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Testimonials Tell Us What Is Crushing The Network Marketing Business


Why your network marketing business needs to hear this!

online network marketing and mlm business

I have just come off a webinar in regard to the exciting new and pioneering technology company which offers a

  • great MLM business
  • free member program
  • very cheap advertising
  • affiliate  marketing

It’s amazing really. Here are some of the testimonials and feed back




“We would like to thank you for your wonderful comments during and after the webinar. There were so many we could

not include them all.


Amazingly, there were only two people who gave negative comments and that is ok… we are all entitled to our opinion!


We all have to make our own choices and live with the results.”


Ash: Stephen, I can see this is the best opportunity ever introduced to the Internet. I see it as long term and what’s going

on now is a progression. I am 100% behind everything the company is doing. Keep up the great work, it’s awesome.


Jean: Stephen, that was the most informative Webinar yet!  I am so excited about this Company, in fact my Husband

decided to sign up.  He will hand out Brochures from  his garage, everyone stops to visit him. LOL  I am looking forward

to more of the same when you can. You need a Medal for all the work you are doing.


Delma: It’s exciting and an honor to be Pioneers of an awesome Company and opportunity.


Goran: Just wanted to thank you for the webinar. Greatly needed words. Thx Carol and thx David and everyone behind

the scenes

Dennis: Best opportunity that I have ever seen in 7 years…. I have only been searching for 7 years.


Sallie: Hi Stephen – great webinar this morning – thank you so much.


Rodney: Thank you Stephen, awesome Job!!!!!


Rob: Stephen, just wanted to tell you that I and my team appreciate everything you do and the time you spend helping

us build! May the flood gates open wide for you and prosper you and your family for all your efforts!  Rob


Alan: Stephen, we’ve been getting lots of good feedback from your ‘State of the Union SMT Address’ Member’s

Webinar.  All the leaders think it’s a great idea and request your Member’s Webinar Update Webinar every 2-3 weeks

Kudos to you, great job, as always.


Sherial: I want to thank you for that very good webinar… I am so grateful I am here and I get it.


Paddy: the ” My Library” and “My University” videos would cost thousands of dollars if anyone were to go out and  pay for

the opportunity of having just a few videos for each of these areas!


Gwen: Stephen, Thank you for a fantastic Webinar

Thank you for your time.


Elizabeth: Thank you Stephen, very interesting news. I haven’t qualified yet, this has gotten me more motivated.


David: Thanks Stephen. Great session and much needed words. Greetings to our lady C. and our boss David!


Bob: When is this seminar being held again?


“Thank you all and we look forward to seeing you all on the next members only webinar”


Mike Dillard Success in Your MLM Online Business Video


Mike Dillard tells you the real secret to your success with your online MLM business


via his course called Magnetic Sponsorying. It’s a must for anyone marketing online.

Watch this video to see what a difference it will make for you.

the real secret to your success with an online mlm business

The Real Secret To Your Success In An Online MLM Business


Everyone wants to know the real secret to your success in an mlm business, particularly an online mlm business.


In fact most people would pay anything for just one good tip.

I listened to a webinar by Mile Dillard and he outlined his journey and his recipe for success with his network marketing business.

He is the first one to say that it took him six years and many companies to actually get anywhere. So he is very sympathetic to everyone’s plight, but he did stress that challenges are normal.

He gave some really good points to think about but one came out loud and clear.


Ask yourself this question

‘What is your personal value level?’

In other words, what have you got to offer?


Mike said that you must have something to offer in the way of skills, leadership, experience and success.


It can just be one skill that you have ‘perfected’ as a network marketer eg

  • Getting referrals
  • Talking to prospectsthe real secret to success with an online mlm business
  • Follow up
  • Training
  • Presenting

Online network marketing

There is a different skill set for your online MLM business and it all begins with Mike’s term, ‘Attraction Marketing’.

If you are using the Internet for your business, it is essential to first offer people value- lots of value and for free. You need to ‘attract’ them before you can even think of talking to them about your primary business.


This is expected and essential etiquette on the Internet.

The social media sites can shut you down if you don’t adhere to these principles. [more on how to use social media successfully later].

Mike Dillard is a master at attraction marketing or as he calls it and has named his company ‘Magnetic Sponsoring’ It’s not about cold calling or trying to sponsor everyone who crosses your path. In fact, it’s totally opposite and speaking from experience, it feels so good.


How  will you feel when people actually want you to sponsor them? How will you feel when you have people

  • wanting to know what you do?
  • what you have to offer ?
  • never have to bee hunting for prospects?

