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Direct Selling And Your Online Income

How Can You Make Money Online Via Direct Selling?


The industry in all forms –  is booming!

This September in Money magazine’s signature issue, Best Places to Live, Custom Content will be creating a custom section on Direct Selling.


This unique method of distribution has enormous potential for entrepreneurs .

  • online income with direct selling
  • the common misconception is that it only works with women’s products
  • cosmetics
  • health products
  • home aides
  • women and children’s fashion
  • products with a female purchase appeal

This is not so!

The reality is that not only products, but also services such as electric power and custom menswear are getting involved, giving entrepreneurs more options and ways to build a business and taking direct selling from the family kitchen to the office.


The big one is just using the

  • Computer
  • Making money from being online,how to make money online
  • Emailing,
  • Banking
  • Whatever you do on your computer

You can earn be being a free member or by being part of the income program.

You have something to GIVE AWAY!

It is so easy and great for all

And its GLOBAL – all over th  world already.

Click here to participate or just see what it is about.


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Why You Need A Website And Social Media

You own and control your website – you don’t own your social media site!


network marketing and social mediaI have been talking a lot about network marketing, MLM  online in combination with the Facebook or Social Media recipe and method.


This is not to detract from your other online SEO work, building your website, doing your market research. All this is very important too.


You need a website other than what you might have on Facebook. You are in control of your website, but Facebook is in control of your information there.


I have been giving you links to my website for information. This is so you can become familiar with me and what I do. It’s all part of getting to know one another online.I also have links to my website from Facebook.


Your Main Online Purpose

Your main purpose is to build your list. You need to do this by taking people to your website and getting them to give you their name and email [only this at first] in return for something of value – just as you received my free ebook.


Who is in control?

  • Your website is your main tool, it is you, it is your personality and who you are.
  • You are in control of it and unless you so something really unethical, it is always yours.
  • The social media sites are own and controlled be them. They can shut you down without warning.
  • Always have your information on both sites – your website and the social media sites.

Tips for your website

You do need to be specific to your URL with key word usage etc, but you can also have different categories within your site to talk about different things.


I have recently put up a category about HEALTH as I am very interested in this and have a lot to offer.

My next category might be anti aging as this is a very popular topic and something everyone desires.


Not and SEO expert?

But I am focusing on this ‘gift’ I have as I can see that this is the way to build an online business – the easiest way particularly if you are not an SEO expert and do not have the time or the inclination to become one.

Access the GIFT Here

To access the gift and the new and easier way of doing network marketing online the social media way, click on this link now to access your gift.

Explore what it has to offer you and pass it on to others. That is what it is for.


Susan Rutherford

Social Media, MLM and INternet Marketing Specialist



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The MLM Gift For You To Build Your Business

Why a Gift for Your Online  MLM Business?


I have been talking a lot about MLM and social media or MLM and Facebook.

How giving something of value away can build your MLM business online.


building your mlm business onlineToday I want to give you this gift so you can explore it and see how it can benefit you and  your team.


The gift is a link to a website or home page. It is no ordinary website or home page. As you will see, it is so much more than just that.


But it gives you so many benefits, benefits for you and your family. I was particularly amazed at the Math tuition I discovered on one of the videos.

It really helped my children in some areas they were struggling. It was so visual and easy to follow. Fantastic


This is just one aspect. There are games, competitions, a whole university, research sites for shopping – its all done for you.

The list goes on and on and this is just the beginning.



It is free for you to use this site. You need to download it to your desktop.

You can still use Chrome, Google etc, but this just runs in the background.


Very Safe

It is perfectly safe. The CEO of this company used to be the security person for the banks in the UK. He has a team of experts working with him and has spent that last ten years developing it. But as I said – this is the beginning. There is a lot more to come.


It is all part of a big company but it it NOT a direct sales company although there is a networking arm to it. I have been talking about this a lot as you know.


Part of the process and steps to success

But for now, I am just giving you this gift – it is all part of the process. You too may pay it forward and give it to someone else. The main benefits to this off course come when you are part of the distribution team.


Here is the link. Go to it and join up as a FREE MEMBER. Keep your user name and login details. They will be yours if you ever want to go to another step.


Enjoy as I and so many other are




Social Media, MLM and Internet Marketing Specialist


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