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MLM Lead Generator


MLM Lead Generator – The Secret To Your Success.

Do you have your own MLM lead generator program?

Have you got so many names a to contact for your business that you don’t know where to start, or are you scratching your head wondering where just one lead is coming from?

If you are scratching your head, then read on. This information is for YOU !

You need an online system, which will bring you all the leads you could ever want and need. Read on

mlm online leads

Have your own continuous supply of leads

MLM Leads

The leads are out there – in your back yard, the next town, another country. 1000’s and 1000;s of people are looking for what you have to offer – more money in your pocket each month.  And let’s face it – you have an excellent way to do this with your network marketing company and business.

But, it’s a matter of capturing them – bottom line.

MLM Lead List

How would you feel about having your own online system to ‘capture’ those people who are looking, a system which gave you a great long list?

You can!

However, it is for those who are serious about making a really good income. You can define what is a good income for you, but please do not limit yourself.

Why do you need to be serious? Well, it takes time to get your system up and running. There is a learning curve for some – depends what you know already and off course, you do have put some time and capital  into it.

But – the rewards are definitely there and they are worth it?

How would you feel if you knew you could spend some time now to secure your financial future – forever and develop a great passive income at the same time?

MLM Qualified Leads

When you generate your own leads, you get what is called qualified leads. This is really important as it means you only spend time with those who are really looking for what you have to offer. Spending time with anyone else is a big big waste of time.

A qualified lead will jump in and do what needs to be done within your company and bingo – you will have a thriving team, business and income.

The Online System – The How To

There are quite a few systems available to you. Some offer a way for you to just capture your own leads only, while others then have a marketing system with them. Which way you go will depend on the time you have available and the capital you have for your initial investment. You will need some money to get it going. Download this now for a summary.

The best thing for you to do is to download this free report. It will tell you what your options are and how to get going. I also suggest that you check out some of the other posts on the various types of leads that you can buy.

Personal Experience.

I find it much better to have my own system rather than buy leads. The main reason is – I can pre qualify my own leads. Leads you buy are not pre qualified. [ the more expensive ones have been asked some questions, but not enough]

I have wasted incredible amounts of time and money talking to people who are not suitable for my business. It is frustrating and discouraging when really it can be a very positive experience.

A Great future For You

There are so many doors open to you via the Internet. We have to use it in today’s world. Let your mind and thoughts be open and by the time you have read the free report and done you homework, you will see how you too can be in control of your financial future and wellbeing.

You own personal MLM lead generator is definitely the way to go!

mlm phone leads

MLM Phone Leads – the Good and the Bad


MLM Phone Leads –  do you have a good success rate ?

You want to buy some  phone leads, but all these questions and doubts are running around your head.

  • Are they worth buying?
    mlm phone leads

    are your phone leads taking up too much time?

  • Are they worth the money?
  • Are they fresh?
  • Are they sold to multiple buyers?
  • Will they answer the phone when I call them?
  • Do you have the skills to interview them over the phone?
  • Will they get enough information over the phone?
  • What will my second step be?
  • Do I have to mail them information?
  • Do I send them to a web site?

Buying phone leads is one way of growing your business to the level you desire. Leads are the lifeblood of any business and without them you simply do not have a business.

Are they qualified MLM leads?

Imagine this. You filled out a form on the Internet – it did not cost you anything – it asked if you wanted to make some extra money. Lets face it – who doesn’t. It was no big deal.

You gave your hot mail email address, not your personal one. You did not really expect anything to come of it.

The phone rings with an unknown number. You answer – maybe, and a complete stranger introduces him or herself and tries to capture your attention.

What is happening – yes the hairs on the back of your neck are prickling and you are thinking ‘oh no not another one’ You either slam the phone down  immediately or try and get a word in to say ‘no thank you – not interested’.

What would you do?

Supposing they did get past first based and you let them talk. Are you really going to think seriously about handing over your hard earned money to this person or his company just from what he says over the phone?

Are you seriously going to look at the websites etc. and make a decision in a flash?