I learnt a lot of this from Mike’s course called Magnetic Sponsoring.  It has made such a difference to the way I do business, the way I do business online and definitely to my success. My income has soared because I now use attraction marketing.


My Skills

Attraction marketing is now one of my skills, part of the value I offer to my online and offline list of followers. It is part of my personal value level and really my number one in areas of importance.

People are only going to follow you, learn from you, do business with you if they like you. So you have to know how to be attractive to many. This is what Mike’s course Magnetic Sponsoring taught me so well.

An MLM or network marketing business does take time to develop, but the time spent is so worthwhile. It is even more worthwhile when you are attracting people to you – when you are the hunted instead of the hunter.

If you are at all serious about what you do, then I would seriously considered investing in Mike’s course. It could be the best money you ever spend.

Click here for a preview on what it has to offer. The short video will tell you what you can expect and how you can unlock the real secret to the success of your MLM online business with attraction marketing and magnetic sponsoring.







online network marketing

Network Marketing – Is It About Selling – Or Not?


The network marketing business is about sorting, selecting, interviewing, but definitely NOT selling!


One of the quickest ways to fail in network marketing is to become a sales person.


Why? Because really good sales people cannot be duplicated. Most people cannot do this and YOU DON’T NEED TO!

  • What you do need is a duplicable system, a system which does the work for you.
  • The moment you start talking about, explaining, describing anything about your business, product, income plan, you are selling.


Online MLM System

The system does all of this because anyone can use the system. The system has all the skills.  You may only have some of the necessary skills.


As Mike Dillard from magnetic sponsoring says, your only job is to get our informational tools to people as it’s the tools which do the selling. And the tools are part of the system’.

online network marketing

An online system is your answer



The power is in the tools and the system

Look at what McDonalds can do with a good system and tools. They can take an 18 year old sill in school and put him in charge of a multi million dollar business. You might not be able to get that same 18 year old to tidy his room!


This is good!

So often I hear ‘ oh but I don’t like to sell’.

Well that’s good. Selling is NOT what its all about.

  • It’s about sorting and selecting who is suitable for your business.
  • Who has the right mindset to have the privilege of working with you in your team?

The tools do the sorting and selling for you. You are merely handing them out and directing.

Again in the words of Mike Dillard, ‘ Professionals sort.  Amateurs sell’


Is this familiar?

How do you feel when you know you have been ‘sold to?’ Do you look a fool? Can you believe that you knew what you were hearing, but still fell for it?

Is there any credibility in this type of transaction?

What to do

Look for a good online mlm system. I use and recommend Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard. They have a great starter kit ‘ Building On A Budget’.

This E book tells you how to get started on the Internet for under $500. It really has all you need to know at first and is not too overwhelming.


So if you are looking  to start your own network marketing business, – forget about learning to sell. It wont get you there!



What’s the Ideal Home-Based Business


More than 16 million Americans and the Wall St Journal think it’s network marketing, mlm or direct selling!


And it’s not only the US who are into home-based businesses via the direct selling model in a big way. It’s a global tsunami.


Just look at some of these figures reported but the World Federation Of direct Selling Associations [ WFDSA]

USA has sales of $28.3 Billion p.a. Japan $22.4 billion, Brazil $13.5 billion, china $10.9 billion, Germany $3.76 billion and so the list goers on. You can read the full article to see the complete list.

Why is working from home so popular?


But what we see from this is the popularity of owning and earning for a home based business.

Most people work at their business part time to supplement their income.

If you are looking for that extra cash to pay off your house, the car, take a holiday, education for the children or just to help make ends meet – a sideline network marketing business can really do it. It can really take the pressure off.


The Primary Benefit: Work–Life Balance

A full time home based business can really release you from the rat race if it’s developed successfully.

‘Since there is no commute to work, one’s business can be managed to accommodate one’s working hours, family life and personal interests.’ Wall St Journal

It can be a valuable asset that is most cases can be willed or sold. This is a tremendous advantage as most assets are a result of considerable capital investment.


‘This is one of the primary benefits that have historically attracted women to the business model. Today, there are millions of men and women who seek a business opportunity that offers the ultimate work–life balancing potential.


For these individuals, the money earned each month, regardless of the amount, makes a big difference. And the big benefit? It’s that they are doing it on their terms and in accordance to the time they are willing to invest. . By treating the opportunity as a true business, these direct sellers have the potential to earn significant profits from their investment of time.’ Wall St Journal


The Benefits of Owning Your Own Business

Some direct sellers and network marketers (all are independent business owners) choose to view their business as an opportunity with unlimited earning potential.

