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Is the Nature Of Online Network Marketing Or MLM Changing?


 Network Marketing or MLM has been with us for many years. But now with the Internet at our fingertips – is the nature of it changing?


And if so why would this be? Why do I feel this?


Its not that the business model is any less popular or that the products the companies supply are of a lower standard. In fact, I buy from quite a few companies simply because the products are of such a high standard.


The top nutritional or supplement companies are really research companies using the MLM business model as an outlet to sell or move their products. You would be hard pressed to find better products.


Online Network Marketing and MLMnew online network marketing and mlm

The Internet has offered everyone many alternatives. Learn to master a few skills and you can use it to earn extra money.


What if you are NOT master of SEO?

Those very skilled in SEO or search engine optimization are earning huge incomes. But not everyone has the time to become a master of SEO


The New Model of MLM and Network Marketing

So to the rescue comes an MLM model giving you all the necessary systems for successful SEO results.

It gives you a blogging platform and the right to resell the system.

  • It is a networking company with a twist

Then there are the shopping companies with an option to use their money making system.

These systems offer compounding interest which we all know is the ultimate.


The Amazing Results of Compound Interest!

The famous saying in the networking world is ‘which would earn you more – a $million or 1 cent per day with compound interest?”

  • The answer of course is one cent a day with compound interest.
  • Hence the potential of the profit sharing model [ more on this later

So although these companies are new and going through some teething problems as Zeek Rewards did, they are learning from the pioneers and improving the systems.


Great Potential in the Future

 I am quite sure they will overcome all the teething problems and be very popular and worthwhile in the future.


What are the benefits?

 They could be classified as ‘virtual’ as they allow you to sit at home and manage and grow your business in a matter or minutes or an hour a day, depending on which course you take.

 You also have the option of being part of a few companies – multiple sources of income [ more on this in a later post].

Networking and MLM is here to stay, but as it has evolved over the years from its simple beginnings, so too will it continue to evolve, change and improve.


 Benefit from the Change!

As the early pioneers benefited from the start up companies, you too can benefit from the new type of MLM business model

about mlm

About MLM

I am often asked  questions about MLM


What is MLM all about – please tell me!

  • Why are so many people all over the world participating in this industry?
  • Why is it sometimes frowned upon, criticized and deemed as perhaps a ‘scam’, not a real business?
  • Why do some people love it with a passion and others hate it with a passion?

  • Can you really earn money?
  • Do some people really make ‘mega bucks’?
  • Do the companies really have good products – better than the average product on the shelf?

 The answer to all these questions is the same as in any industry and profession.

Yes and no!

 There is the good, in fact the very good and the not so good – the good, the bad nod the ugly you might say!


But I am not about to criticize any particular company or person.about mlm


However, what I can do is tell you what I know of the good and the very good.


Why do I praise the MLM Industry?

My experience in MLM is good for many reasons.

It is so much more than the money, the income I earn.

 It is also about the wider benefits, the wider experiences I have enjoyed and learned from being part of it.


MLM nutrition

Let me start from the very beginning. I found out about MLM because I was experiencing a health challenge.  My doctor had been treating me with intravenous nutrition.

He directed me to a nutritional MLM company for my maintenance program. 

I am not using products from this company now as I have found far superior ones.

However, the nutrition I took then and the changes I made, have turned my life and my health around. I have never looked back.


MLM and personal growth

On a very personal note, I say a big thank you to all the training, personal growth and development I have done since being part of this industry.

The last 18 months have been extremely challenging for me, as my daughter was stricken with an aggressive form of cancer.

Watching her struggle with the very aggressive treatment and then watching her die was heart rendering to say the least.

 MLM training helped me cope

But and a big BUT. I have been taught how to think about difficulties, how to frame experiences, how to maintain my dignity and posture in stressful situations. 

This training, this education of my mind allowed me to cope with this terrible time with fortitude and composure.

It allowed me to talk about her in my eulogy in a truly meaningful way – as I wanted to without falling apart.


I was surrounded with a circle of caring and giving fellow network marketers because all those in network marketing or MLM know that it is in the giving that you receive.


For the duration of our struggle we were all surrounded, held and supported by this net of people, of strength and love and positive thoughts.


