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What’s the Ideal Home-Based Business


More than 16 million Americans and the Wall St Journal think it’s network marketing, mlm or direct selling!


And it’s not only the US who are into home-based businesses via the direct selling model in a big way. It’s a global tsunami.


Just look at some of these figures reported but the World Federation Of direct Selling Associations [ WFDSA]

USA has sales of $28.3 Billion p.a. Japan $22.4 billion, Brazil $13.5 billion, china $10.9 billion, Germany $3.76 billion and so the list goers on. You can read the full article to see the complete list.

Why is working from home so popular?


But what we see from this is the popularity of owning and earning for a home based business.

Most people work at their business part time to supplement their income.

If you are looking for that extra cash to pay off your house, the car, take a holiday, education for the children or just to help make ends meet – a sideline network marketing business can really do it. It can really take the pressure off.


The Primary Benefit: Work–Life Balance

A full time home based business can really release you from the rat race if it’s developed successfully.

‘Since there is no commute to work, one’s business can be managed to accommodate one’s working hours, family life and personal interests.’ Wall St Journal

It can be a valuable asset that is most cases can be willed or sold. This is a tremendous advantage as most assets are a result of considerable capital investment.


‘This is one of the primary benefits that have historically attracted women to the business model. Today, there are millions of men and women who seek a business opportunity that offers the ultimate work–life balancing potential.


For these individuals, the money earned each month, regardless of the amount, makes a big difference. And the big benefit? It’s that they are doing it on their terms and in accordance to the time they are willing to invest. . By treating the opportunity as a true business, these direct sellers have the potential to earn significant profits from their investment of time.’ Wall St Journal


The Benefits of Owning Your Own Business

Some direct sellers and network marketers (all are independent business owners) choose to view their business as an opportunity with unlimited earning potential.

They realize they can increase their chances of achieving financial freedom by building a strong business. This requires time and energy to attract customers, sell their products and build a sales organization of others who


Top 5 Reasons for Considering a Direct Selling Business [according to Wall St Journal]working from home


Be Your Own Boss—

You are in complete control of how you invest your time and how you go about building your business.


Save Time and Money

As an independent business owner, you purchase the products you love at discounts and you operate all activities from your home.


Expand Your Circle of Friends

Network Marketing MLM  business opportunities are based on building relationships. When building a business, customers and other team members appear to quickly become important and rewarding aspects to one’s life.


Be Recognized and Rewarded for Achievement

It’s not every day that an adult receives praise for an effort well done, but direct selling companies recognize and reward their independent business owners through bonuses, trips and prizes. This is an essential component to the business model.


Build Income—The direct selling compensation model offered by most companies allows the building of organizations that have the potential to create incomes beyond those earned from the personal selling/servicing efforts of the direct seller.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for more money, more time,more freedom, more choices or just a change of life style, then perhaps this is worth a little of your time to investigate.mlm business opportunities on line

I suggest you check out my website, take advantage of the free material, the newsletter so you can make an informed decision.

Network marketing in what ever form may be the ideal home based business for you.

Network Marketing Business

MLM Business Opportunities Online


MLM Business Opportunities Online Abound

network marketing business


But there is one opportunity  with a difference!

I am a network marketing and MLM expert with years of experience and training. I love the industry and I am passionate about what it can do for you and for others.

But I now have an even better focus and purpose which I am sharing with the world.

This is my participation in a social entrepreneurial program set up by my primary company.
My  monthly order [an essential part of any MLM income] not only benefits me and my colleagues, but part of the company’s profits from that order feed 1000’s of needy children around the world. It does not cost me anything to be part of this – but I and so many others are making a difference in a world which needs help.

My company is a trail blazer, the first to set up such a program. But this is the new and going to be the essential way to do business – benefiting you and making a positive social change at the same time.

I  now share with others how to bring the world wide web to their business and help the needy. I too, am a trail blazer.

business opportunities online for mlm



Below, I have outlined and summarised some points to think about and look at if you want to consider being part of a program, or some help with lead generation if you already are.


There is so much money to be made!

Wouldn’t you love a piece of that pie?

You only need a fraction of the daily traffic to get that money rolling in.

How would  your network marketing business be if you had an endless supply of leads filling your inbox each day?


How would you be? How would you feel?

  • Relieved
  • Relaxed
  • Happy
  • Successful
  • Powerful
  • A champion
  • On top of the world
  • Made it at last

What does the world wide web offer you?

Absolutely everything.

Combine web sites which generate your own leads, the social media sites e.g. Face Book, Twitter, Dig – do you know what they can do for your business?

