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Social Media And Your Online MLM Business


Combing Social Media With Your Online MLM Business Is A Must! 


I am going to give you a few stats about social media and why you will have success if you social media and your online mlm buinsesscombine it with your business.


  • If face book was a country, it would be the 3rd. largest and growing!


  • I billions tweets per day!


  • 2 new visitors every second


  • 3rd most visited website
  • 2nd largest search engine [global searches]


Mobile devices

Smart Phones

  • 5.3 billion subscribers globally
  • phones getting smarter
  • by end of 2013, the majority of searches will be done from smart phones

Text Messages

  • Have a 96% open rate within the first 5 minutes

Trust with Advertising

  • 90% of people trust personal recommendations rather than advertising


It’s not ‘ Word of Mouth’ but World of Mouth’


Younger Population

  • 50% of the world’s population is under 30
  • If you want to capture this market, you must be using  these platforms effectively.

Social, viral and mobile marketing is here to stay and if you want your MLM online business to be a success, learn how to use them.







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The MLM Gift For You To Build Your Business

Why a Gift for Your Online  MLM Business?


I have been talking a lot about MLM and social media or MLM and Facebook.

How giving something of value away can build your MLM business online.


building your mlm business onlineToday I want to give you this gift so you can explore it and see how it can benefit you and  your team.


The gift is a link to a website or home page. It is no ordinary website or home page. As you will see, it is so much more than just that.


But it gives you so many benefits, benefits for you and your family. I was particularly amazed at the Math tuition I discovered on one of the videos.

It really helped my children in some areas they were struggling. It was so visual and easy to follow. Fantastic


This is just one aspect. There are games, competitions, a whole university, research sites for shopping – its all done for you.

The list goes on and on and this is just the beginning.



It is free for you to use this site. You need to download it to your desktop.

You can still use Chrome, Google etc, but this just runs in the background.


Very Safe

It is perfectly safe. The CEO of this company used to be the security person for the banks in the UK. He has a team of experts working with him and has spent that last ten years developing it. But as I said – this is the beginning. There is a lot more to come.


It is all part of a big company but it it NOT a direct sales company although there is a networking arm to it. I have been talking about this a lot as you know.


Part of the process and steps to success

But for now, I am just giving you this gift – it is all part of the process. You too may pay it forward and give it to someone else. The main benefits to this off course come when you are part of the distribution team.


Here is the link. Go to it and join up as a FREE MEMBER. Keep your user name and login details. They will be yours if you ever want to go to another step.


Enjoy as I and so many other are




Social Media, MLM and Internet Marketing Specialist



Social Media and MLM Online


We all know that social media and in particular Facebook and Twitter are taking the Internet world by storm.


doing mlm with facebookThe Internet has changed the way business is done – it’s all about giving value to gain loyal clients.


Social Media has taken it a step further by allowing strong relationships to be build as well.


Facebook are very big on this and they have just changed the rules for business pages to ensure this happens.


It is said that it has almost taken over from the neighbor, the street, the town or village caring for each other. Now we care for each other online. Our social interaction is online.


Who rushes to their newsfeed each morning to see what has been posted – what words of wisdom, what cartoons and jokes are there to enjoy?


It is about sharing and giving and because the Internet can be so impersonal, this is very important.


Traditional MLM business were always about that, but as they went online, much was lost. Relationships were not built up and it was a ‘come and go’ situation.


This is changing and we are seeing a new way of doing MLM online, a way which will make it successful in this global medium.


It is very exciting as the online potential is huge.


Do we have to thank Facebook for this new way, this new wave? Possibly.


But just as Face book is on about 8% of the way through their growth and development [according to Amy Jo Martin, founder of Digital Royalty a social media firm which helps top companies find their social media voice] this is only the beginning for Network Marketing online as well.


The best is certainly yet to come


Susan Rutherford

Social Media, MLM and Internet Marketing Specialist



MLM income the social media way

MLM the Social Media Way/Video


Increase you MLM Income by incorporating the Social Media recipe.

It is taking the world by storm and is leaving everything else behind.

Watch the video with the easy  power point to discover how you can change your MLM income now.


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