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Anew way to make online income secret

Why Are The Baby Boomers Making Money Online?

What do these Baby Boomers know which allows them to make money online?

Keep reading to discover what and how!


There are 4 disturbing 
trends making a big impact to you me and the economy.

They are in part being fuelled and pushed by the baby boomer generation.

These trends are opening the door to them and millions of others allowing them to make money online.


What are these online business trends and how do they affect you?

Where are they leading to – why is there  a new trend altogether?


  • Is a massive shift to online boomers making online income
  • Are you taking advantage of this?

Trend 2

  • Government debt – it is MASSIVE
  • It is crippling us and the countries .

Look at Greece, the US, Spain, Portugal, Ireland

In fact, look at Europe

This is no joke – this is dire.

People were warning us about the unprecedented government and personal debt as far back as the early 1990’s.

But no one took any notice.

It is here and it is bad!


Trend 3

  • People are making less money due to unemployment and to graduates not getting employed.
  • Therefore people are having to look to other ways to make money including graduates.
  • This might be in total contrast to their degree and training.

Trend 4

  • The Baby Boomers! [see my last post on this]
  • 20 million of them turned 50 recently.
  • They are still looking for income as they want to maintain their good lifestyles and good health and wellbeing.
  • This costs money so they are doing whatever they can to earn it, create it, have it.


This is now creating another trend – a big one a MEGA trend which is

Trend 5

  • Online businesses
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Internet businesses
  • Entrepreneurs online
  • Social entrepreneurs using online systems
  • Network marketing online
  • Network marketing systems

This looks like a list of key words and it is.

The number of people searching the internet for money making systems and ideas has more than doubled since 2007.

Google insights tells us that it is 5 million per month – that is a 200% rise. This is incredible but it is also an incredible oppourtunity for you.

People are looking for what you have. They want your network marketing business, your network marketing system, your internet business.

Get it our there for them to see.

If you need to know how to get started, download my free E BOOK now. [see top of page]

It will give you all the first and important steps to start making your online income.

Stay tuned for more





internet marketing mistakes

Internet Marketing Mistakes

Are you making these common mistakes with your internet marketing business?


There is a saying that many people stick to, including me ‘quality is better than quantity’.


internet marketing mistakesThis is definitely true with you network and internet online marketing business.

10000’s of leads will get you nowhere if they do not convert the leads to sales or membership.

Mistake no 1 – Too many leads!

  • This is mistake number one – to go for quantity over quality.
  • In my blogs, I talk of qualifying leads and how to do this.
  • This is so important and all the top network marketers talk about it.
  • Why waste your precious time on those who are not suitable?
  • Sow your seed in fertile ground.

Mistake no 2 – Spending too much money!

Money can buy you results but you may need a lot of it.

It may be what you are looking for in the short term, but in the long term you need to build up a stable and workable system for generation your leads and your income.

You want repeat traffic rather than ‘once off visitors’


Let leads get to know you first

People need to get to know you before they make any decision – just like you are getting to know me from these letters, my blogs and my Facebook site.

Build up a loyal following of people who trust you.

This is done via your various funnels e.g.

  • SEO optimization so people find your website and information
  • Social media – particularly important today [ I shall be speaking more on this aspect]


Mistake no 3 – Hiding behind your computer!

  • Do you spend a lot of time in front of your computer screen, organizing this, writing content and blogs?
  • Or are you out there on the net, talking and sharing with others in your industry?

Surprisingly the later is really important.

You may think that you will be giving valuable information to your competition – this is usual in other forms of business but not so with the Internet.

  • It’s all about sharing if you want success.
  • So get our there, see what others are dong and make contact with them.
  • Make your self known, your presence felt, just as you would in your local area if you want business.

This is all part of building up your online presence and avoiding the mistakes, the pitfalls of internet marketing, particularly with your personal goal of network marketing online.


Until next time


Social Media, MLM and Internet Marketing Specialist


making money online

Internet and Network Marketers Dream

Congratulations for landing on this page


This could be the journey of your life


You have at your fingertips, the most exciting launch and development of technology that the world has seen so far

Be sure to read the whole page and click on the link, then follow through

In a nutshell, it is a

New web browser which actually PAYS those who use it

Yes that is correct.

It pays you when you use your computer


Your home page pays you

you can still use Google, Firefox,  Safari


network marketing online

Read On

I have  been in the network marketing and now Internet marketing business for many years.

I know the trials and tribulations of the industries.

You all work so hard for sometimes poor results.

