If you are worried   about unemployment, listen to why Paul Zane Pilzer says YES

to Network Marketing.


Unemployment is a constant topic- in the news, the papers and conversations. It’s always spoken of with impending gloom and doom.

Do you imagine, see yourself and your family out on the street, in the food kitchens, unable to survive?

It is a terrible thought, and a reality for many.

But does it have to be you


paul zane pilzer

Paul Zane Pilzer


Who is Pilzer?  He is a world renowned economist, multi-millionaire, entrepreneur, college professor and author of eight best selling books says “in the perfect storm, you can actually create opportunity before you face any type of unemployment”.

This is a brash and brave statement. If you are like me, you want to know how Pilzer backs this statement up. You want to know how you can succeed in these frightening times.

Pilzer says there is currently an explosion of millionaires – in fact, there are going to be 10 million new millionaires in the next 10 years!

His formula is this


Wealth = Personal Resources X Technology

W =  P x T


He says that “right now, our economy is experiencing a perfect storm of opportunity. There are three distinct elements in this storm:

The Wellness Revolution

The Millionaire Explosion

The Direct Selling Business Boom” [Network Marketing]

“This powerful trifecta is creating unprecedented opportunities for you to create financial freedom”.


network marketing onlineLets take a look at these thee industries.

The Wellness Industry is one of the fastest growing areas today because people want wellness rather than sickness. If you have access to a product, which will help people maintain their energy, vitality, looks and give them longevity, you are made.

Science is making great break throughs in this area and there are a handful of amazing patented scientific products being sold via MLM and network marking companies. [see here]

The Millionaire Explosion People are making money in non-traditional areas as a result of technology, namely the Internet.

You can do this without a college degree. You don’t need to be an A+ student. You can be anyone who learns how to harness this incredible power.

Look at all the people who are having great success online.

Are they your suited lawyers or are they those who were prepared to look sideways and ‘seize the moment’?


Network Marketing Online

Never before has there been such and exciting time for this industry.

With the demand for technology, health and wellness and the medium of the worldwide web to access global markets, this is your oyster, your answer to any impending unemployment.

No one has to be living in fear. It is just a matter of choice – your choice.


I shall be expanding this blog and sharing more of what Paul Zane Pilzer has to say and why he says YES to Network Marketing, particularly Network Marketing Online. Stay Tuned.