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Be A Social Entrepreneur With You Online MLM Business


Why would your online MLM business benefit if you were a Social Entrepreneur as well?


There is a huge wave, in fact a tsunami happening in the business world, but in particular the home business arena.

It is all linked to the world of helping others, being a Social Entrepreneur.Be a social entrepreneur with your online mlm business

I have written about this before, but when I saw this post in my Facebook newsfeed, I felt I had to share it with you.

It is about the CEO of the world’s top scientific and research MLM nutritional company.


He and his wife’s vision, passion, hard work and tenacity has built the most amazing following of Social Entrepreneurs and hence income earners.

500,000,000 Children Nourished

As a result, 5 million children will soon be fed with the world’s top vitamin and mineral supplement.

The Best Thing

Those participating are NOT paying anything extra out of their pockets to feed these needy children.

The company themselves forego a % of profit from the member’s monthly orders and use that money to supply the nutrients to the children.


Here is an excerpt from the post.

[I have removed any personal names etc for compliance reasons]

Social Entrepreneur Sam is fast becoming one of the biggest champions for the Social Entrepreneur Revolution that is hitting the global market place.

Through his visionary leadership, not only to the company he founded but also to other social entrepreneurs, companies all over the world are finding new ways to impact society.

Sam’s vision to take the company he founded into a whole new dimension of success and purpose is inspiring hundreds of thousands of business owners around the world to partner with him, his company and create a change for good.

Creating millionaires in the home business arena

This change, when it happens, will see 5,000,000 (that’s 5 million) children nourished every single month, and this will in turn create millionaires in the home business arena.

How exciting is that, nourish children for FREE and through a FREE program, millionaires are created???

It seems that Sam has had to go through challenges, and if you look at some of the challenges that Sam and his amazing wife have had to go through, you could not help but be amazed at the depth of character and purpose they have, to just keep going.

“I have found that the more challenges we go through, the greater the depth of leadership we are able to handle because it draws out of us a tenacity that is required to move forward and see the vision that God gives us fulfilled.”

Leadership has to be fought for, anything that is just given to us that we have not had to work towards and grow within, is something that most people treat with disdain, this would be one of the reasons why Sam and his wife are true leaders within the industry.

They know how to fight the good fight.

“Our vision was to give great value and insight into what we believe God is doing in the market and how you as an individual can partner with us to create something great for your life and at the same time, change the lives of children all around the world.”

Ethics Justice and Decency

It is so refreshing to work with a company that are NOT all about slick sales words.

They are about truth, honesty and doing good for each other and the world.

They have so many loyal product users because they don’t cheat you, they give you value and they give you the best.


This is why I too am a loyal follower and user of the best.

Why wouldn’t I want the best for my body?

For more information on how you can be a Social Entrepreneur and earn at the same time click here.

network marketing business

MLM Business Opportunities – Where Fortunes Are Being Made


MLM Business Opportunities Abound!


Are You Walking Past A Fortune?

network marketing business


Fortunes are being made with an mlm business opportunity. Why not you?

In the Know

If the some of the top entrepreneurs in the world are making money with their own network marketing companies – why not you?

  • Wall street is talking about it etc
  • It is the business of the 21st century , the business where the new professionals are making their money.

Can the 69,000 people who are joining a networking company each week be wrong?

Can 21 million people in 125 countries  around the world who make money from the industry

with over $110Billion in sales be wrong?

This is lots of stats but how can you benefit?

If you are looking to make some extra money each month or a full time income, you are in the right place.

MLM opportunities are everywhere.

There are some excellent companies, many of them global, which means you can use the Internet and have a business all over the world – from home.

Important Facts about your MLM Home Based Business

  • Extra income which is residual
  • Mental and emotional skills to be an investor
  • Training to sell
  • Training to communicate effectively
  • Self-confidence
  • Ability to handle fears and rejections
  • Time and help to learn this
  • Will be part of supportive team
  • Own business
  • Willable and saleable asset


I suggest you do your homework to see what type of company suits you. Get started no with your own MLM business opportunity.







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