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How To Write An About Page For Your Online MLM Business


 The ‘About Page Is Important But What Do You Say?


Yesterday I  wrote about the importance of being on Google+ and primarily in regard to the ‘About’ page i.e. all about you.

So today I decided to write about me so you could get an idea of what to to write and about page for your online mlm business

It can be much shorted that this and I do have a shorter version on my website.

However, if I am going to work with someone, follow them, listen to them, I do want to know something about them.

This is online, not face to face so it is important to build up trust.

So here is just a bit about me, Susan Rutherford and why I participate in and enjoy online marketing.

 How I Got Started

It all started many years ago when I had a health challenge.

  • I turned myself around with the help of a doctor who gave me intravenous nutrition.
  • As a maintenance, he put me onto a company which had something I and in fact everyone on the planet needs.
  • They are pioneers in this research.

Wow – what a difference it made to me.

  • I thank that person very much.
  • This naturally got me really interested in health and wellbeing.

I could see what a difference it made when I and others gave our bodies all the nutrients necessary to give us energy, vitality and be free of illness and disease.

 The Beginning Of My Journey

  • I studied, read, went to seminars and lectures and discovered who was worth listening to.
  • It was, it is my passion.

But not only did I learn about how to keep my body in good condition, I learnt so much more.

The company I aligned with is a Direct Sales Company using the network marketing platform to get their goods to the people.

Although they are primarily a science and research company, when their product was first introduced to market it just sat on the shelves.

  • No one understood it.
  • Hence the need for ‘word of mouth’.
  • Nothing is as powerful as ‘word of mouth ‘ marketing.

 Further Training

These companies are very good at training, not only in marketing, but in personal growth and development.

  • I have grown in leaps and bounds in my understanding of myself and others.
  • I am so grateful for this training.

How did this lead me to online marketing?

  • My husband was retrenched.
  • We needed extra money.
  • I teach the violin, but that does not bring in a lot of money.

 Hit The Internet

So I decided to hit the Internet, took some classes to learn how to set up my website and blog.

Once again, I read, I listened, I attended conferences and seminars.

It was a bit of a learning curve I will admit, but a great journey at the same time.

  • And I am still on that journey.
  • I will not stop because apart from the enjoyment I get from it, the sense of purpose it gives me
  • I am keeping my brain active.

That alone is worth all I do.

 Do It This Way Not The Old Way I Did It!

An important caveat here.

I learnt how to blog etc. the hard way, the slow way [and expensive]

  •  There are better avenues to take now and I have links to this on this page.
  •  I highly recommend it if you are starting out.
  • I am using it now as well as it is all encompassing for online marketing.

Branching Out And Earning With More

I have branched out as I have discovered how to market, discovered what is actually available to us on the Internet. Yes there are scams and yes you can get burnt but there are also some excellent online income programs.

  • I have learnt that I can do well by being part of a couple of contrasting income earning companies.
  • I use my primary MLM health and nutritional company 
  • I have just picked up another product which is in total contrast to my primary [ this is important] but of great benefit to the world.

The Amazing Profit Sharing

I also earn excellent income from an amazing online shopping mall plus plus plus company, which has a profit sharing side to it.

  • It is based on the Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank philosophy where everyone gets a share.
  • It is not MLM but has taken some of the best components of it.

Very exciting and very fair.

Social Entrepreneurship

Apart from the money, the good health and looks, I do something very special for 1000’s and 1000’s of children around the world.Be a social entrepreneur with your online mlm business

My primary company has a program where they take some of the money they earn from our orders and use it to feed malnourished children all around the globe.

  • Yes they do use one of their own very special and effective vitamin and mineral mixes.
  • So I am part of a burgeoning and powerful Social Entrepreneurial program.
  • Not only do I nourish myself, my family, friends and others, but the needy children of the world.

I feel very good about this.

In Conclusion

My advice to you is

“If I can do this so can you”

  • I am definitely in the older age group
  • I can still learn as much new material as I want and need to
  • I earn good money 
  • I have energy and vitality.

I am free from crippling and debilitating diseases and I still look good, even if I do say so myself.


There is one product I take which really benefits the skin.

  • Keeps the wrinkles at bay.

Is it easy?

No not always and sometimes very frustrating and all those other words which come with frustration.

However, think past the moment, the current difficulty or frustration and see what you want at the marketing and mlm nutritional company

As my image says ‘ what would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?’

Money Making Companies

If you want to look at the companies I have talking about, here are the links.

If you have questions for me, please email me or message me on Facebook.

Thank you for being my subscribers and supporting my website.


Regards to you all

Susan Rutherford



 Links for you to peruse

Primary health and nutritional company for business
Very special vitamin and mineral mix
Being a Social Entrepreneur
Children’s nutrition
Weight Management
 Learn how to blog, create a website and get leads plus more
Block the sugar you eat from entering your body
Income from profit sharing and Global shopping mall

network marketing company members

Network Marketing Company Members Feeding Hungry Children


Imagine if your network marketing company members individually fed hungry children?


