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Converting MLM Prospects To Your Business

“How do you actually get my MLM prospects to convert and sign up for your business” ?


This is a very frequent question.

MLM online is fantastic BUT

The automation and power of the internet and it’s systems is fantastic.

Everyone loves it. It will get you prospects.

But it is not everything.


You are important

No level of systems and automation will ever completely

replace the fact that YOU still need to still be part of that system.

Yes you in person.

This means someitmes talking on the phone.


People do sigh up to your business without speaking to anyone but it really is better if you have a conversation with them first.


Think of this!

They may not be suitable for your business. Not everybody is.

Do you want to waste time on someone who is not suitable?


Paying the money

Some people will not make an important decision or send money without talking to a real person.

And this is OK. In fact it is good.

It gives you a chance to qualify them and gives them a chance to take a good look at your offer and see if it suits them.


Remember you are looking for like-minded people


Bottom Line

You need to learn the skills of prospecting, positioning and speaking with your prospects over the phone or

in person.

You may be cringing at the thought of this.


Most people are NOT good at first!

It is a learned skill. I had to learn it and all the top producers have learnt what and how to do this.


This is where the attraction marketing comes in.

You need to attract people to you before they will think of joining you.


Attraction Marketing

That’s why learnt how to use Attraction  Marketing to build my Internet business

  • You attract on and offline
  • But you have to attract.
  • The systems help to attract
  • You the special person still have to be part of it.

You are still in a business of relationships, but using the internet and systems to enhance it


How to go to the top

So, if you want to be at the top, earning good money, then you will have to master the art and skill of recruiting.

There is ONLY one course that I would recommend to

you that I believe can actually give you ALL the

training you will need to master this skill.


Check out the free training videos first…then

you can decide for yourself.


Until next time


Susan Rutherford

Social Media, MLM and Internet Marketing Specialist


Mike Dillard Success in Your MLM Online Business Video


Mike Dillard tells you the real secret to your success with your online MLM business


via his course called Magnetic Sponsorying. It’s a must for anyone marketing online.

Watch this video to see what a difference it will make for you.

the real secret to your success with an online mlm business

The Real Secret To Your Success In An Online MLM Business


Everyone wants to know the real secret to your success in an mlm business, particularly an online mlm business.


In fact most people would pay anything for just one good tip.

I listened to a webinar by Mile Dillard and he outlined his journey and his recipe for success with his network marketing business.

He is the first one to say that it took him six years and many companies to actually get anywhere. So he is very sympathetic to everyone’s plight, but he did stress that challenges are normal.

He gave some really good points to think about but one came out loud and clear.


Ask yourself this question

‘What is your personal value level?’

In other words, what have you got to offer?


Mike said that you must have something to offer in the way of skills, leadership, experience and success.


It can just be one skill that you have ‘perfected’ as a network marketer eg

  • Getting referrals
  • Talking to prospectsthe real secret to success with an online mlm business
  • Follow up
  • Training
  • Presenting

Online network marketing

There is a different skill set for your online MLM business and it all begins with Mike’s term, ‘Attraction Marketing’.

If you are using the Internet for your business, it is essential to first offer people value- lots of value and for free. You need to ‘attract’ them before you can even think of talking to them about your primary business.


This is expected and essential etiquette on the Internet.

The social media sites can shut you down if you don’t adhere to these principles. [more on how to use social media successfully later].

Mike Dillard is a master at attraction marketing or as he calls it and has named his company ‘Magnetic Sponsoring’ It’s not about cold calling or trying to sponsor everyone who crosses your path. In fact, it’s totally opposite and speaking from experience, it feels so good.


How  will you feel when people actually want you to sponsor them? How will you feel when you have people

  • wanting to know what you do?
  • what you have to offer ?
  • never have to bee hunting for prospects?

I learnt a lot of this from Mike’s course called Magnetic Sponsoring.  It has made such a difference to the way I do business, the way I do business online and definitely to my success. My income has soared because I now use attraction marketing.


My Skills

Attraction marketing is now one of my skills, part of the value I offer to my online and offline list of followers. It is part of my personal value level and really my number one in areas of importance.

People are only going to follow you, learn from you, do business with you if they like you. So you have to know how to be attractive to many. This is what Mike’s course Magnetic Sponsoring taught me so well.

An MLM or network marketing business does take time to develop, but the time spent is so worthwhile. It is even more worthwhile when you are attracting people to you – when you are the hunted instead of the hunter.

If you are at all serious about what you do, then I would seriously considered investing in Mike’s course. It could be the best money you ever spend.

Click here for a preview on what it has to offer. The short video will tell you what you can expect and how you can unlock the real secret to the success of your MLM online business with attraction marketing and magnetic sponsoring.







Qualified MLM Leads- see the difference


Qualified MLM Leads – How This Can Make an Amazing Difference to Your Success Rate

What is the  disaster of un – qualified MLM leads

  • no business
  • no money
  • waste of time
  • waste of money
  • It’s as simple as that

Network marketing or MLM lead generation

This is an essential part of your business, but it is more than just a matter of getting leads as such.

You must spend your time with those who are qualified.

