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Paul Zane Pilzer The Next Trillion Book Review

Where does Paul Zane Pilzer Say  the Next Trillion will be made?


Are you going to be there or will you miss the boat?

Pilzer’s book, ‘The Next Trillion’ is an exciting read, even the abridged version.paul zane pilzer product review

There is still enough in it  to see why he is so passionate and excited about the Wellness Industry as an income source.

On the front cover he says ‘Why the wellness indurty will exceed the $1 trillion health care [ sickness] industry in the next ten years’

How the fortunes on the new millennium will be created in the wellness industry’.


This book was written in 2001 so really its history, but we can look at what he has predicted and see how much has come to pass.


What is creating the ‘Next Trillion?”

Pilzer delves into the problems of today’s world –

  • the obesity epidemic and the reasons for it
  • the dependence on drugs
  • band -aiding a problem rather than getting to the route cause of it

This is what he calls the ‘sickness industry’


In a Nutshell

The crux of what he is talking about and the key to the income potential is in the first chapter.

He talks of the fact that 61% of Americans are overweight and obese with poor health and often little prospects of a good future.

The other 39% of Americans are not overweight.

He says America has become a ‘healthocracy’, a two-party system of ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’.

They are divided between those who successfully manage their health and those who don’t.

product review

Who are those in control?

This wellness based group includes the movers and shakers of society along with celebrities.

This group have approached and embraced a way to eat, diet, exercise – how to use vitamins and nutritional supplements to their benefit.

Most importantly, they have learnt how to manage the aging process marketing nutritional products

Anti-aging, or staying young is the driving force. Ignore this at your peril!


The Trends

Back in 2001 when Pilzer wrote this book, he was examining these groups, watching their habits, their trends.

He saw the beginnings of a new industry which he said would ‘far surpass the existing health care industry we have today which is dedicated to sickness’


Has his prediction come to pass?

Yes most definitely.


Not everyone may be aware of it, but for those who have embraced the ‘preventative health’ strategy, they are excited.

They know what it does for them. They are aware of  the prolific and superior research and  science of today.


The Results

Better and better  supplements which science shows do benefit the body – do help to slow down the ravages of the ageing process.


As I write this, there is a new product coming to market which take the cells back to the age of a 20 year old. [this is an FDA statement which is huge]

This does not meant that we shall all look 20 again, but health starts at a cellular level and so it is essential to have healthy communicating  and well replicating cells.

Inflammation is one of your greatest enemies. 20 year old cells are not subjected to the devastation and influences of inflammation as a 50 year old’s cells.

So this one fact alone has a huge impact on your body and subsequent health and wellness benefits. In a nutshell – you will feel better – a lot better.


How does this lead to income?

Pilzer in his book ‘The Next Trillion’ sees that the move is on the way – the tidal wave is starting to surge.

Ten years later, research and evidence tells you it is now a tsunami.

  • Just look at all the web sites selling nutrition – in every form.
  • Look at the shelves of the drug stores and supermarkets. They are bulging with products.
  • Drug companies are buying vitamin companies.
  • They are spending billions on research in the area on glycomics alone.
  • How many network marketing companies are there in the wellness industry?
  • They dominate it.

Why? Because you can look after your health and wealth at the same time.


Are Pilzer’s predictions correct?

Is the wellness industry where  trillions are being made?

Yes most definitely. It is one of the most exciting and profitable areas to be in.


paul zane pilzer the next trillionCombine this with the power of word of mouth advertising and referral that  a network marketing company provides and the now incredible marketing technology of the Internet and you have a very vey powerful money making trifecta.


Word of caution. It is important to be selective if you are looking for a nutritional company to work with. There are certain criteria you must have and certain criteria you must not have. Click here to see what they are.


Do your homework and you too can be part of Paul Zane Pilzer’s predictions and this exciting trillion-dollar industry.





Your MLM Internet Business For Under $500 – Building On A Budget


Mike Dillard  from Magnetic  Sponsoring has a great E book out

‘Building On A Budget’


I learnt so much from the very first read. I did not think I could possibly build my MLM Internet business with a start up of under $500

It only cost me $29 and told me as much as I had learnt from a course which cost me over $1000!


but before you have to think of purchasing the book, you can get access to free videos and preliminary information


This is what you will discover.

5 ways to build your MLM business cheaply

  • No expensive pay –per- click ads
  • No opportunity leads
  • No banners
  • No postcards
  • No cold calling

‘Now you can learn how to generate as many leads as you want every month using these 5 little-known, under used online strategies that are easy to follow and simple to learn’.

It gives an excellent overview without going into too much detail. Too much detail can end up in a terrible overload.  This is a danger.

Great MLM system

And best of all, if you like what you read, hear and see, you can then explore they system they offer.

The system is great because so much of the hard work, the very specific work has been done.

You have the rights to utilize everything you need for your online MLM marketing business.


But I suggest you begin  with the free videos. No $ outlay, but will get you started.


You can access the book once you have listened and watched the videos of you so decide,   You really can get you Internet MLM business moving with this information.





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