It is really easy to choose an MLM health and wellness company


because there are some essential points which have to be in place.

All you do is look for them, check them out and tick them off.


  • Scientific research and development
  • NSF certificate
  • Demandmlm health and wellness company
  • Niche market
  • Patents
  • Natural or not
  • Company loyalty
  • Good manufacturing practices

Scientific research and development company

The laws are getting very strict on ‘health companies’.

It is a very lucrative market but there must be substance to what is being sold.

It is predicted that within the next few years, 80% of the existing companies will be shut down or out of business because they do not have scientific research and back up for their products.


What does this mean for you?

You need to partner with a company which does have this research so you have a lasting business.

Here are the Check points in detail.


  • Does the company have its own laboratory? Only about 12 out of the 5000 companies registered do
  • Will the company show you through the lab?
  • Are the products tested for purity down to the smallest molecule?mlm company with nutrition
  • What tests are in place for efficacy and safety?


Are the products tested and trialled on humans, in human blood?

why is this important?

You need to know how the product will benefit you, not a test tube or a mouse.

Do you want to spend your money on expensive urine?


*Is there a NFS certificate?

The NSF Health Sciences Division provides reference standards, certification, training, consulting, good manufacturing practice (GMP) and good laboratory practice (GLP) testing, R&D and auditing for the pharmaceutical, dietary supplement and medical device industries. It includes NSF Reference Standards, NSF Dietary Supplement Certification, NSF Pharmalytica and NSF-DBA.

If the product has an NFS certification on the label, you know it does exactly what it says it does, that it is safe and pure.mlm research and development company

It is very expensive to have products tested for an NFS rating so a company has to be confident they will qualify and pass.

What happens if they don’t pass?  Then it is out there – public knowledge that their product does not do what it says it does – it is not true to the label.

An NFS certification is probably one of the most important points to look for when choosing your health and wellness network marketing company.


Demand for products

  • Is there are demand for the products?
  • Are they used and needed on a daily basis?


Niche market

Due to the growing research in the health and wellness industry or preventative medicine as it is also called, there are some products coming on the market which are new to the publics  knowledge and awareness.

They are sometimes classified as ‘disruptive technology’.

This can be a very good area to get into as you have no competition providing there are patents on either the research, the technology or the combination of ingredients.

Patentsmlm supplement company

You do need a product which has a patent on it – the more the better.?  This can take a while but they must be filed in multiple countries.

Not many nutritional supplements have patents on them – in fact you cannot patent a plant, but the technology of the formulation can be patented.

Why do you need a patented product?

Do you want to go to the local store and see your product or a simalr one out for much less.

There is one company I know of which has over 50 worldwide patents on one product alone, with many more pending, not to mention the patents on their other products.

This company is established. You would not expect a new company with a new product to be in this position.


Natural or not?

What is natural? Lead is natural but is it good for you?nutritional mlm company

Natural does not mean it is superior. You can have crushed up stems and fiber in a capsule and they can be classified as natural, even organic. But they do nothing for you – give you nothing.

Or you can have for example,  a vitamin and mineral capsule which is made in the laboratory from a base of petroleum, coal tar.  This will then be coated or ‘chelated’ with a protein to trick the body into thinking it is food so it is partially digested.  This will give you expensive urine.


If your urine is darker in colour after taking a vitamin supplement, it means that is where most of it is going!

High amounts of ingredients

Usually such products will have a high amount of the listed ingredients in them. You think ‘this is good – look at how much I am getting’ but there has to be that much in it for you to absorb maybe 5-30% of the vitamins or minerals.

Plus, you liver has to process and detox it. Hard work for your liver!


What is the answer?

  • Look for a vitamin and mineral supplement which is formulated from a plant.
  • Plants take up the nutrients, the minerals from the soil and humans take them from the plants.
  • We are not made to digest rocks and petroleum no matter how they may be disguised.
  • Look for this plant based product which is also standardized so you know what quantity you are getting.mlm income with nutrition
  • It is hard to standardize plant ingredients because they differ according to the soil etc. It takes again, patented technology to add this extra benefit to you.
  • But it is worth it. You really know and feel the difference when you take an active supplement.


Loyal customers and members

Look to see if the members stay with the company because they are getting benefit from the products. This is the best testimonial and proof of truth.

Income rewards

Members also need to be rewarded for their efforts and work, so the compensation plan has to be fair. Again, company loyalty will tell you this in a nutshell.

Marketing company or science company?

This is where you will have to decide what you want for yourself.

There are many powerful marketing companies with even just one ‘super juice’ which may have very little benefit to the user.

However, these companies often have better marketing plans than the scientific companies.

If their products don’t need FDA approval, they can take more liberties with their marketing materials.

Products which have been approved by a country’s regulating body have to be very compliant to the rules and regulations. These can differ from country to country. Therefore the marketing material in many cases, is restrictive.

Also, the focus of these companies is on finding a better product, a new product rather than marketing.

So you either have the benefits of a good marketing plan and a fast moving company or the benefits of products which will give you true health and wellness benefits and often a niche market.. [remembering that the laws are getting very strict on these companies so the marketing ones may not be here in the future]

In conclusion

Health starts at a cellular level. It is not something you can always measure, see or feel. Can you feel your immune system?

But your immune system is your first line of defense – your most important protector and it is dependent on healthy functioning and communicating cells.

So if a long healthy life as well as a good income is your goal, go for something which gives you good cellular health an wellness. Start at the core of your being.

After all, health is wealth. Ask any rich person with poor health.

Otherwise, you might prefer the stronger marketing compnay.

If you want more information and help on how to choose your scientific research and development  company, click on this link.

Enjoy your search. An MLM health and wellness company can be   a very interesting area which will get you in!


NFS Certificate Information

*No other independent testing programs require companies to comply with the strict standards imposed by NSF and its product certification programs. From extensive product testing and material analyses to unannounced plant inspections, NSF is the only third-party testing organization to undertake a complete evaluation of every aspect of a product’s development before it can earn our certification.

Most importantly for you, NSF Certification is not a one-time activity. We do not just test a single model of a product and give it our okay. Our certification programs require regular on-site inspections of the manufacturing facilities. In addition, certified products are periodically re-tested against the requirements of the most current version of the applicable national standard. If for any reason a product fails to meet one or more of our certification criteria, we will take whatever enforcement actions we deem necessary to protect the public, including product recall, public notification, or de-certification.


The NSF Health Sciences Division provides reference standards, certification, training, consulting, good manufacturing practice (GMP) and good laboratory practice (GLP) testing, R&D and auditing for the pharmaceutical, dietary supplement and medical device industries. It includes NSF Reference Standards, NSF Dietary Supplement Certification, NSF Pharmalytica and NSF-DBA.