This is what MLM is truly about

Why? Because this is the true mlm’er. 

It is not about the scammer, the cheaters or the greedy.

It is about people who know and understand the meaning of teamwork, sharing, giving, receiving and looking ahead.


This post has not taught you about the money, or how to do the business. More on that in the next few posts.


But this is the core essence, the core ethos of the industry – everyone doing a little bit for the  benefit of each other and therefore caring about each other.


So if you are asked or you ask about MLM here lies your answer.

If you want to know about some of the best MLM nutritional companies , click here


mlm recruiting secret

What Is The Most Important Skill In Recruiting For MLM?

The million dollar question – what is the most important skill in being a top MLM recruiter?

 I had the pleasure over the weekend of meeting with a top MLM recruiter.

He asked us the million dollar question – what is the most important skill in recruiting for your MLM business?


The hands went up!

  • Just talk to everybody
  • Tell them what you have
  • Ask them questions
  • Give them a DVDmlm recruiting secret

And so the list went on.

He surprised the gathering be saying –“ I say nothing’

The hands went up again and the question was asked

‘ How do you recruit?  How to you get anyone into your MLM business?’


He stood and looked at the surprised faces and quietly told us HOW re recruits.


The greatest MLM recruiting secret and skill

“ He said I mention that I am with a great company, and I am areally doing so well. I love what I do and it has allowed me to earn a really good income.”


Then he asks the person a question totally unrelated to what he just said.



What is the reasoning behind his tactics? Why is he doing this?

It is very simple. He is creating curiosity. He is not bombarding the person with info that he does not want to hear.

He is not making that person put up their protection wall and we all have an inbuilt anti-selling wall to protect us.


People like to buy but they don’t like to be sold to.


If the person is at all curious he will bring the conversation back to the statement and ask questions.


So if this occurs,  our leader gives the person  one more point and then changes the conversation again – a question back to him.


When it is established that this person is serious in having a look he says ‘ A friend of mine showed me what I could do. I would like to give you the same courtesy.”

Make a time – let them know it will take ….minutes [ not too long] and leave it at that. Do not say anymore at that point.


It leads to success!

He and his team are having great success with this to the point where the company they are involved in grew a massive 224% during the last financial year.


Creating curiosity is non threatening and it allows the other person to BUY. An added bonus is you spend your time with people who want what you have.


So if you want to recruit more people, try it out.  It’s a great skill to have for your MLM business.







MLM training benefits

Benefits Of Network Marketing Training

Thank you for all my network marketing training


I have not posted anything for a few weeks because my daughter died.

She left behind a husband and three young children.

A healthy and clean living girl –she suffered from the ravages of cancer.

We have experienced eighteen months of pain, sorrow and devastation.


mlm training benefitsTo say good-bye to one’s child, no matter what their age is something I would not wish on anybody.


I am writing about this because I want to let you know how my training and experience in MLM helped me deal with my pain and loss.


I have been using products from network marketing companies for many years.


I have introduced the usually wonderful products to others.

I make a good income from it


I have also taken advantage of and participated in many of the training courses offered.


These are often about personal growth – how to deal with

  • Your own thoughts
  • Emotions
  • Feelings
  • Understanding of others
  • Personality types
  • Pose questions rather than stating an opinion
  • Helping others by questioning


People say to me constantly ‘ you are so strong. How have you managed to get through this with such dignity?’


  • I know I have managed this because of the training I have received. I have spoken with a lot of people in the course of my business.
  • I have learnt to see where they are coming from and what their needs are.
  • I have learnt to ask questions, questions that help people rather than ‘tell’ people. This is a great advantage when dealing with other’s grief.
  • I have learnt to take a deep breath under difficult circumstances and graciously handle it.
  • I have learnt to know what I can change and know and accept what I cannot.


This does not mean my grief is any less, but it does mean than I can live – be there for the rest of my family and ‘not go to pieces’

I am grateful for this. My daughter showed great strength, courage and dignity throughout her illness.

The least we can do is follow her wonderful example.


We miss her so much but she will always be with us.

Susan Rutherford 

good network marketing tips

A Good Network Marketing Tip


The magic bullet, the network marketing tip which will make a difference to your success is yours!


