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social entrepreneurs and network marketing income

Social Entrepreneurs And Network Marketing Income

social entrepreneurs and network  marketing incomeWho Are Social Entrepreneurs?

How can you be one and also have a network marketing income?


Social entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes, but they share some common threads.

  • Are people determined to solve the world’s biggest challenges through innovative and purpose-driven solutions
  • Leverage both the cash flow and technological support of their for-profit enterprises by linking them synergistically to existing not-for-profit organizations, in order to achieve their world-changing goals
  • Are the forerunners, the catalysts, for a major paradigm shift in how we solve the world’s biggest problems


What Makes Up a Successful Social Entrepreneurial Movement?

  • Take on a Global Problem
  • Develop an Innovative and New Solution to That Problem
  • Tap into the Public’s Passion for Your Cause
  • Find Creative Ways to Compensate the People Who Choose to Participate

What If You Could Turn Your Daily Routine into an Amazing Legacy?

What is income or money to you if you are not well enough to enjoy it?


income via network marketingThere is a famous saying – health is wealth. Without your health, your wealth is nothing!

What will you do today to improve your wellness?

  • Will you take a morning walk?
  • Enjoy a healthy breakfast on the patio?
  • Take your daily regimen of supplements that you know improve your day-to-day well-being?

What if

by nourishing yourself and your family—you’ve nourished a child somewhere in the world who is at risk?

would this make you feel good?


You can do this – be  a Social Entrepreneur and receive and income via network marketing



There is one company who gives you this wonderful opportunity

For every purchase on Automatic Order containing one or more of the programs’ products, the company donates nutritional supplements formulated using real food to at-risk children through charitable relief programs.


This is more than  just about giving kids nutrition:

  • It’s about giving kids a chance to be kids!
  • It’s about giving you the chance to make a difference in the world.
  • It’s about also giving you an income while you take care of you health and wellbeing and that of children in need.

This is what a Social entrepreneur can do.

And because it can be incorporated into a network marketing income program, it costs you nothing to give.

No more worrying about saying “NO” to the charity callers.

You can do your bit and more and it won’t hurt your pocket.


How do you think you will feel?

Would you like to be a Social Entrepreneur?

Click here to see how you can change your life and the lives of others – for the better

Wall St Journal Tells Why Network Marketing MLM and Direct Sales Industry Is So Good/Video


social entrepreneurs

How Everyone Can Be A Social Entrepreneur


The Ultimate Social Entrepreneur


I was privileged and shocked all in one night.


My privilege was to hear a most inspirational talk from a passionate and inspirational social entrepreneur who is taking amazing steps to make the world a better place for all.


My shock was to hear that there are 925 million children in the world suffering from malnutrition. And this is not exclusive to the emancipated and hungry child of a poor third world country.

This includes the overweight, over fed but under nourished children of the developed world.


Harvard business review stated in September of 2010 that ‘if you are not thinking of social entrepreneurship, you will soon be guilty malpractice’


My speaker told us how his company is doing just this:

social entrepreneurs

social entrepreneurs


  • Taking a ‘for profit’ business
  • Utilizing it’s knowledge and infrastructure
  • To enrich your life
  • And the lives of others

Why does he need to do this?

What has happened to the charities of the world?

Don’t companies do this anyway?


Let’s look at these points.

Why does this need to be done? Because business today cannot be separated from social mission.


Harvard review told us that, but there is a new wave of thought and doing sweeping the world – everyone has to be responsible for helping others – a benefit to the ‘whole’ as well as the individual.


Charities only do well in times of abundance. When the money stops coming in to the individual, they stop giving.

When the money stops coming into the company, the company falls behind in its charitable support.


Nic Frances with Maryrose Cuskelly wrote about it in their book, ‘The End Of Charity’

He explains that the ‘market can be a tool for delivering a range of values besides profit’. This means that corporate social responsibility can benefit the business as well as the community – that ‘welfare organizations will only really be effective when they start exploring social enterprise and corporate partnerships’


In other words, there needs to be money made before money can be given and shared. So if the social venture makes money for the company and or the individuals, then all can afford to give and share.


There is one network marketing company blazing a trail across the world which such a program.  The company as most do, always had a benevolent side to it, encompassing corporate and individual input.

However, when there is a down turn in the economy – this area is also affected.


So this incredible speaker wanted a way where the giving could continue, no matter what the economy of the world was doing. The result is an innovative and rewarding program for all.

