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The New Wave Of Network Marketing Video


There is a new wave of network marketing about to surge.

Richard Poe wrote about wave four. Could this be wave 5?

You definitely need to hear about it.

This video tells all!

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The New Way Of Network Marketing – What Is Taking The World By Storm?


A Network Marketing Secret!


There is a new way, a new wave of network marketing just about to make a massive surge. Richard Poe wrote about Wave Four of the network marketing industry. This might be wave five.

It is all about enriching the lives of others – the needy, while enriching yours at the same time.


  • Would you like to give to those in need without it costing you a cent?
  • Would you like to enrich the lives of others while enriching yours at the same time?
  • Are you doing this already or is your life like the Dead Sea?


Giving results in success


Most successful people say that they did not see success until they started to give or tithe. Once they incorporated giving into their lives, they received in return.

It is said that if you do not give or enrich the lives of others as well as yourself, your life becomes stagnant- like the Dead Sea. Nothing flows – including money.


The Dead Sea is the saltiest lake in the world. It is called “dead” because the high salinity prevents any fish or other visible aquatic organism to live in its water. Hence it’s name ‘Dead Sea’.

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lack of flow results in lack of life!


Although the Jordan river runs into the Dead Sea, There are no outlet streams – nothing flows.

Anything, which is stagnant, is ‘bad’. Think of the problems in your body when things are stagnant. Think of stagnant water lying around – the slime, the bacteria produced.



No Money to give?

The argument constantly comes up ‘ that’s all very well for them – they have the money – they can afford to give some away. I don’t have a dollar to spare’


This is true for so many people. There are no dollars to spare.


So knowing that it is in the giving that you receive, but you have nothing left to give, how can you change this so your karma also changes?


In my blog  on how everyone can be social entrepreneur, I spoke of how Harvard business review stated ‘if you are not thinking of social entrepreneurship, you will soon be guilty malpractice’


Is that going to be the same for the individual? To make life and lifestyle sustainable on this planet, are we going to have to share the resources a little more – give a little more?

But there needs to be money made before money can be given and shared

Money is made – Money is shared!

A program has been set up by a company where everyone can do this regardless of their financial means.

The program is set up so that a % of money made by the company from the monthly orders goes to enriching the lives          of others.

They are enriching the lives of others while enriching their own at the same time.

This company is part of the network marketing industry – an industry which is booming despite the tough economic              times of today.


Nutrition to 1000’s and 1000’s of needy children

  • In this case, it is in the area of health and nutrition. 1000’s of malnourished children all around the world a receiving the daily nutrients essential for their proper growth and development.

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  • The individual has a monthly order for their own essential nutrients and at the same time feeds one or more needy child – every day.

How good do you think they feel?

This is going to be the new face of networking and will change the perception, the success of the company and the individuals.


It will create a new wave of how MLM companies work and function. In the industry, you do have to give before you receive, but this will put a totally new light on the concept and philosophy of ‘it is in the giving that you receive’


Charities might be a thing of the past due to financial restraints, but this plan, this system is proving to be far superior.


It you want to know more, please click here


There definitely is a new way of network marketing and its about to sweep the world by storm!













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