I know I would not.

Why? Because there is not as yet any trust  rapport between you,– nothing. How do you know if this person is suitable for you to spend you precious time with?

This type of phone lead is NOT QUALIFIED, not prepared for your offer. Unless you know how to questions and lead these people it is like throwing rocks again the wall with your eyes shut in hope that you will eventually hit the bulls’ eye.

I know this all sounds so gloomy and hopeless but really it is not. There is just a better way.

Buy MLM leads – or not?

Speaking from years of experience with phoning leads, I realize how much time and money I wasted. I spent hours and hours trying to convince people who did not know or trust me to join my business – I was delusional, totally delusional.

So now I build trust with people before I would even think of letting them know that I might, just might have something for them.

People do business with those they trust and know, not strangers.

How do you do this?

I have my own online system and my own list of names. I am my own MLM lead generator. Once I have established trust and rapport, – and yes it can be done over the Internet, I can then present them with my opportunity – if and a BIG IF they have pre-qualified themselves. They may want something else I have to offer, not my primary business.

My success rate is so much higher and everyone has a positive experience. It is a win win for all.

You too can do this. It will not happen overnight and it is a commitment, but I ask you – are you worth this commitment? Is your future worth it?

Hang on to your dream as a network marketer – it will bring such wonderful rewards in so many areas, but please, please, discover the steps and the path that will give you that success you so richly deserve.

So your question – are MLM phone leads the way to go? It is one way, but for me, not the best way and definitely not the only way.

MLM Lead Lists


MLM Lead Lists – Do You Know the Essentials?

Is it your dream to have a long MLM Lead List?

It should be because this this is how you can build your business.

Lots of names for you to contact is essential for growth and hence income for you. But there are also some important facts to know before your spend you hard earned money so keep reading.

The MLM lead generator

This is the broker you buy your leads from. The brokers have either collected the names via surveys posted on the Internet or they have purchased the list from someone else.

The more questions asked in the survey, the more you pay for the lead. Sometimes the person can be phoned by a professional call center and they are classified as highly qualified leads.

Types of leads

Most lead companies target specific types of leads for various areas of business e.g. attorneys, chiropractors, manufacturers, medical doctors. They can be bought as emails addresses, phone database lists, consumer lists etc.

Country and Area Specific

Lead companies now offer the buyer many choices. Apart from price you can now get leads specific for your country and your area – even the zip code or area code of choice.

This really is an asset particularly if you want to work with your local area.

Weight loss leads

Know anyone who wants to lose weight? Yes more than one I am sure.

Weight loss is always in ‘demand’ and many companies offer weight loss products. If you have something which works and is patented then there is great potential on and off line for weight loss.

Targeted MLM lead lists

They should have been targeted to those who want to either set up a home based business or those looking to become part of an MLM or network marketing business. Check on this before you buy.

What can you expect?

In my experience, not a lot. Why? Picture this.

You go out on the street and ask everyone who walks by if they would like to earn more money each month. Nearly everyone will say a big YES.

But if you then asked them HOW would they like to earn that money, you are going to get many different and varied answers. If you went a little further and asked them if they would be prepared to do certain things to earn that money, you will again get many answers and many saying NO.

The problem

So this is what happens on the surveys – they are asked if they would like some extra income, have a home based business but they are not asked the crucial questions which really unlock their potential and suitability.

When I am interviewing someone to see if they are suitable to be in my business, I have many layers of questions. The old saying is ‘ go six layers deep’

The answer

Work only with those who have been questioned. This means that they are pre-qualified for you to give them your precious time. You see, you are the one with the solution – you have something to offer and it is very special. Network marketing is very special  LINK

The 10 most important questions to ask

Knowing what questions to ask, how to ask them, how to listen to the response and then respond, is the secret to your success.

LINK on this info? This is going to set you apart, you will earn respect and you will earn the money you are looking for. Discover how you

  1. Generate your own qualified prospects
  2. Learn how to question them

You will not need a bought MLM lead list. You will have all you need at your fingertips.

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