What do these Baby Boomers know which allows them to make money online?

Keep reading to discover what and how!


There are 4 disturbing 
trends making a big impact to you me and the economy.

They are in part being fuelled and pushed by the baby boomer generation.

These trends are opening the door to them and millions of others allowing them to make money online.


What are these online business trends and how do they affect you?

Where are they leading to – why is there  a new trend altogether?


  • Is a massive shift to online buying.baby boomers making online income
  • Are you taking advantage of this?

Trend 2

  • Government debt – it is MASSIVE
  • It is crippling us and the countries .

Look at Greece, the US, Spain, Portugal, Ireland

In fact, look at Europe

This is no joke – this is dire.

People were warning us about the unprecedented government and personal debt as far back as the early 1990’s.

But no one took any notice.

It is here and it is bad!


Trend 3

  • People are making less money due to unemployment and to graduates not getting employed.
  • Therefore people are having to look to other ways to make money including graduates.
  • This might be in total contrast to their degree and training.

Trend 4

  • The Baby Boomers! [see my last post on this]
  • 20 million of them turned 50 recently.
  • They are still looking for income as they want to maintain their good lifestyles and good health and wellbeing.
  • This costs money so they are doing whatever they can to earn it, create it, have it.


This is now creating another trend – a big one a MEGA trend which is

Trend 5

  • Online businesses
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Internet businesses
  • Entrepreneurs online
  • Social entrepreneurs using online systems
  • Network marketing online
  • Network marketing systems

This looks like a list of key words and it is.

The number of people searching the internet for money making systems and ideas has more than doubled since 2007.

Google insights tells us that it is 5 million per month – that is a 200% rise. This is incredible but it is also an incredible oppourtunity for you.

People are looking for what you have. They want your network marketing business, your network marketing system, your internet business.

Get it our there for them to see.

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