All members of the company are part of the giving program, but it does not cost them a thing. It does not come out of their personal pocket.


Instead, the company takes a % of the profit they make from each member’s monthly order and uses it for their charitable work.


As this is a nutritional research and development  company, they have set up programs to feed needy children with especially formulated nutrition. The results they are getting are far superior to the fortified grain distributed by governments.


This program is established in northern America and is about to be launched to the world.

So far, 15,400 children have been impacted. When it launches in Australia, 10,000 will be nourished. This is just the beginning!

The company works with established organizations who know where the needs are.

Although this company is not the only one doing good in the world, it is the only one where the whole membership base has been included into the program.


Money is made for all, so all can give.

They are enriching other lives while they are enriching their own lives.


This is such a good thing. It makes everyone feel happy and positive about what they are doing. It opens up a totally new world and aspect to the network marketing industry.


There are millions of people around the world involved in networking. Imagine if all the companies did this – what an impact it would have on the world. A world, a society  of social entrepreneurs!


Already the developer of this program is being invited to speak in many countries. He already has a voice and everyone it taking notice. He is the leader in corporate social entrepreneurship.


For me personally, it has made it all so worthwhile. I was being rewarded in many ways before as I reached out to help others in my business. But now there is a new and even more purposeful meaning to my world and the meaning of networking.

You really will be building a net, which will capture, protect and nourish all. Everyone can be a social entrepreneur.




direct sales industry

Wall St Journal Tells Why Network Marketing MLM and Direct Sales Industry Is So Good


wall st journal and mlm

Hi – Susan Rutherford here again – Internet Marketer, MLM and network marketing expert, coach and social entrepreneur.


More today  from the Wall Street Journal in their 40 page supplement praising the network marketing, mlm and direct selling industry.


As you know, this is amazing validation from such a traditional publication as the Wall Street Journal. They have given the networking and direct sales industry an incredible wrap.


They also validate what I am saying to you on my website and in my blogs.

“Add into network marketing, technological power and globalization, and you’ve got a winning formula”network marketing industry


Today I want to comment on why they feel the Network Marketing and  direct sales industry is so good.


They ask the question

What’s the ideal home-based business?

Their answer is that  more than 16 million Americans think it’s direct selling or MLM and network marketing.


Last year, this industry collectively generated $28.3 billion in annual sales. 90 percent of the people work part time to supplement their income. Hoever, with a mature business you can go full time. This is quite a luxury for so many reasons.


Approximately 80 percent of direct sellers are women. Why?

The hours are flexible and the cost of starting their business is low.


Add in today’s technology and they have a business which is portable and convenient.


The industry is gaining the attention of some of the world’s foremost financial experts [and I quote form the journal]


“This includes  Suze Orman, noted author, television personality and consultant to Avon Products Inc.; Robert Kiyosaki, best-selling author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series, who has sold more books on financial guidance than any author in history; and David Bach, New York Times best-selling author, to name just a few. All have responded positively to the significance of the direct selling business model.”


They confirm what seasoned network marketers already know and as Bach says –

“The beauty of the direct selling business opportunity is that it’s all done for you,”

“There isn’t any real startup time. You don’t have to create a business plan. You don’t have to create a product.


The only thing you need to do is find a reputable company—one that you can trust—that offers a product or service that you believe in and can get passionate about.”


One other really important and appealing aspect is that anyone can do it, regardless of their education and background.

Here are a few stats on that.

According to the Direct Selling Association, 24% of direct sellers have a high school diploma or less education; however, 35 % are college graduates and 1 in 12 has a postgraduate degree.

Quite a few of these graduates are health care professionals.


As technology changes the way direct sellers conduct their businesses, these statistics are expected to possibly change dramatically.


More and more people are looking for easier ways to start their own business, particularly using the Internet. This has such potential for you sales companies


This is one of the best quotes from the article. Its called

‘The Ideal Business

While every company has its unique traits, the entire, network marketing and MLM  way of doing business shares common threads of empowering men and women to dream, to reach beyond what they thought to be possible, and to be supported in a very strong manner.


Direct selling is a great example of how the free enterprise system can be engaged without the traditional risks associated with a brick-and-mortar business model.’


I cannot add any more to this – the Wall st journal has summed it up perfectly, but I do urge you to explore my web site further for all the other information I offer.

Make sure you receive my newsletter with all the hot tips and ground-breaking news. And stay tune for the next update on network marketing, mlm and direct sales industry and why it is so good!


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