social entrepreneurs and network  marketing incomeWho Are Social Entrepreneurs?

How can you be one and also have a network marketing income?


Social entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes, but they share some common threads.

  • Are people determined to solve the world’s biggest challenges through innovative and purpose-driven solutions
  • Leverage both the cash flow and technological support of their for-profit enterprises by linking them synergistically to existing not-for-profit organizations, in order to achieve their world-changing goals
  • Are the forerunners, the catalysts, for a major paradigm shift in how we solve the world’s biggest problems


What Makes Up a Successful Social Entrepreneurial Movement?

  • Take on a Global Problem
  • Develop an Innovative and New Solution to That Problem
  • Tap into the Public’s Passion for Your Cause
  • Find Creative Ways to Compensate the People Who Choose to Participate

What If You Could Turn Your Daily Routine into an Amazing Legacy?

What is income or money to you if you are not well enough to enjoy it?


income via network marketingThere is a famous saying – health is wealth. Without your health, your wealth is nothing!

What will you do today to improve your wellness?

  • Will you take a morning walk?
  • Enjoy a healthy breakfast on the patio?
  • Take your daily regimen of supplements that you know improve your day-to-day well-being?

What if

by nourishing yourself and your family—you’ve nourished a child somewhere in the world who is at risk?

would this make you feel good?


You can do this – be  a Social Entrepreneur and receive and income via network marketing



There is one company who gives you this wonderful opportunity

For every purchase on Automatic Order containing one or more of the programs’ products, the company donates nutritional supplements formulated using real food to at-risk children through charitable relief programs.


This is more than  just about giving kids nutrition:

  • It’s about giving kids a chance to be kids!
  • It’s about giving you the chance to make a difference in the world.
  • It’s about also giving you an income while you take care of you health and wellbeing and that of children in need.

This is what a Social entrepreneur can do.

And because it can be incorporated into a network marketing income program, it costs you nothing to give.

No more worrying about saying “NO” to the charity callers.

You can do your bit and more and it won’t hurt your pocket.


How do you think you will feel?

Would you like to be a Social Entrepreneur?

Click here to see how you can change your life and the lives of others – for the better