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Network Marketing Company Members Feeding Hungry Children Video


Are  your network marketing members feeding hungry children?


Is their monthly order making a difference to the children and their business?

This video tells you what an innovative company is doing


network marketing company members

Network Marketing Company Members Feeding Hungry Children


Imagine if your network marketing company members individually fed hungry children?


  • What if you were part of a Network Marketing company, which set aside part of the income from your monthly order to feed hungry children?
  • You were enriching your own life as well as others?
  • How would that make you feel?
  • Would that make a difference to the way people viewed your company?
  • Imagine if you could have a charity as part of your business and that charity could not only make money, the participants would also be feeding the needy children of the world.


So many hungry children

There are 1.2 billion adolescents across the world, nine out of ten of these young people live in developing countries. Millions are denied their basic rights to quality education, health care, protection and exposed to abuse and exploitation.

925 million of those children are malnourished. They may be getting food, but not necessarily nourishment e.g. the daily requirement of essential vitamins and minerals. This lack can be devastating on their development.


Leading MLM companynetwork marketing company members

There is one MLM company which is leading the way to change the plight of the malnourished children of the world.


I was fortunate enough to hear about it first hand from the developer of the program. This company is part of a new wave which is sweeping the developed world. It is a system where for profit companies and businesses take their knowledge and skills, their infrastructure to create a social giving program.

  • It provides a win for the participators, the givers and well as the receivers.
  • You enrich your own life as well as others.
  • What better way can you do this other than via network marketing?

Network marketing already supports  a practice and philosophy of ‘giving to receive’. This takes it one huge step forward.

This is a new wave and a very forward thinking leader has embraced it with love and passion.

It has certainly made a difference to the way my customers regard their participation.

The response I am getting from my MLM online marketing is amazing. I am so pleased I was privileged to hear about this new way of doing.

Click here for  more information and to see how you can make a difference.


Below are some excerpts from an article by Bill Drayton

Bill Drayton is the founder, chairman and CEO of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public. Since 1980, Ashoka has helped social entrepreneurs develop, share, and scale their ideas. Valeria Budinich leads Ashoka’s worldwide efforts to forge profitable alliances between private companies and citizen-sector organizations.

“What we believe:

We believe that capital markets can and must be tapped at scale and directed to commercial investments which fuel market-based approaches to solving the world’s most critical social and environmental problems.


What we do:

We pool capital from private investors and help channel these resources to sustainable enterprises capable of offering a blended return (financial, social and environmental).  

Our first client, the Oasis Fund, offers both loans and equity to social ventures around the world, with a strong priority on models which directly impact low-income and ‘base of the pyramid’ communities, while delivering attractive total returns to investors.


We are witnessing a sea change in the way society’s problems are solved, work is performed, and businesses grow. Collaborations between corporations and social entrepreneurs can create and expand markets on a scale not seen since the Industrial Revolution. These markets will reach everyone, but especially the 4 billion people who are not yet part of the world’s formal economy. They will offer new and remarkable products and services in sectors as diverse as education, transportation, and finance.

You may be skeptical of this claim, and with good reason. The citizen sector—the term we use to define the millions of groups established and run by mission-minded individuals across the globe who are attempting to address critical social needs—has long been regarded as understaffed and inefficient. But that has changed


For-profit organizations today have an opportunity to collaborate with citizen-sector organizations (CSOs) on large-scale problems that neither group has been able to solve on its own. The power of such partnerships lies in the complementary strengths of the participants: Businesses offer scale, expertise in manufacturing and operations, and financing. Social entrepreneurs and organizations contribute lower costs, strong social networks, and deep insights into customers and communities.

But to work together effectively, they must focus on creating real economic as well as social value. We believe they can do so by forming what we call hybrid value chains (HVCs), which capitalize on those complementary strengths to increase benefits and lower costs.

This trend has been developing for years, and we’ve participated in pilot projects that have delivered impressive results and promise extraordinary growth. HVCs can now be found in many industries all over the world. Collaboration between corporations and CSOs has reached a tipping point: It is becoming standard operating procedure. Indeed, we believe that if you’re not thinking about such collaboration, you’ll soon be guilty of strategy malpractice.


Companies can now team with organizations in the citizen sector to create enormous new value — social and economic benefits that exceed their cost. This form of hybrid business model will lead the way toward a new economy — and the companies that figure it out won’t just thrive; they will develop huge competitive advantages.


We are on the cusp of a fundamental change — a worldwide change in the skills everyone needs to succeed, in the nature of organizations, and in how businesses must be led.

This is a rare moment in history. Are you ready to be a changemaker in the private sector, the citizen sector, or both? Do you and your employees have the necessary skills? How will you and your organization fit in this new world?


What if you were part of a Network Marketing company, which set aside part of the income from your monthly order to feed hungry children? It makes this industry so worthwhile!

Click here for more info and to see how you can make a difference.

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