You all deserve more than that.

Your time has come if you take action now.


Let me tell you what is happening in the world today with the next Internet boom and how you can benefit from it.


I recently met with a colleague to hear what he has been doing this program.

I came away absolutely buzzing.

He was on fire and with good reason.


An experienced network marketer having been in the industry for 35 years, he said “at last we have something where we can ALL make some good money and promote our business at the same time”.

In 12 short weeks he has US $16,000 in his pocket and 450 in his team. He said and I quote mlm business opportunity online

It has gone VIRUL – it is out of my control. It is global. I have never seen anything like it.

I have the whole world in my hands

This is one of many happenings around the globe.


Listen to Jennie’s testimonial. She had 4000 in her group in a week. Be sure to hear what she has to say.

Here is an extract for you to read.

Jennie has been a Marketing consultant for businesses for 15 years

She now tells those businesses WHY they have to do this.


“The Internet is amazing – there is a lot of money to be made but only 1% of the true potential has been realised.

The first company to do this will be the first $trillion in history.

Not even Google could compete with this now.

Google and other companies will not share their revenue like this company is.


This is the equivalent only much much bigger than what Bill Gates did with the PC and that changed the world.


However, the PC is just a tool and only has the information in it that you place there.

The Internet is the information

The people who provide access to the information will be the ones to change the world. This system is going to cause a huge paradigm shift for all of humanity.


There is no limit to where the CEO David Martin can take this.

Anyone can do this business no matter how you might have failed before.”


Jennie was with a company in 2003. They had a product which they could give away for free.

It was a similar model to this but not a similar product.


Our give away product  was only for marketers and very very difficult to use. You needed to have a web site and it was still difficult.

But the similarity was – “we gave it away and there was a paid and a free version option.

Therefore there were benefits to the members to give it away just as there is here, not to forget the prizes.


In less than a year, just with me giving it away, giving it away, I had 300,000 personals in my down line. It was the bigger than all the down lines combined.

People were always asking me how do you get these people to upgrade?

I don’t – I just give it away without any convincing or selling. People then see the benefits and upgrade for that reason.


You give this to 10 people – they give it to 10 people – they give it to 10 people, they give it 10 –people – do this for 5 levels and you end up with 1,000,000 people.

If just one out of every 10 upgrade, you have at least a 1000 representatives in your team – your binary team as this system is.

Think what that would do for your income?


I have no trouble getting people to join when I tell them this. You wont either.

There is something for everybody, not just marketers.

This will change your life if you allow it.

Realize that this is one of the biggest accomplishments that have happened to mankind”


I am sure you are wondering what it is all about. Before you  go to the website which will explain all, here is a summary.


The answer to all  your perseverance and hard work!

Remember, You have just landed upon a network marketers dream, an Internet marketers dream and in fact, a dream for anyone who wants multiple income streams.

A home page which pays you to use it


As a network or Internet marketer, would you like

  • more sales?
  • low cost advertising ?
  • earn revenue from large corporate companies who advertise on the Internet?


As a network or Internet marketer, would you just like a program, a business which is

  • easy ?
  • simple ?
  • no meetings ?
  • no products ?
  • BUT pays you well?
  • would you like to feel success all over you?


How would you feel if you could have all that just by being paid to use the Internet by

  • using a different Internet browser
  • having a different home page
  • sharing the good news with a few others – all around the world?

Would you be interested in having a look at it?

This is what you have at your fingertips.

A program in pre launch stage which offers everybody something.

In a nutshell, it is a

new web browser which actually PAYS those who use it

Yes that is correct.

It pays you when you use your computer

It is a Home Page which Pays!


  • It is not a get rich quick scheme although you might make a lot of money quickly.
  • It is a legitimate income program with a more than legitimate  CEO with  financial back up and credentials [ see website for details]
  • There is a income program for free members [ coming after the launch ] and a program for those who want a much higher level of residual income.


Why is this so good?

  • Because this is the simplest and easiest income program you could ever be in.
  • Because it pays so well [ see website for details]

Why is if different?

  • Because it is so simple and easy
  • No products
  • No meetings
  • No trainings

This program is already global – it is in every country.

  • No waiting for countries to  open and paying the high price of getting in.
  • It can and is absolutely anywhere in the world.
  • And it is still in the prelaunch stage.

It is Bigger than the PC

  • Bill Gates and the PC changed the world.
  • And this is going to be even bigger!
  • Not even Google can compete with this now.
  • And you are going to get a share of it.