Combine this with your traditional and original way of doing network marketing and you have a winning formula.

The Wall Street Journal have put out a 40 page supplement singing the praises of the Industry.

I have written quite a few blogs on it – check them out here.


Let me ask you please –

Do you have these problems with your network marketing business?

  • Are you constantly worrying about where your next lead will come from?
  • Are you tired of looking at everyone you meet as a potential prospect?
  • Do you just want to go out and relax and forget about, stop worrying about your business?


The solution

Well you can if you know how to find the 1000’s of leads on the Internet who are looking for you and your opportunity – everyday.


  • It’s just a matter of harnessing them and getting them to your inbox.
  • This you can do if you have an online system to generate them.


I specialize in showing people how to do just this – set up your own online marketing system to capture leads suitable for your business.

I stress the word ‘suitable leads’ as this is an important factor and part of the system.  Please read my posts on ‘qualified network marketing or MLM leads’


Like you, I am a networker. I love this industry because it offers everybody, no matter what their background, their level of education, their financial status, their social standing the opportunity to make a 6 figure income with very little capital outlay.


From just a very small outlay, I have built a business, an empire, an income and an asset.


This does not even include the other benefits resulting from the choice of my primary company.


Why online leads and marketing?

If you want to be a successful networker in this century, you need to use the Internet now.

The way business is done has changed.


  • People can go to the Internet and search and buy anything they want.  This is what they want to do.
  • network marketing for menThere is more information coming to us daily than the total of the last hundred years
  • Give people the information they are looking for – give them good service – honest and true and you will make money.


What does this mean for you and your opportunity?

It means that instead of you having to perhaps bring someone round to your point of view, that someone is going to make a decision from the information you provide.


You are going to be the Hunted instead of the hunter!

How will this make you feel?

Fantastic I imagine.


Think about this again – this is important and one of the keys to your success.

Think of the implications of this. People will be coming to you instead of you coming to them


How good would it be if you had always had people coming to you wanting to know about your MLM business, products or services?

Well this is how it works online and this is how people like to do ‘business’ today.


We as consumers are so informed that we expect to have the information we need at our fingertips  – in an instant, to enable us to make a decision.


How can you find your own leads online?

You need a system, which allows your information to be found by those who are looking.


This might sound rather daunting but it is not. Yes it might be a learning curve for you depending on current your skills and knowledge.

  • But –
  • are you worth it?
  • Is your future worth it?
  • How much time, effort and money have you already spent on your business?
  • What happens if you don’t make some changes – today ?

The Hardest decision you will make is the first one – to actually take the action needed to get the results you desire.

Download the free information I have for you now– it’s step number one in getting started.


This could be the most important decision you have made in a long time.

Your mlm business opportunity online is just around the corner!

best business opportunity

Should You Buy Cheap Network Marketing Leads?


Should You Buy MLM Leads ?

‘If only I could buy some MLM leads, my business would grow, I would make the money I need and deserve and all my troubles would be over’

How many times have you

  • said this to yourself and your colleagues?
  • searched the Internet?
  • bought just general lists?
  • bought names from companies that have gone out of business?
  • bought somebody else’s position so you could get their list of names?

A network marketing ‘DON’T’

Have you actually bought leads, phoned them, talked with them, spent lots of time and money on them – posted them CD’s, brochures, lots of info – all for nothing?

If your answer is YES, believe me you are not alone but please, this is NOT the way to go. Why? Because these leads are not qualified – they are not ready to jump into what you have to offer.

Yes many of them are looking for something, but it’s usually something that will bring them instant cash and I mean instant.

Online MLM business rewards 
best business opportunity

Imagine what you could do?

Your rewards are going to be much greater than instant cash. You will build up your secondary and residual income for life. Your dedication now, can secure your financial future.

Imagine – in 2-5 years time you have the option to create enough income so you can do whatever you like – work or not work. Just look after your residual income. Picture it – picture where you might be.

What are MLM leads?

But before you get to that point, there are a few things you need to know and do. Lets first talk about leads.

There are lead companies out there who specialize in MLM lead lists. You can buy

  • old lists
  • new lists
  • targeted lists
  • interviewed lists
  • local lists
  • international lists

The list goes on.

And sometimes, you can get some good people from them- genuine people who really are looking for a good networking business.

However, this can cost you dollars and dollars. Although any business or investment does require some financial input, lets not throw it away!

The bottom line

How many leads per day do you actually need?

If you are serious about your business, you need about 30 fresh leads per day.

