If you want to use Social Media to place and ad for your MLM or network marketing business, here are some tips to follow


I study with one of the world’s top Social Media advertisers.

tips for network marketing face book adsShe has some of the best Internet marketers as her clients including Tony Robins and Frank Kerns.


What the research tells you

Her company’s research tells us that the following is working best at the moment. Things do change very rapidly so I shall keep you up to date.

1. Image

You Image is very important – about 75%

  • It must be eye catching and tell part of your story
  • A thin red or black border around the image can increase the click through rate


  • Use capitals at the beginning of each word
  • Capitalise ONE word only
  • Headline is more important than the text

3.Text of body of ad

  • Keep it brief – about 80 characters is good.
  • Use lists
  • %
  • Numbers
  • Ask questions – they engage the brain

More to come

There is more to placing a Facebook as than this, so I shall be posting more information.

This is just to get you started and thinking.


Susan Rutherford

Social Media, MLM and Internet Marketer Specialist