Want a bit of Google’s revenue?

  • Imagine if you had a share of Google or Face Book’s advertising revenue.
  • How wealthy do you think you would be?
  • But the problem is, Google , Face book, Twitter, You tube don’t share their revenue.
  • But we do.

Changing the World

  • People who provide access to information are going to change the world.
  • This system provides that information and it is “going to cause a paradigm shift for all of humanity.”

It is in the giving that you truly receive

  • Part of that paradigm shift is that you can give something away and then get paid for it.
  • You can do this over and over and over.
  • It is the true ethos and philosophy of networking and the etiquette of Internet Marketing.
  • Give away good information, good value before you receive.

This is the secret to the success – as Jennie said,

‘it is giving something away which will bring you and those you touch

riches and success.’


What to do next

Go to the web site

  1. watch the short presentation
  2. go through the other areas.

The website tells you everything.

Keep it simple.

You want to be able to hand it on to others just by sending them to the website

  1. Join at the top level so you can maximise your income.
  2. You  can get a RTI  within 72 hours
  3. Get back to me at if you have any questions or fill out the contact form on this website.

Seize the moment – I shall see you at the top


Paul Zane Pilzer Says Yes To Network Marketing/Video

If you are worried about unemployment

then listen to why Paul Zane Pilzer says YES to Network Marketing

Hear why the industry is creating an explosion of millionaires.



paul zane pilzer

Paul Zane Pilzer Says Yes To Network Marketing

If you are worried   about unemployment, listen to why Paul Zane Pilzer says YES

to Network Marketing.


Unemployment is a constant topic- in the news, the papers and conversations. It’s always spoken of with impending gloom and doom.

Do you imagine, see yourself and your family out on the street, in the food kitchens, unable to survive?

It is a terrible thought, and a reality for many.

But does it have to be you


paul zane pilzer

Paul Zane Pilzer


Who is Pilzer?  He is a world renowned economist, multi-millionaire, entrepreneur, college professor and author of eight best selling books says “in the perfect storm, you can actually create opportunity before you face any type of unemployment”.

This is a brash and brave statement. If you are like me, you want to know how Pilzer backs this statement up. You want to know how you can succeed in these frightening times.

Pilzer says there is currently an explosion of millionaires – in fact, there are going to be 10 million new millionaires in the next 10 years!

His formula is this


Wealth = Personal Resources X Technology

W =  P x T


He says that “right now, our economy is experiencing a perfect storm of opportunity. There are three distinct elements in this storm:

The Wellness Revolution

The Millionaire Explosion

The Direct Selling Business Boom” [Network Marketing]

“This powerful trifecta is creating unprecedented opportunities for you to create financial freedom”.


network marketing onlineLets take a look at these thee industries.

The Wellness Industry is one of the fastest growing areas today because people want wellness rather than sickness. If you have access to a product, which will help people maintain their energy, vitality, looks and give them longevity, you are made.

Science is making great break throughs in this area and there are a handful of amazing patented scientific products being sold via MLM and network marking companies. [see here]

The Millionaire Explosion People are making money in non-traditional areas as a result of technology, namely the Internet.

You can do this without a college degree. You don’t need to be an A+ student. You can be anyone who learns how to harness this incredible power.

Look at all the people who are having great success online.

Are they your suited lawyers or are they those who were prepared to look sideways and ‘seize the moment’?


Network Marketing Online

Never before has there been such and exciting time for this industry.

With the demand for technology, health and wellness and the medium of the worldwide web to access global markets, this is your oyster, your answer to any impending unemployment.

No one has to be living in fear. It is just a matter of choice – your choice.


I shall be expanding this blog and sharing more of what Paul Zane Pilzer has to say and why he says YES to Network Marketing, particularly Network Marketing Online. Stay Tuned.








Network Marketing Company Members Feeding Hungry Children Video


Are  your network marketing members feeding hungry children?


Is their monthly order making a difference to the children and their business?

This video tells you what an innovative company is doing


Mike Dillard Success in Your MLM Online Business Video


Mike Dillard tells you the real secret to your success with your online MLM business


via his course called Magnetic Sponsorying. It’s a must for anyone marketing online.

Watch this video to see what a difference it will make for you.

the real secret to your success with an online mlm business

The Real Secret To Your Success In An Online MLM Business


Everyone wants to know the real secret to your success in an mlm business, particularly an online mlm business.


In fact most people would pay anything for just one good tip.