1%-2% will take up your offer. If you are buying these leads it is going to cost you about $4,000 -$6,000 for about 1000. This could give you a very good base providing you know how to interview them, providing you actually get to talk to them.

The fact of the matter is, so many people NEVER answer their phone even though they have given permission to be called – they do genuinely want to make some money.

But the truth is, they don’t want to move out of their comfort zone to do what it takes.

They are not really qualified for your offer. Read this again – they are not qualified.

MLM business opportunities online – the secret

There really are great things our there for you but this is what you need.

Qualified leads – leads who have passed through enough preliminary hoops to make them worth your time. They are qualified for you to interview them.

And I say INTERVIEW because that is what you are doing. You are interviewing them to see if they are suitable for your fantastic offer.

How do you get leads like this?—– The big question

It’s simple – with your own online system, a system which targets people who are looking for what you have to offer and gives them enough information to say ‘hey this looks good – tell me more’

You have them fill out an online survey so they can also see if it is something worth their time – be respectful to them as well. It makes such a difference.

The Internet is your oyster.

The whole world is at the click of your mouse – why are you letting it pass you by?

My success

Having my own online marketing strategy is the best thing I have done and believe me, I have done it all and made all the mistakes.

But not any more. I have an amazing business. Trust me – spend time looking at what you can do –  be in control your of your destiny. You will be amazed at the possibilities. link

The best thing is – you will not have to buy MLM leads because you will have your own.

Click here …… should I have a link to a couple of lead companies?

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network marketing, online MLM business, mlm business opportunities online

residual income

Cheap MLM Leads


Why You Don’t  Want Cheap MLM Leads!

Cheap MLM Leads are in most cases a total waste of your precious money and time.

There is a problem with cheap network marketing leads

Why? Because they are not suitable for your business. It’s as simple as that.

Really think about it. They will not be the people who will build your team, help you develop that extra, residual income you so desire.

The fact is, in many instances they do the opposite – they cost you precious time and money.

Network marketing industry pitfalls

If you have any experience in the industry, tell me honestly – have you ever thought in regard to a lead “if I just teach them what to do, push them along, encourage them, pay for their order, make their calls for them, protect them, cosset them, they will come good. In fact they might even lead me to someone really good – if I wait long enough and help them enough”

What’s you answer? Did your dreams come true?

residual income

are you frustrated?

Sow your seed!

Or think about this.  There are two farmers. One sows his seed on fertile ground.

The ground might have originally cost him more, he might have spent time preparing the soil. But oh the rewards. All the seeds he planted grew – an incredible crop, lots of money in his pocket and plenty to invest in the next season.

But Oh!!!!!

The other farmer thought he would save some money and bought the cheaper poorer ground. He did not bother to prepare the soil – he just bought lots of seed – any old seed and threw it everywhere – heaps of it.

Something surely would have to grow from all that seed. But alas, the plants that did poke up into the light and looked promising just withered and died. He ran around watering them, fertilizing them pushing them along, but still nothing.

He was DUPED!

It was the wrong soil, the wrong land, even the wrong seed. Nothing was ever going to grow.

That farmer made no money that year and had nothing to invest in the next year. He gave up in despair and disgust.

All he could do is look with envy at the farmer who had gone to the trouble to find the right soil for his seed.

Make your choice

Which farmer do you want to be? Stupid question you say.

Off course, but trust me, working with the wrong MLM seed has happened to 1000’s.

Don’t do it. Spend the time to find those who are suitable for your business.

earn money online

let qualified leads come to you

Who is suitable?

Those who have a goal, a desire, self-responsibility and some time and money to invest.

The simple way

Get this free report to find out how to get suitable leads. It will also tell you about the absolute necessity of

  • Surveys
  • Pre- qualification
  • Self – qualification
  • How to save your time and money
  • How to get the results your want

Here is your answer

You own online lead generation system. Do your homework – find out how to get your own online leads, leads that really want what you have. The rewards are amazing. I am doing just that and it has turned my business around.

Believe me, I speak from experience here. I and so many of my colleagues have made all the mistakes you can make. But not any more.

That is all behind me. I now have my own MLM online system which brings me the essential stream of fresh daily leads – I know all the do’s and don’ts of the network marketing industry and I am now sharing it with others.

I don’t want you to waste your precious time and money. I want you to get started now, or get your already flagging business up and running today.

Learn HOW to plant seeds which will give you abundance. Learn what good leads are and how to get them.

Please, forget your cheap MLM leads – they are the wrong seeds for your business.

Click here…..

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