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online mlm leads

Why Online MLM Leads Do Not Covert


Are you having trouble converting your online MLM  leads?


Or do you convert them but they don’t stay?


There is one singular reason why this is happening,  and when you know this, your conversion, your life will change dramatically.

It definitely has for me. I, like 1000’s of other well meaning people made this mistake over and over again.  mlm leads online that convert

When I discovered what was holding me back, I suddenly forged ahead. My leads were converting and my business grew.

Best of all I felt better.

Why? Because I learnt NOT TO SELL

Selling does not work.

But something else does. However, before I get to that, just let me paint you a picture – just a simple one, something that I am sure you have all experienced.


You go into a shop and try on some stunning clothes. You love them – put them on  – see yourself in the mirror and you know they are not really for you – it’s not your best look.

But, the bubbly sales person tells you otherwise, gives you so many reasons why you look so good. Yes – that look certainly suits you!


In fact you can still hear the voice. You feel a bit uncomfortable, because now you are doubting your own judgment. ‘Well, perhaps I do look OK – perhaps I have got it wrong. What do I really know?’

This person should know – does it all the time. Maybe there is a new me out there!

And so it goes on until you are now quite excited by this new you, this new look.  You happily put the money on the counter and walk out.  You can’t wait to wear your new clothes.


You get home, look at yourself in the mirror. There is no pep talk, no bubbly sales person telling you how great you look – yes you can wear that style.

You see how you really look – Alas -you know this is not for you. You were talked into it and you fell for it. You feel disappointed and even a bit sick in the stomach at spending your hard earned money on a mistake.

You were sold to!


People like to buy but they do not like to be sold to.  online mlm leads


But what are the repercussions of being sold to?

Will you  go back to that shop? Will you always be their loyal customer?


What does work

Now if it had been a different scenario- if the sales person had agreed with you that yes this is  perhaps not your best look and helped you select something else – something that you felt comfortable in, something that you decided on without any coercion, would you remain a loyal customer?


Selling does not work. No one wants or likes to be sold to. This goes for your MLM leads too.

How to convert you MLM leads online

To covert your leads and  have them as loyal customers or members of your team, it is essential for them to be attracted to what you have to offer. This is called attraction marketing, or ‘permission based selling’.


Give the customer what they want.

Allow the customer make the decision to buy based on the information you have provided and what their need is

Your results will astound you.

As Michael Oliver from Natural Selling says, ‘Rule of thumb #1 is… Lead with the need! Lead with what your potential partner/customer tells you is most important.’


No longer will you have trouble with your online MLM leads not converting or not staying with you.


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