If you are looking for better delivery success for you online MLM Business, follow these five steps


  • You want to ensure that your emails are being delivered to inboxes, not spam boxes!emails for mlm business online
  • If they are in the spam box, they are not being opened and this means that you are wasting your time and losing a lead.
  • What you don’t put in or avoid is important but so is the content.
  • If you want people to take you and your MLM business whether it be online or off line seriously, you have to be credible

Put yourself in the readers’ position.

  • Are your emails worth reading?
  • Do they offer value?
  • Are they truthful?

This is what you need to pay attention to and avoid

Avoid all of the following in the subject line

  • $$$ signs
  • bargain
  • best opportunity
  • ground floor opportunity
  • make money easily
  • make money with no work
  • big bucks
  • free

Further tips and basic things to avoid in the content

Red – red is a loud color and is used a lot by spammers. It could potentially set off spam filters.

Misleading subject lines – Make sure your subject line matches your copy otherwise the spam filters will consider it misleading.

Capital letters – avoiding using all capital letters within your email or subject line.

Excessive  use of symbols – avoid using too many question marks, dollar signs and explanation marks… especially in a row.

Too much linking–2 or 3 links which in include your call to actions are enough. Any more and it will be considered overkill by the reader and the spam filters.

Unsubscribe links – each of your emails should contain an unsubscribe link.These must be valid. The harder you make it for people to unsubscribe, the more problems you will have.

Be honest– make sure you include a proper reply to email address and a ‘from address’ so that people can get in touch with you if they have any issues.

Credibility and authority is everything online today. People will not put up with ‘trash’ and dishonesty.

So if you want success with your emails for your mlm business online – be just that – honest and credible and avoid any spammy content and subject lines.