Mike Dillard  from Magnetic  Sponsoring has a great E book out

‘Building On A Budget’


I learnt so much from the very first read. I did not think I could possibly build my MLM Internet business with a start up of under $500

It only cost me $29 and told me as much as I had learnt from a course which cost me over $1000!


but before you have to think of purchasing the book, you can get access to free videos and preliminary information


This is what you will discover.

5 ways to build your MLM business cheaply

  • No expensive pay –per- click ads
  • No opportunity leads
  • No banners
  • No postcards
  • No cold calling

‘Now you can learn how to generate as many leads as you want every month using these 5 little-known, under used online strategies that are easy to follow and simple to learn’.

It gives an excellent overview without going into too much detail. Too much detail can end up in a terrible overload.  This is a danger.

Great MLM system

And best of all, if you like what you read, hear and see, you can then explore they system they offer.

The system is great because so much of the hard work, the very specific work has been done.

You have the rights to utilize everything you need for your online MLM marketing business.


But I suggest you begin  with the free videos. No $ outlay, but will get you started.


You can access the book once you have listened and watched the videos of you so decide,   You really can get you Internet MLM business moving with this information.