Qualified network marketing leads is the answer

You need people who are qualified to take up your time, who are qualified to be part of your very special team.

There is nothing wrong with you or the leads – they are just

  • not qualified
  • they don’t know enough
  • they don’t necessarily trust you or your offer

What does this mean?

Picture this scenario.  You buy cheap MLM leads or even expensive phone MLM leads.

You spend your time, your money, your emotions, in talking to them and making every effort you can to get them to see that you have something great to offer them.

And you do. Network marketing is a wonderful way to make a part or full time income. Plus –  you are serving yourself and others at the same time. You know this and you are proud of it.

However, the people you speak to just don’t buy it. You know it does work, 1000’s and 1000’s  are making plenty of money from it, but you personally can’t get it to work.

What is wrong with everybody?

You think – “what am I doing wrong. I need more leads; I need to buy better leads – more expensive ones.” This is not the answer – trust me please. The answer is below.

The answer

It is essential to know how to select someone for your business – the right people. If you were paying them a wage – would you do so if they were not right – if there was no productivity?

It is the same in your MLM business. And it is true for an online MLM business as well.

This is it  – the success formula and its IMPORTANT !

For success the right people must be selected. You must learn how to select them and this comes down to the questions you ask, the answers they give and how you respond to their answers.

You are the interviewer and you are selecting suitable candidates to work in your business, in your team. You call someone – out of the blue- on the phone. This person is not necessarily ready for your pitch. There is no trust – as yet. Trust, particularly over the Internet is absolutely essential.

The questions – pay attention

But, once you know how to question those you are talking to and how to respond, you will see a much higher success rate. You could also do as I do and learn how to generate your own MLM leads online.

All my leads are qualified before I even think of talking to them. My success rate is high and both parties are happy – it is a win win for both parties. Think about this.

So the bottom line is – learn how to ask the questions, learn how to respond to the answers which will translate into qualified MLM leads.

best business opportunity

Should You Buy Cheap Network Marketing Leads?


Should You Buy MLM Leads ?

‘If only I could buy some MLM leads, my business would grow, I would make the money I need and deserve and all my troubles would be over’

How many times have you

  • said this to yourself and your colleagues?
  • searched the Internet?
  • bought just general lists?
  • bought names from companies that have gone out of business?
  • bought somebody else’s position so you could get their list of names?

A network marketing ‘DON’T’

Have you actually bought leads, phoned them, talked with them, spent lots of time and money on them – posted them CD’s, brochures, lots of info – all for nothing?

If your answer is YES, believe me you are not alone but please, this is NOT the way to go. Why? Because these leads are not qualified – they are not ready to jump into what you have to offer.

Yes many of them are looking for something, but it’s usually something that will bring them instant cash and I mean instant.

Online MLM business rewards 
best business opportunity

Imagine what you could do?

Your rewards are going to be much greater than instant cash. You will build up your secondary and residual income for life. Your dedication now, can secure your financial future.

Imagine – in 2-5 years time you have the option to create enough income so you can do whatever you like – work or not work. Just look after your residual income. Picture it – picture where you might be.

What are MLM leads?

But before you get to that point, there are a few things you need to know and do. Lets first talk about leads.

There are lead companies out there who specialize in MLM lead lists. You can buy

  • old lists
  • new lists
  • targeted lists
  • interviewed lists
  • local lists
  • international lists

The list goes on.

And sometimes, you can get some good people from them- genuine people who really are looking for a good networking business.

However, this can cost you dollars and dollars. Although any business or investment does require some financial input, lets not throw it away!

The bottom line

How many leads per day do you actually need?

If you are serious about your business, you need about 30 fresh leads per day.

1%-2% will take up your offer. If you are buying these leads it is going to cost you about $4,000 -$6,000 for about 1000. This could give you a very good base providing you know how to interview them, providing you actually get to talk to them.

The fact of the matter is, so many people NEVER answer their phone even though they have given permission to be called – they do genuinely want to make some money.

But the truth is, they don’t want to move out of their comfort zone to do what it takes.

They are not really qualified for your offer. Read this again – they are not qualified.

MLM business opportunities online – the secret

There really are great things our there for you but this is what you need.

Qualified leads – leads who have passed through enough preliminary hoops to make them worth your time. They are qualified for you to interview them.

And I say INTERVIEW because that is what you are doing. You are interviewing them to see if they are suitable for your fantastic offer.

How do you get leads like this?—– The big question

It’s simple – with your own online system, a system which targets people who are looking for what you have to offer and gives them enough information to say ‘hey this looks good – tell me more’

You have them fill out an online survey so they can also see if it is something worth their time – be respectful to them as well. It makes such a difference.

The Internet is your oyster.

The whole world is at the click of your mouse – why are you letting it pass you by?

My success

Having my own online marketing strategy is the best thing I have done and believe me, I have done it all and made all the mistakes.

But not any more. I have an amazing business. Trust me – spend time looking at what you can do –  be in control your of your destiny. You will be amazed at the possibilities. link

The best thing is – you will not have to buy MLM leads because you will have your own.

Click here …… should I have a link to a couple of lead companies?

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