I listened to a webinar by Mile Dillard and he outlined his journey and his recipe for success with his network marketing business.

He is the first one to say that it took him six years and many companies to actually get anywhere. So he is very sympathetic to everyone’s plight, but he did stress that challenges are normal.

He gave some really good points to think about but one came out loud and clear.


Ask yourself this question

‘What is your personal value level?’

In other words, what have you got to offer?


Mike said that you must have something to offer in the way of skills, leadership, experience and success.


It can just be one skill that you have ‘perfected’ as a network marketer eg

  • Getting referrals
  • Talking to prospectsthe real secret to success with an online mlm business
  • Follow up
  • Training
  • Presenting

Online network marketing

There is a different skill set for your online MLM business and it all begins with Mike’s term, ‘Attraction Marketing’.

If you are using the Internet for your business, it is essential to first offer people value- lots of value and for free. You need to ‘attract’ them before you can even think of talking to them about your primary business.


This is expected and essential etiquette on the Internet.

The social media sites can shut you down if you don’t adhere to these principles. [more on how to use social media successfully later].

Mike Dillard is a master at attraction marketing or as he calls it and has named his company ‘Magnetic Sponsoring’ It’s not about cold calling or trying to sponsor everyone who crosses your path. In fact, it’s totally opposite and speaking from experience, it feels so good.


How  will you feel when people actually want you to sponsor them? How will you feel when you have people

  • wanting to know what you do?
  • what you have to offer ?
  • never have to bee hunting for prospects?

I learnt a lot of this from Mike’s course called Magnetic Sponsoring.  It has made such a difference to the way I do business, the way I do business online and definitely to my success. My income has soared because I now use attraction marketing.


My Skills

Attraction marketing is now one of my skills, part of the value I offer to my online and offline list of followers. It is part of my personal value level and really my number one in areas of importance.

People are only going to follow you, learn from you, do business with you if they like you. So you have to know how to be attractive to many. This is what Mike’s course Magnetic Sponsoring taught me so well.

An MLM or network marketing business does take time to develop, but the time spent is so worthwhile. It is even more worthwhile when you are attracting people to you – when you are the hunted instead of the hunter.

If you are at all serious about what you do, then I would seriously considered investing in Mike’s course. It could be the best money you ever spend.

Click here for a preview on what it has to offer. The short video will tell you what you can expect and how you can unlock the real secret to the success of your MLM online business with attraction marketing and magnetic sponsoring.







network marketing company members

Network Marketing Company Members Feeding Hungry Children


Imagine if your network marketing company members individually fed hungry children?


  • What if you were part of a Network Marketing company, which set aside part of the income from your monthly order to feed hungry children?
  • You were enriching your own life as well as others?
  • How would that make you feel?
  • Would that make a difference to the way people viewed your company?
  • Imagine if you could have a charity as part of your business and that charity could not only make money, the participants would also be feeding the needy children of the world.


So many hungry children

There are 1.2 billion adolescents across the world, nine out of ten of these young people live in developing countries. Millions are denied their basic rights to quality education, health care, protection and exposed to abuse and exploitation.

925 million of those children are malnourished. They may be getting food, but not necessarily nourishment e.g. the daily requirement of essential vitamins and minerals. This lack can be devastating on their development.


Leading MLM companynetwork marketing company members

There is one MLM company which is leading the way to change the plight of the malnourished children of the world.


I was fortunate enough to hear about it first hand from the developer of the program. This company is part of a new wave which is sweeping the developed world. It is a system where for profit companies and businesses take their knowledge and skills, their infrastructure to create a social giving program.

  • It provides a win for the participators, the givers and well as the receivers.
  • You enrich your own life as well as others.
  • What better way can you do this other than via network marketing?

Network marketing already supports  a practice and philosophy of ‘giving to receive’. This takes it one huge step forward.

This is a new wave and a very forward thinking leader has embraced it with love and passion.

It has certainly made a difference to the way my customers regard their participation.

The response I am getting from my MLM online marketing is amazing. I am so pleased I was privileged to hear about this new way of doing.

Click here for  more information and to see how you can make a difference.


Below are some excerpts from an article by Bill Drayton

Bill Drayton is the founder, chairman and CEO of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public. Since 1980, Ashoka has helped social entrepreneurs develop, share, and scale their ideas. Valeria Budinich leads Ashoka’s worldwide efforts to forge profitable alliances between private companies and citizen-sector organizations.

“What we believe:

We believe that capital markets can and must be tapped at scale and directed to commercial investments which fuel market-based approaches to solving the world’s most critical social and environmental problems.


