“How do you actually get my MLM prospects to convert and sign up for your business” ?


This is a very frequent question.

MLM online is fantastic BUT

The automation and power of the internet and it’s systems is fantastic.

Everyone loves it. It will get you prospects.

But it is not everything.


You are important

No level of systems and automation will ever completely

replace the fact that YOU still need to still be part of that system.

Yes you in person.

This means someitmes talking on the phone.


People do sigh up to your business without speaking to anyone but it really is better if you have a conversation with them first.


Think of this!

They may not be suitable for your business. Not everybody is.

Do you want to waste time on someone who is not suitable?


Paying the money

Some people will not make an important decision or send money without talking to a real person.

And this is OK. In fact it is good.

It gives you a chance to qualify them and gives them a chance to take a good look at your offer and see if it suits them.


Remember you are looking for like-minded people


Bottom Line

You need to learn the skills of prospecting, positioning and speaking with your prospects over the phone or

in person.

You may be cringing at the thought of this.


Most people are NOT good at first!

It is a learned skill. I had to learn it and all the top producers have learnt what and how to do this.


This is where the attraction marketing comes in.

You need to attract people to you before they will think of joining you.


Attraction Marketing

That’s why learnt how to use Attraction  Marketing to build my Internet business

  • You attract on and offline
  • But you have to attract.
  • The systems help to attract
  • You the special person still have to be part of it.

You are still in a business of relationships, but using the internet and systems to enhance it


How to go to the top

So, if you want to be at the top, earning good money, then you will have to master the art and skill of recruiting.

There is ONLY one course that I would recommend to

you that I believe can actually give you ALL the

training you will need to master this skill.


Check out the free training videos first…then

you can decide for yourself.




Until next time


Susan Rutherford

Social Media, MLM and Internet Marketing Specialist