?

  • How is it made?
  • What is it doing for you and to you?


Here is a check list for you

  1. Is your vitamin and mineral supplement  made from
  2. Petroleum or plants?
  3. Is it really cheap?
  4. Is it highly advertised?
  5. Doe you take single vitamins eg vitamin C?
  6. What color is your urine after taking your vitamin?
  7. Do you feel sick if you take it on an empty stomach?
  8. Is it recommended to be taken with food?

The list goes on and on but the bottom line is – are you safe?

Are your children safe?

What is this highly advertised supplement doing to you?


They knew of the dangers and did not tell you!

Back in 2007, the powers to be new this –  Jama Feb 28 2007. New study synthetic vitamins kill [and this is only one of the studies]

Did you know that the synthetic form of vitamin C [ascorbic acid] can harm your body by thickening the arterial walls of your heart.

And – Ascorbic acid has invaded the market place in many forms so BEWARE!

Regardless of the dangers, synthetic vitamins and minerals continue to flood our market with glowing reports.


Because they are cheaper to produce.

It’s all about money for the company – its not about your well being and the wellbeing of your children.


What is the alternative?

safe vitamins and mineral network marketing companiesEssential Fact

Vitamins and minerals must come from plants for your body to absorb and use them.

The plants get the nutrients from the soil.

Synthetic vitamins and minerals come from petroleum and rocks.

Do you really fancy eating petroleum and rocks?

You have heard the term ‘expensive urine’ well it is true because most of those supplements pass right through your body.

Check the color of your urine after you have taken a synthetic vitamin B tablet.

But worse than the expensive urine is the harm they are doing to you and your loved ones – your precious children.


The answer

This is why I have after much research, chosen my vitamins and minerals from a company which puts my health and well being before profit.

There are some other good food based vitamins, but only one company has the technology to give you totally standardized food based minerals as well.


Why do you need standardized vitamins and minerals?natural vitamins and minerals

  • You need to know what you are getting
  • They need to be in the complete food form

You have all heard that beta carotene is good but, too much beta carotene on its own is not good.

Whole foods provide you with a balance of nutrients.

If you take just one nutrient eg zinc it can upset the balance of other nutrients in your body and cause other problems.

It’s a bit like a row of dominoes. One goes down and they all go down.

Get one nutrient out of balance in your body and lo and behold – problems are created that you would not even think of linking back to say the zinc supplement


My research has paid off

So this is why I take my vitamins and minerals from a source which has taken care of all this.

I am confident that I am getting exactly what my body needs.

In fact, its just as though I am eating the very best food every day. And you know that is really hard to do .

What to do for the health and safety of you and your family

Fill out the form for the link to the company which will give you peace of mind and all the daily nutrition you need for a great and energetic life.


Good health to you all



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