Why are Baby Boomers alias the Greying Hair Brigade a threat to world economy?


Why is it like “It’s like a pig moving through a python”?


“It’s hard to believe, but the global greying could be a far bigger threat to the world economy than the combined effect of the Eurozone debt crisis, US unemployment and the Chinese slowdown”

Robert Reitch US Professor reported in the Australian August 2012


Reitch says that that the world is totally unprepared for the wave of baby boomers who are due to retire.

He sees the problem hitting us like a “slow-motion train wreck.

 This is going to be a major challenge over the next 50 or 100 years.”


He continues to  say that the number of retirees in the developed world will double over the next eight years. This will place incredible pressure on the services that you and everyone else have come to expect.


Do you think they are going to be available for you?


The Pain!

Can you imagine the pain of moving a pig moving through a python.

Where do you and your family lie in all this?  

Are you going to be in pain and how much?

This is not really ground breaking news – frightening as it is.

We have known this for some time – governments have known this for some time. It’s more a matter of ‘what can they do about it.’ There are so many issues at hand for them right now.



The problem is 30% of the population – the working and earing population, will be supporting 60% of the population.


This is not sustainable – retirement will NOT be comfortable.


The Solution

The answer is to have an income for when you do retire – not to rely on government pensions etc. and even your superannuation.

Do you know how much of that you need to live as you are accustomed to? Lots!


This is why I am millions of others around the world have attacked this problem in two ways – income and the other python of the greying baby boomers – health  – or lack off.

Earning income from a network marketing or direct selling health company is a great alternative.

 Lets face it – all your friends are in the same position.

You can all help each other and stay young and fit and at the same time and enjoy the leisure of your well earned retirement.


Great Results

I have been actively participating in this industry for many years.

It serves me well with income and great health and vitality.


There are many many ways to earn income for your retirement.

Some for the baby boomer age are puzzling and frustrating. But good health – that is the absence of disease and energy to enjoy life are understood by all. It is a win win situation.


However, not all health and nutritional companies are the same and not all are worth investing you time and money in – for many reasons.

Check out some of my other posts for more info. Look at my category of MLM companies. Do your homework.


I shall be writing more on this very important topic.


Baby Boomers, the greying champions of the world will maintain their strength, their great influence as they head to retirement even in today’s economy.