They realize they can increase their chances of achieving financial freedom by building a strong business. This requires time and energy to attract customers, sell their products and build a sales organization of others who


Top 5 Reasons for Considering a Direct Selling Business [according to Wall St Journal]working from home


Be Your Own Boss—

You are in complete control of how you invest your time and how you go about building your business.


Save Time and Money

As an independent business owner, you purchase the products you love at discounts and you operate all activities from your home.


Expand Your Circle of Friends

Network Marketing MLM  business opportunities are based on building relationships. When building a business, customers and other team members appear to quickly become important and rewarding aspects to one’s life.


Be Recognized and Rewarded for Achievement

It’s not every day that an adult receives praise for an effort well done, but direct selling companies recognize and reward their independent business owners through bonuses, trips and prizes. This is an essential component to the business model.


Build Income—The direct selling compensation model offered by most companies allows the building of organizations that have the potential to create incomes beyond those earned from the personal selling/servicing efforts of the direct seller.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for more money, more time,more freedom, more choices or just a change of life style, then perhaps this is worth a little of your time to investigate.mlm business opportunities on line

I suggest you check out my website, take advantage of the free material, the newsletter so you can make an informed decision.

Network marketing in what ever form may be the ideal home based business for you.

Network Marketing Business

MLM Business Opportunities Online


MLM Business Opportunities Online Abound

network marketing business


But there is one opportunity  with a difference!

I am a network marketing and MLM expert with years of experience and training. I love the industry and I am passionate about what it can do for you and for others.

But I now have an even better focus and purpose which I am sharing with the world.

This is my participation in a social entrepreneurial program set up by my primary company.
My  monthly order [an essential part of any MLM income] not only benefits me and my colleagues, but part of the company’s profits from that order feed 1000’s of needy children around the world. It does not cost me anything to be part of this – but I and so many others are making a difference in a world which needs help.

My company is a trail blazer, the first to set up such a program. But this is the new and going to be the essential way to do business – benefiting you and making a positive social change at the same time.

I  now share with others how to bring the world wide web to their business and help the needy. I too, am a trail blazer.

business opportunities online for mlm



Below, I have outlined and summarised some points to think about and look at if you want to consider being part of a program, or some help with lead generation if you already are.


There is so much money to be made!

Wouldn’t you love a piece of that pie?

You only need a fraction of the daily traffic to get that money rolling in.

How would  your network marketing business be if you had an endless supply of leads filling your inbox each day?


How would you be? How would you feel?

  • Relieved
  • Relaxed
  • Happy
  • Successful
  • Powerful
  • A champion
  • On top of the world
  • Made it at last

What does the world wide web offer you?

Absolutely everything.

Combine web sites which generate your own leads, the social media sites e.g. Face Book, Twitter, Dig – do you know what they can do for your business?

Combine this with your traditional and original way of doing network marketing and you have a winning formula.

The Wall Street Journal have put out a 40 page supplement singing the praises of the Industry.

I have written quite a few blogs on it – check them out here.


Let me ask you please –

Do you have these problems with your network marketing business?

  • Are you constantly worrying about where your next lead will come from?
  • Are you tired of looking at everyone you meet as a potential prospect?
  • Do you just want to go out and relax and forget about, stop worrying about your business?


The solution

Well you can if you know how to find the 1000’s of leads on the Internet who are looking for you and your opportunity – everyday.


  • It’s just a matter of harnessing them and getting them to your inbox.
  • This you can do if you have an online system to generate them.


I specialize in showing people how to do just this – set up your own online marketing system to capture leads suitable for your business.

I stress the word ‘suitable leads’ as this is an important factor and part of the system.  Please read my posts on ‘qualified network marketing or MLM leads’


Like you, I am a networker. I love this industry because it offers everybody, no matter what their background, their level of education, their financial status, their social standing the opportunity to make a 6 figure income with very little capital outlay.


From just a very small outlay, I have built a business, an empire, an income and an asset.


This does not even include the other benefits resulting from the choice of my primary company.


Why online leads and marketing?

If you want to be a successful networker in this century, you need to use the Internet now.

The way business is done has changed.


  • People can go to the Internet and search and buy anything they want.  This is what they want to do.
  • network marketing for menThere is more information coming to us daily than the total of the last hundred years
  • Give people the information they are looking for – give them good service – honest and true and you will make money.


