If you could cut your cancer risk, would this be a pill worth swallowing?


“Swallowing a daily multivitamin pill could reduce your risk of cancer by  about 8%, a new study shows”


The researchers said that it was likely the combination of essential vitamins and mineral in multivitamins mirrored healthier dietary patterns.

multi vitamin and mineral supplementsThese healthier patters had preciously been shown to reduce cancer risks.


But the experts also warn that a daily pill should not replace a healthy diet or be taken as cancer prevention.


The study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. It involved nearly 15,000 male doctors aged 50 and over who took either a multi vitamin or a placebo over an average of 11 years.


“ Compared with the placebo, men taking a daily multivitamin had a statistically significant reduction in the incidence of total cancer”


Tips essential to cut cancer risk 

This is a great study and something the scientists have know for a long time – that complete nutrition is essential for health and to cut caner risk.


What happens if nutrients are missing?

  • Nutrition has a domino effect in the body.
  • Even if one micro vitamin is missing, this affects a whole chain of chemical reactions deep in your cells.  
  • One thing is missing – the chemical reaction does not take place.This leads to another ‘mishap’ and so on.
  • Eventually your body is in trouble.


  • Your immune system is affected.
  • It does not recognize foreign bodies
  • It does not recognize cancer cells.
  • They start to divide and multiply.

And this can all start from just one missing micro or macro nutrient.

So you can see why this long term and important study got such good results and why your daily vitamin and mineral supplement is so important.



Not all supplements are created equal.

95% are synthetically made and therefore you can be wasting your money and not getting the results you might expect.

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