  • What if you were part of a Network Marketing company, which set aside part of the income from your monthly order to feed hungry children?
  • You were enriching your own life as well as others?
  • How would that make you feel?
  • Would that make a difference to the way people viewed your company?
  • Imagine if you could have a charity as part of your business and that charity could not only make money, the participants would also be feeding the needy children of the world.


So many hungry children

There are 1.2 billion adolescents across the world, nine out of ten of these young people live in developing countries. Millions are denied their basic rights to quality education, health care, protection and exposed to abuse and exploitation.

925 million of those children are malnourished. They may be getting food, but not necessarily nourishment e.g. the daily requirement of essential vitamins and minerals. This lack can be devastating on their development.


Leading MLM companynetwork marketing company members

There is one MLM company which is leading the way to change the plight of the malnourished children of the world.


I was fortunate enough to hear about it first hand from the developer of the program. This company is part of a new wave which is sweeping the developed world. It is a system where for profit companies and businesses take their knowledge and skills, their infrastructure to create a social giving program.

  • It provides a win for the participators, the givers and well as the receivers.
  • You enrich your own life as well as others.
  • What better way can you do this other than via network marketing?

Network marketing already supports  a practice and philosophy of ‘giving to receive’. This takes it one huge step forward.

This is a new wave and a very forward thinking leader has embraced it with love and passion.

It has certainly made a difference to the way my customers regard their participation.

The response I am getting from my MLM online marketing is amazing. I am so pleased I was privileged to hear about this new way of doing.

Click here for  more information and to see how you can make a difference.


Below are some excerpts from an article by Bill Drayton

Bill Drayton is the founder, chairman and CEO of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public. Since 1980, Ashoka has helped social entrepreneurs develop, share, and scale their ideas. Valeria Budinich leads Ashoka’s worldwide efforts to forge profitable alliances between private companies and citizen-sector organizations.

“What we believe:

We believe that capital markets can and must be tapped at scale and directed to commercial investments which fuel market-based approaches to solving the world’s most critical social and environmental problems.


What we do:

We pool capital from private investors and help channel these resources to sustainable enterprises capable of offering a blended return (financial, social and environmental).  

Our first client, the Oasis Fund, offers both loans and equity to social ventures around the world, with a strong priority on models which directly impact low-income and ‘base of the pyramid’ communities, while delivering attractive total returns to investors.


We are witnessing a sea change in the way society’s problems are solved, work is performed, and businesses grow. Collaborations between corporations and social entrepreneurs can create and expand markets on a scale not seen since the Industrial Revolution. These markets will reach everyone, but especially the 4 billion people who are not yet part of the world’s formal economy. They will offer new and remarkable products and services in sectors as diverse as education, transportation, and finance.

You may be skeptical of this claim, and with good reason. The citizen sector—the term we use to define the millions of groups established and run by mission-minded individuals across the globe who are attempting to address critical social needs—has long been regarded as understaffed and inefficient. But that has changed


For-profit organizations today have an opportunity to collaborate with citizen-sector organizations (CSOs) on large-scale problems that neither group has been able to solve on its own. The power of such partnerships lies in the complementary strengths of the participants: Businesses offer scale, expertise in manufacturing and operations, and financing. Social entrepreneurs and organizations contribute lower costs, strong social networks, and deep insights into customers and communities.

But to work together effectively, they must focus on creating real economic as well as social value. We believe they can do so by forming what we call hybrid value chains (HVCs), which capitalize on those complementary strengths to increase benefits and lower costs.

This trend has been developing for years, and we’ve participated in pilot projects that have delivered impressive results and promise extraordinary growth. HVCs can now be found in many industries all over the world. Collaboration between corporations and CSOs has reached a tipping point: It is becoming standard operating procedure. Indeed, we believe that if you’re not thinking about such collaboration, you’ll soon be guilty of strategy malpractice.


Companies can now team with organizations in the citizen sector to create enormous new value — social and economic benefits that exceed their cost. This form of hybrid business model will lead the way toward a new economy — and the companies that figure it out won’t just thrive; they will develop huge competitive advantages.


We are on the cusp of a fundamental change — a worldwide change in the skills everyone needs to succeed, in the nature of organizations, and in how businesses must be led.

This is a rare moment in history. Are you ready to be a changemaker in the private sector, the citizen sector, or both? Do you and your employees have the necessary skills? How will you and your organization fit in this new world?


What if you were part of a Network Marketing company, which set aside part of the income from your monthly order to feed hungry children? It makes this industry so worthwhile!

Click here for more info and to see how you can make a difference.

mlm business

Work From Home On The Internet


Can you imagine what it would be like to work from home on the Internet?


Maybe this does not appeal to you.

mlm business

Maybe you like

  • Hours in the traffic each day.
  • Perhaps you like to set work time
  • Being directed
  • The company of your work mates.

But for those who don’t the Internet offers you a myriad of opportunities. Its just amazing.


The whole world is just the click of your mouse away!


Who does it suit?

  • Full time or part time worker
  • Mother who wishes to be home with her children
  • Retirees
  • Those wishing to develop a second income or a residual income, while maintaining their current job


What are the benefits of an online business?

