Facebook advertising pages for mlm


are starting to dominating the way business is done on the Internet. Did you know statistics show that 5% of time is spent on Google search and 95% of time is spent in Facebook.

Facebook pages differ from your personal site. Facebook Pages is specifically set up for business and advertising.  People know it is for commercial intent.Facebook advertising pages  for MLM

Great Success

I am having great success with Facebook Pages and owe most of it to the MLSP system I partner with. They do all the hard and techi work for me.

Advertising on Facebook

What does this mean for the network market, the internet marketer? It means that you must learn how to use Facebook to promote your business.


Google now has new filters – family friendly filters which are changing the dynamics. It means that you must be relevant. Facebook pages allows you to be relevant. This is what people want today.

On Facebook, you can push your message out even if people are not looking for it,  through friends of friends. You literally reach critical mass.

There are FANS, FRIENDS of FANS and then MARKETS


Successful Facebook business pages

You can create a

  • Mini website
  • Blog
  • Products spotlight
  • Opt in lists
  • Sales funnel
  • PPC

This allows you to drive traffic within Facebook itself  and create a viral feed.


Brand yourself

  • Your can brand yourself within Facebook – create your profile
  • Create social proof by pushing your fans out to their circle of influence.

Social proof is driver of sales on the Internet. Facebook is all about social proof. People look at their peers to see what they are buying.

You do this by learning the intention of how people use FB so your add can be tuned in to likes and interests. i.e.  behavioral likes interests and passions all of which leads to results and success.

My path to Success

You can waste a lot of precious time and money experimenting with adds that get you no results.

I have done well by using the proven adds, landing and capture pages of the MLSP System, an affiliate and training program specially designed for network marketers using face book .

  • They have experts setting these up for you, testing them, tweaking them
  • They know how to navigate your traffic to a buying ‘yes’

The Facebook adds and templates for the Pages are all there for you. No need to get a website expert to set up your IFRAME.

You may want to go it alone, but for those who don’t, I recommend going with the experts – at least until you are established.

Facebook itself has training information as well. I also found Social Media Engine by Hubze and excellent training platform. The videos are well laid out, visual, clear and concise. If you don’t want to join and MLM system then I would definitely suggest this.

Extra Income

You can then make money from the affiliate programs in MLSP and Social Media Engine  as well as your primary business.

But whatever you do, it is now the time to use Facebook advertising pages for MLM.