How do you know if your liquid  vitamin and mineral supplement is a good one?


What is a good liquid supplement anyway?

Questions to ask

  • Do they have to be made a special way?
  • Do they have to be sources from plants or can they just be made in the lab?liquid vitamin and mineral supplements


There are so many alternatives and so much to chose from on the shelves and the Internet.

  • How do you know if it is a real vitamin and mineral supplement, made from natural sources?
  • Is it dangerous for your health?

Yes it can be- very dangerous in fact check this post out for more

Here are some facts to help you

All liquid supplements have:

  • Preservatives, 
  • Been pasteurized so the enzymes are killed as well as other good nutrients 

 This means that they don’t really do much for you except give you expensive urine

There is a better way
Why not just take the pure powdered concentrates they make these liquids from and skip:

  • paying for the water 
  • the shipping on the water,
  • the preservatives and have a raw product that was not pasteurized. 

Add your own healthier water or juice to it when used so there is no loss of nutrition as with liquids. 

Are your really swallowing petroleum bye products?
 If it is fortified with vitamins and minerals they are from

  • coal tar and rocks
  • not from the food sources in the bottle. 

Do This

  • Get nutrition the way your body wants it.
  • 100% Real food Source standardized vitamins and minerals

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