There are many many excellence products and resources for your MLM online business.


This is a list of what I have found to be the best.  They are divided into categories so you can select the areas, which interest you.


Affiliate Income

The Internet is a myriad of affiliate programs and incomes. This is how it works. Its about spreading the word and helping each other – another form of word of mouth and  Network Marketing.

Everyone earns money from affiliate programs and so you need to include them in your marketing plan and program too.

There are many to choose from, but these are the ones I have found the best for the MLM industry.


Selecting Your Company

One of the most important points to consider is demand

You must be offering what people

  • Want, need and desire
  • What they are searching or looking for
  • Use or consume on a daily basis

Where is the demand?

  • The industry of network marketing itself
  • Health and wellness
  • Technology

Health and Wellness

Paul Zane Pilzer, world renowned economist, author, entrepreneur and college professor states that the ‘fortunes of the new millennium will be created in the wellness industry.’

Within this area there are some absolutely essential points you need to know. I have outlined them in this post and I urge you to read it before you make any decisions.



We live in a world of technology, in fact ever changing technology so how can you possible ignore this as a source of your income?

There are a few technology companies in the MLM industry offering

  • Video emails
  • Template Facebook pages
  • Phones

New Company

There is a new one, which incorporates everything including an amazing web browser [with top level security].

The benefits are too numerous to list here, but I have included this link as I think it is very important.

Benefits to you

  • It works very well alongside other companies because you can use it as a promotional tool for your business.
  • In essence, you are doubling your exposure  – 2 companies for the price of 1
  • This is apart from all the other benefits.


Watch the video, then enter your email for the free information. It might take a bit of time to realize what is on offer, but well worth that time spent.


A word of caution

There are a few companies, which do not allow you to be part of another. Please ensure you read policies and procedures  – or chose a different company.

Other Types of Companies

If you want to explore other types of MLM companies, just do a search on the Internet. But please do your homework thoroughly.


Support Resources, Systems and Products

There are many of these and I have bought them all, explored them all and been to many conferences and trainings. Sometimes one personality and method suits you better than another.

My experience is to take what you want and like from them and ignore the rest without stressing over it.

Here is the list.

MLM System

As I said in my report, I strongly recommend joining an MLM system.

The top earners of the world belong to a system. In fact, if you listen to their trainings, they will tell you they only realized their success once they became part of a system.

A good system will give you everything you need to succeed including adds, landing pages, capture pages, website.  It is extremely cost effective  – in fact in most cases worth $1000’s.

This is the one I use and recommend. It also provides a very good affiliate program so you can earn as you learn. Another reason to be part of it.

Marketing Your Business

Having read the report you will be aware of the ‘ethics’ of Internet marketing – that you need to attract people to you.

To learn about ‘attraction marketing’ and how to brand yourself, I strongly recommend this one. It really is the best one out there.


Social Media

This is where so many people are making the money today. If you want to join them and learn HOW, go to this link. It is all part of the MLM system I recommend. They also have formatted and templates including landing and capture pages you can use.


If you already have enough skills and just want to put up a Facebook fan page or a Facebook Page for business, read this post


This is another great way to promote you and your business.

Video converts better than text.  There are other channels to promote your videos e.g.

  • Viddler
  • Vimeo

But, I suggest you learn YouTube first. You can get all the training you need for this inside the MLM system

or  watch out for my personal training.


Building Your Website and Business on a Budget

If you are building your business on a budget, then look at this. Very well priced with enough information to help you get started.

Building Your Website from Scratch

The MLM system has everything in you need to know to build your website, from the very simple start to the more advanced procedures and training.

Justin Meadows has a very clear E Book on the first steps of building a web site and very well priced. Please fill out the contact form for Justin’s details.


If you are an intermediate stage, SEO Mumbo by Samuel Junghenn is excellent again, with videos that show you what and how. See the Graphic link on the resources section of the website for SEO Mumbo


Getting Help

You may need someone to do it all for you or just help you.

  • Sandy McDonald
  • Samuel Junghenn
  • Justin Meadows

Please fill out the contact form for their details. They can do the lot or part of it.

In conclusion

While this list is by no means all that is out there, it is the cream. It has got me to where I am today with great success. It is very stimulating to be part of this exciting world waiting for you at the click of your mouse, the tap of your keyboard.


It is certainly enough Products and Resources For Your MLM Online Business to get you on your road to success and residual income.