What does this mean for you and your opportunity?

It means that instead of you having to perhaps bring someone round to your point of view, that someone is going to make a decision from the information you provide.


You are going to be the Hunted instead of the hunter!

How will this make you feel?

Fantastic I imagine.


Think about this again – this is important and one of the keys to your success.

Think of the implications of this. People will be coming to you instead of you coming to them


How good would it be if you had always had people coming to you wanting to know about your MLM business, products or services?

Well this is how it works online and this is how people like to do ‘business’ today.


We as consumers are so informed that we expect to have the information we need at our fingertips  – in an instant, to enable us to make a decision.


How can you find your own leads online?

You need a system, which allows your information to be found by those who are looking.


This might sound rather daunting but it is not. Yes it might be a learning curve for you depending on current your skills and knowledge.

  • But –
  • are you worth it?
  • Is your future worth it?
  • How much time, effort and money have you already spent on your business?
  • What happens if you don’t make some changes – today ?

The Hardest decision you will make is the first one – to actually take the action needed to get the results you desire.

Download the free information I have for you now– it’s step number one in getting started.


This could be the most important decision you have made in a long time.

Your mlm business opportunity online is just around the corner!

network marketing income

Network Marketing Income


A network Marketing Income can mean the difference between keeping your house or foreclosure!


It can mean

network marketing income

  • paying the rent
  • getting that new car you so desparatley need
  • sending the kids to college
  • going to the movies
  • buying that new dress
  • having a massage


But you  might be asking – ‘How does it work? How do you earn the money?


Let me explain.

A Network Marketing Business

is the same as any other business – there is a

  • Physical building for administration.
  • CEO
  • Managers
  • Employees

The Difference – Important

However the next structure is different, but it is very important.

This difference is what makes it available to everyone.

Instead of paying millions of dollars in advertising the product or service, Network Marketing companies pay you, the user, to share  the product or service.

  • Most Networking companies give a direct bonus for each personal referral to the company.
  • The bonus is actually for the products or service the new person receives as part of the joining agreement.
  • This means that the more people you refer, the more money you can earn.
  • You get paid for your time and effort.

Because the networking system includes a team of people, the number of people you refer also helps the team. This works in two ways.

Imagine if there were lots of other people also referring lots of people – you too would benefit from their efforts. A strong active team makes for a very vibrant income.


In this business, you earn from the activity and efforts of the team – not only your efforts, but everyone’s efforts.

You might put in ten hours a week, but so might one hundred others. That is 1000 hours a week you are getting paid on.



Because you receive a commission or levy paid on the volume and work of the group or team.


10×100 = 1000 hours per week $$$


This is your Residual or Passive Income

This is the true power of leverage – leverage is the formula of the wealthy and our ultimate aim and destination. The wealthy all earn this residual income.

That is one reason why they are wealthy. This is exactly what we want.


Where does the Money come from?

Remember that instead of paying millions of dollars in advertising the product or service, Network Marketing companies pay you, the users, to share the product or service.


You the members participate in that product or service. If it’s a product you purchase it and use or consume it each month.

This is like your rent, your outgoings, only you get the product or service in return and its much less $ value than physical rent.!


  • This is an essential part of the income program and system.
  • This is where our commissions come from.
  • You receive commissions from the money turned over by the group.

As the group grows, this becomes a very considerable as you can imagine.


Network marketing is the only industry where you can earn the income you desire no matter what your education or background.

Everyone can be successful if they follow the formula.

Network marketing is the only industry where you can earn the income you desire for such a low initial investment.

This is so important as it opens it up to you  and 1000’s of others.

Remember,  a network Marketing Income can mean the difference between keeping your house or foreclosure!

network marketing companies

residual income business income opportunities

Residual Income Business Opportunities – Do The Work Once – Get Paid Forever


Residual Income Business Opportunities with Networking

  • They allow your to do the work once and get paid forever!
  • How would this feel?

Why does it work?

Because they give you support!


residual income business income opportunities

Residual Income Business

The great strength of network marketing businesses is their ability to create residual incomes via leverage for their home-based business owners.

When you work in a J.O.B. – ‘just over broke’ – your income is limited to the hours you work. When you stop working you stop getting paid. This is called linear income.

However, residual income business opportunities are different.

  • Residual income is money which keeps coming in long after you have completed the work.
  • It is the kind of income that business people and investors draw from their stock dividends.
  • It is the kind of income that authors and songwriters receive as royalties.

See The Difference!