Faith Popcorn in her book “Clicking”, as far back as 1991, predicted that the trend would be for people to work from home.

She called this “cocooning”.  Faith and her research team, “Brain Reserve” found that people wanted to feel safe and pampered in the security of their own home.

Other benefits that came out strongly in her report on the work from home trend were…


  • flexibility or work hourswork from home on internet
  • no commuting
  • efficiency of costs
  • tax deductions
  • comfort and relaxation
  • efficiency of time


The research also found that people liked…

  • being their own boss,
  • taking financial advantage of opportunities and trends that continually develop in the market,
  • development of these new ideas,
  • the mental stimulation of being in control of their own destiny


What type of Business?

There are so many things you can do.

I specalize in showing people how to have a system to devolop leads for their network marketing company. MLM business online is one of the best.

Who Likes working from home?

Apart from the trend of families wanting to be together,it particularly suits…

  • part time workers,
  • mothers,
  • carers
  • the disabled
  • retired couples
  • second income seekers
  • residual income seekers
  • students


The computer has changed our lives and opened doors that were not there even five years ago.


Online Leads

Whatever you decide to do on the Internet, you will need a source of leads for your business.

They are your  life blood. There are millions of people looking everyday and they are looking for you and what you have to offer.

So if you really want to make a success of your network marketing business and work from home on the Internet, get started today with my news letter. It will give you what you need to know.


how to keep online marketing simple

MLM Secret-The Key To Your Successful Networking Business


MLM Secret … Is There Any Such Thing? …


Would you prefer to be paid $100.00 for the sale of one product, once… or would you prefer to be paid

$5.00 from one hundred + continuous sales?

Yes, there certainly is. The secret to building a successful mlm business is a combination of the very best ingredients – like a good cake. Leave out the sugar and its not so good.

What are those ingredients? Lets have a look at them.internet business opportunity

  • a quality product which helps people’s lives
  • patented – no competition
  • and established company
  • global company
  • global website support and function
  • local and global personal market eg use of internet
  • utilizing people from other countries

There is more

  • ethical management
  • leaders who care
  • professional training
  • good financial rewards to distributors
  • generous personal bonus system to reward those who are active
  • company loyalty – must be strong
  • distributors who stay with the company

Last but not least

A way to find leads or people to be part of your team. The best way to do this in the 21st century off course, is via the Internet.

MLM business opportunity online

A combination of local and online leads is what most successful people do. The local leads are instant and a good way to start, but the online system allows you to have a fantastic long-term income plus another asset.

I have written a lot more on this so check out the other posts.

The Icing on the Cake

The ‘secret’ and why it is so successful is the businesses’ ability to leverage the efforts of others in a positive way so everyone benefits.

network marketing business

leverage is part of the secret




A simple mathematical explanation of the power of MLM is this…

Would you prefer to be paid $100.00 for the sale of one product, once… or would you prefer to be paid $5.00 from one hundred + continuous sales?

J.Paul Getty the billionaire oil tycoon said ‘I would rather have one percent of the efforts of a hundred people than a hundred percent of my own efforts’.

Why? Because the formula for creating wealth is knowing about and using the power of Leverage

So combine the ingredients of a good network marketing company and this amazing power of leverage and you will have the ingredients of the MLM secret




residual income

Passive Income Generation – Money While You Are Sleeping


Why Do You Want Passive Income?






residual income

Imagine how you would feel


How would you feel if you went to sleep each night knowing that in the morning you would have some passive income in your bank account?

Do you have a passive or residual income stream or do you just rely on that money you earn – the time you trade for money?

How do you get a second income which comes in 24/7 while you are sleeping?

The best way is to be part of a turnkey system which is in itself a system which will allow you to earn this type of money.

  • It runs along side your current work or profession eg its part time.
  • You can earn as much as you want or need.

A Network Marketing Business Is Your Answer

The best way to do this is to be part of an MLM company.


Because they allow you to leverage your recourses and time and that is what it is all about.

The question is often asked What is Leveraging Resources?

We all have many resources in the form of individual talents or abilities. If you work as a team you can then combine these talents and abilities for the benefit of all and for the benefit of your financial resources.

One person may be very good with

  • technology
  • the computer

Another accurate and exact with

  • the written word
  • keeping account of records and lists

The next person might enjoy being the

  • up front person
  • the speaker
  • the leader

Not many people like or can do everything comfortably, for example the ‘up front person’, the leader probably does not enjoy the bookwork, the very important behind the scenes work. The one who is so meticulous with the bookwork or the technology might quiver at the thought of speaking to a group.

So to create leverage, you need to work in a business which allows you to pool these abilities and work as a team. Instead of one person trying to do everything, and some things that are really not in their best interest, you have a very powerful group with extremely focused and specialized abilities working for the good of all.

This is what the wealthy know how to do well

  • they always make sure it happens
  • they surround them selves with people who are good or better at specific tasks than they are
  • passive income generation is part of the formula to their success

J.Paul Getty the billionaire oil tycoon said ‘I would rather have one percent of the efforts of a hundred people than a hundred percent of my own efforts’.



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