  • Does the thought of having to know everything scare you?
  • Do you just want to build a team, make some money and have a life as well?


Many network marketers are workaholics.

good network marketing tipsThey feel that unless they are at it 24/7, it’s not going to happen.

They feel they need to be an encyclopedia.


I should know – I am or rather was one of them.


I love learning, I remember what I read and hear so for me it was a matter of pride that I knew a lot.


My Big Mistake!

But this was a big mistake. I was putting people off.

Others did not want to study, read, listen watch and take notes as I was doing.

So they thought – well how can I do this business if that is what it’s all about.

No thank you Susan!


I had to change my ways!

People were telling me to change my ways and use the tools available to me. I was doing that to some extent, but I still had to put my knowledge on  a tray and parade it around.


I finally decided to give my advisors the benefit of the doubt and do it their way.

And boy – what a difference it made- what a change to my business!


This is the magic bullet!

  • I pointed people to the websites, the brochures, the DVD’s to a 3rd party or person.
  • I said ‘ let’s look this up – it must be in here somewhere’
  • I stopped being a ‘no –it –all’ and what do you know

Others felt comfortable that they too, could send people to the information rather than have to know it all.

My life and my income changed from that point marketing online


Remember this!

You see, in network marketing – online or off line, we are the messenger. We are NOT THE MESSAGE!


  • We guide people to the information which is all there for us
  • It makes life so easy, so relaxing and would you believe it

I have more time.

Time to spend on my online MLM business and help you with yours!


Susan Rutherford

Social Media, MLM and Internet Marketing Specialist





Network Marketing Why So Good Says Wall St Journal /Video

Why does the Wall St Journal do a 40 page supplement on Network Marketing?


Why does it say it is so good?

Why does Paul Zane Pilzer say it is so good?

Watch this video now to find out



Wall St Journal Interviews Paul Zane Pilzer / Video

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Why did the Wall St Journal interview him?

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Network Marketing-MLM- Direct Sales Industry Info Video


Why is the Wall St Journal praising

the MLM, Network Marketing and Direct Sales Industry?

Why would they run a 40 page supplement on it?

Why are they saying “Add into network marketing, technological power and globalization, and you’ve got a winning formula”.

Watch this video now to see how you can ‘cash’ on this exciting and amazing trend!


online network marketing

Network Marketing – Is It About Selling – Or Not?


The network marketing business is about sorting, selecting, interviewing, but definitely NOT selling!


One of the quickest ways to fail in network marketing is to become a sales person.


Why? Because really good sales people cannot be duplicated. Most people cannot do this and YOU DON’T NEED TO!

  • What you do need is a duplicable system, a system which does the work for you.
  • The moment you start talking about, explaining, describing anything about your business, product, income plan, you are selling.


Online MLM System

The system does all of this because anyone can use the system. The system has all the skills.  You may only have some of the necessary skills.


As Mike Dillard from magnetic sponsoring says, your only job is to get our informational tools to people as it’s the tools which do the selling. And the tools are part of the system’.

online network marketing

An online system is your answer



The power is in the tools and the system

Look at what McDonalds can do with a good system and tools. They can take an 18 year old sill in school and put him in charge of a multi million dollar business. You might not be able to get that same 18 year old to tidy his room!


This is good!

So often I hear ‘ oh but I don’t like to sell’.

Well that’s good. Selling is NOT what its all about.

  • It’s about sorting and selecting who is suitable for your business.
  • Who has the right mindset to have the privilege of working with you in your team?

The tools do the sorting and selling for you. You are merely handing them out and directing.

Again in the words of Mike Dillard, ‘ Professionals sort.  Amateurs sell’


Is this familiar?

How do you feel when you know you have been ‘sold to?’ Do you look a fool? Can you believe that you knew what you were hearing, but still fell for it?

Is there any credibility in this type of transaction?

What to do

Look for a good online mlm system. I use and recommend Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard. They have a great starter kit ‘ Building On A Budget’.

This E book tells you how to get started on the Internet for under $500. It really has all you need to know at first and is not too overwhelming.


So if you are looking  to start your own network marketing business, – forget about learning to sell. It wont get you there!


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