What we do:

We pool capital from private investors and help channel these resources to sustainable enterprises capable of offering a blended return (financial, social and environmental).  

Our first client, the Oasis Fund, offers both loans and equity to social ventures around the world, with a strong priority on models which directly impact low-income and ‘base of the pyramid’ communities, while delivering attractive total returns to investors.


We are witnessing a sea change in the way society’s problems are solved, work is performed, and businesses grow. Collaborations between corporations and social entrepreneurs can create and expand markets on a scale not seen since the Industrial Revolution. These markets will reach everyone, but especially the 4 billion people who are not yet part of the world’s formal economy. They will offer new and remarkable products and services in sectors as diverse as education, transportation, and finance.

You may be skeptical of this claim, and with good reason. The citizen sector—the term we use to define the millions of groups established and run by mission-minded individuals across the globe who are attempting to address critical social needs—has long been regarded as understaffed and inefficient. But that has changed


For-profit organizations today have an opportunity to collaborate with citizen-sector organizations (CSOs) on large-scale problems that neither group has been able to solve on its own. The power of such partnerships lies in the complementary strengths of the participants: Businesses offer scale, expertise in manufacturing and operations, and financing. Social entrepreneurs and organizations contribute lower costs, strong social networks, and deep insights into customers and communities.

But to work together effectively, they must focus on creating real economic as well as social value. We believe they can do so by forming what we call hybrid value chains (HVCs), which capitalize on those complementary strengths to increase benefits and lower costs.

This trend has been developing for years, and we’ve participated in pilot projects that have delivered impressive results and promise extraordinary growth. HVCs can now be found in many industries all over the world. Collaboration between corporations and CSOs has reached a tipping point: It is becoming standard operating procedure. Indeed, we believe that if you’re not thinking about such collaboration, you’ll soon be guilty of strategy malpractice.


Companies can now team with organizations in the citizen sector to create enormous new value — social and economic benefits that exceed their cost. This form of hybrid business model will lead the way toward a new economy — and the companies that figure it out won’t just thrive; they will develop huge competitive advantages.


We are on the cusp of a fundamental change — a worldwide change in the skills everyone needs to succeed, in the nature of organizations, and in how businesses must be led.

This is a rare moment in history. Are you ready to be a changemaker in the private sector, the citizen sector, or both? Do you and your employees have the necessary skills? How will you and your organization fit in this new world?


What if you were part of a Network Marketing company, which set aside part of the income from your monthly order to feed hungry children? It makes this industry so worthwhile!

Click here for more info and to see how you can make a difference.

online network marketing

Network Marketing – Is It About Selling – Or Not?


The network marketing business is about sorting, selecting, interviewing, but definitely NOT selling!


One of the quickest ways to fail in network marketing is to become a sales person.


Why? Because really good sales people cannot be duplicated. Most people cannot do this and YOU DON’T NEED TO!

  • What you do need is a duplicable system, a system which does the work for you.
  • The moment you start talking about, explaining, describing anything about your business, product, income plan, you are selling.


Online MLM System

The system does all of this because anyone can use the system. The system has all the skills.  You may only have some of the necessary skills.


As Mike Dillard from magnetic sponsoring says, your only job is to get our informational tools to people as it’s the tools which do the selling. And the tools are part of the system’.

online network marketing

An online system is your answer



The power is in the tools and the system

Look at what McDonalds can do with a good system and tools. They can take an 18 year old sill in school and put him in charge of a multi million dollar business. You might not be able to get that same 18 year old to tidy his room!


This is good!

So often I hear ‘ oh but I don’t like to sell’.

Well that’s good. Selling is NOT what its all about.

  • It’s about sorting and selecting who is suitable for your business.
  • Who has the right mindset to have the privilege of working with you in your team?

The tools do the sorting and selling for you. You are merely handing them out and directing.

Again in the words of Mike Dillard, ‘ Professionals sort.  Amateurs sell’


Is this familiar?

How do you feel when you know you have been ‘sold to?’ Do you look a fool? Can you believe that you knew what you were hearing, but still fell for it?

Is there any credibility in this type of transaction?

What to do

Look for a good online mlm system. I use and recommend Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard. They have a great starter kit ‘ Building On A Budget’.

This E book tells you how to get started on the Internet for under $500. It really has all you need to know at first and is not too overwhelming.


So if you are looking  to start your own network marketing business, – forget about learning to sell. It wont get you there!


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