Linear income can be likened to a wheelbarrow business. Once you stop pushing, the wheelbarrow stops.

Once you stop working, no money comes in.

Residual Income can be likened to a ball running downhill. Once it gathers momentum, and stays on the right path, it goes forever.

Once your residual income business gathers momentum, your income keeps flowing.

What is the best way to do this?

In a nutshell, network marketing.

As Robert Kiyosaki who has taught thousands of people to be financially free) says, “rich and successful people do not build businesses, they build networks.”

The MLM marketing and distribution model gives your the ability to leverage the efforts of others… in a positive way.

Why? Because, Creating Wealth Is Not a Mystery – It Is a Formula

Residual Income developed via leveraging your existing resources is the key to financial freedom

network marketing business

Research shows that most people want freedom in their lives.

Research also shows that financial stress is the biggest contributing factor to marriage and relationship breakdown.

However, building a financial asset using the power of Leverage to create residual income can change your life forever.

How would that be for you?

J.Paul Getty the billionaire oil tycoon said ‘I would rather have one percent of the efforts of a hundred people than a hundred percent of my own efforts’.

So let me say it again,

Residual Income developed via leveraging your existing resources is the key to financial freedom

What to do next

  • Find yourself a good network marketing company
  • Check out my other posts so you can do your homework.
  • See what it can bring you in so so many ways.
  • Do the  work now and get paid forever –
  • Check out the residual income business opportunities.




how to keep online marketing simple

MLM Secret-The Key To Your Successful Networking Business


MLM Secret … Is There Any Such Thing? …


Would you prefer to be paid $100.00 for the sale of one product, once… or would you prefer to be paid

$5.00 from one hundred + continuous sales?

Yes, there certainly is. The secret to building a successful mlm business is a combination of the very best ingredients – like a good cake. Leave out the sugar and its not so good.

What are those ingredients? Lets have a look at them.internet business opportunity

  • a quality product which helps people’s lives
  • patented – no competition
  • and established company
  • global company
  • global website support and function
  • local and global personal market eg use of internet
  • utilizing people from other countries

There is more

  • ethical management
  • leaders who care
  • professional training
  • good financial rewards to distributors
  • generous personal bonus system to reward those who are active
  • company loyalty – must be strong
  • distributors who stay with the company

Last but not least

A way to find leads or people to be part of your team. The best way to do this in the 21st century off course, is via the Internet.

MLM business opportunity online

A combination of local and online leads is what most successful people do. The local leads are instant and a good way to start, but the online system allows you to have a fantastic long-term income plus another asset.

I have written a lot more on this so check out the other posts.

The Icing on the Cake

The ‘secret’ and why it is so successful is the businesses’ ability to leverage the efforts of others in a positive way so everyone benefits.

network marketing business

leverage is part of the secret




A simple mathematical explanation of the power of MLM is this…

Would you prefer to be paid $100.00 for the sale of one product, once… or would you prefer to be paid $5.00 from one hundred + continuous sales?

J.Paul Getty the billionaire oil tycoon said ‘I would rather have one percent of the efforts of a hundred people than a hundred percent of my own efforts’.

Why? Because the formula for creating wealth is knowing about and using the power of Leverage

So combine the ingredients of a good network marketing company and this amazing power of leverage and you will have the ingredients of the MLM secret




network marketing business

MLM Business Opportunities – Where Fortunes Are Being Made


MLM Business Opportunities Abound!


Are You Walking Past A Fortune?

network marketing business


Fortunes are being made with an mlm business opportunity. Why not you?

In the Know

If the some of the top entrepreneurs in the world are making money with their own network marketing companies – why not you?

  • Wall street is talking about it etc
  • It is the business of the 21st century , the business where the new professionals are making their money.

Can the 69,000 people who are joining a networking company each week be wrong?

Can 21 million people in 125 countries  around the world who make money from the industry

with over $110Billion in sales be wrong?

This is lots of stats but how can you benefit?

If you are looking to make some extra money each month or a full time income, you are in the right place.

MLM opportunities are everywhere.

There are some excellent companies, many of them global, which means you can use the Internet and have a business all over the world – from home.

Important Facts about your MLM Home Based Business

  • Extra income which is residual
  • Mental and emotional skills to be an investor
  • Training to sell
  • Training to communicate effectively
  • Self-confidence
  • Ability to handle fears and rejections
  • Time and help to learn this
  • Will be part of supportive team
  • Own business
  • Willable and saleable asset


I suggest you do your homework to see what type of company suits you. Get started no with your own MLM business opportunity.







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