Advertising and finding leads on Facebook can be a great way to build your MLM and network marketing business

But please make sure you know what you are doing otherwise you will waste your time and money.

mistakes advertising MLM on Facebook


  • Three very  common mistakes are
  • Being boring
  • Poor or no image
  • Being repetitive






1. Boring

There is competition out there so you need to capture attention.

  • Be bold, be different, be interesting, be fun, create curiosity.
  • What ads do you click on
  • What grabs your attention?

Do some research and see what works for you.

It will probably work for others particularly as you are looking for like minded people.

2. No image or poor image

Remember in my last post I said that the image is 75% of the ads effectiveness.

Go to Bigstock, I Stock etc and BUY some images.

Be sure you can use them legally,  otherwise you will get caught for copyright. But they are not expensive and there are so many to choose from.

A definite NO NO!

Do not – I repeat, do not just have ad copy – writing, writing writing. It will not catch anyone’s attention!


3. Being repetitive

  • People do not want to see the same ad over and over again.
  • Change the image, the headline and the body of the copy.
  • You can rotate them over time, but not for too long.
  • Most ads will only run for a maximum of 7 days on Facebook.
  • You need to set up the same ad with different images so you can rotate it.

This is another reason why your image is so important.

Look at other ads

  • Keep an eye on other ads as well.
  • Often you see about three ads for the same business – all coming from different people.
  • Some companies are saturated on Facebook. Beware of this.

Until next time  where I shall talk about researching your market – very important

Susan rutherford

Social Media, MLM and Internet Marketing Specialist