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Why Is This The World’s Best Nutritional Supplement?


Why I Take This Food Based Vitamin and Mineral Supplement 


I had the privilege of attending a talk by one of the world’s top Medical directors for one of the world’s top nutritional companies.mlm income with nutrition

I am not naming the company or the Doctor for compliant reasons, but I will provide a link to a website so you can investigate them for yourself.

He is the President Emeritus of the American Naturopathic Medical Association. As an expert in the therapeutic use of dietary supplements, he is in great deand as a speaker on the topic of Complementary Medicine. 

I have heard this doctor speak many times, but each time I learn something new and I am once again inspired.


World’s Best Nutritional Supplement

I want to share with you’re the new information I learned this time. It really did reinforce for me, why I take these products.

His focus was on their latest product release, a food based vitamin and mineral supplement with so much more.

Food Based Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

It is the most advanced blend of natural vitamins, mineral, amino acids, fatty acids, fibre, phytosterols and polysaccharides.

It uses their patented Real Food TechnologySM  Solution  to give your body the whole-food, energy-boosting, immune system-supporting nutrition it wants and needs.

You body is designed to absorb vitamins and minerals from food sources.

95% of vitamins and minerals are chemically made. They can be harmful to you and difficult to absorb and utilize. [more on this later]


 New Discovery

The very exciting thing I discovered was something called IP6.

IP6 is in this top nutritional supplement


Dr’s Advice

 ‘If there is a product which has Manapol and IP6 in – you will want to be taking it’ 


What is so special about IP6?

IP6 in a nutshell [more below] is a compound found in beans, whole grains, nuts, seeds, rice, wheat bran, corn and sesame.

It is one of the B vitamins and research is showing that it has some very effective and positive properties in regard to cancer.

IP6 is present in all human cells.

It is in foods eg beans, whole grains, nuts, seed, rice and wheat bran.

 However, IP6 obtained from food is bound to protein. Before the body can absorb it, IP6 must be freed from this protein by the enzyme phytase that is present in food and naturally in the intestinal tract

The power of the phytase enzyme is damaging to IP6 and renders much of it inactive and therefore less effective when obtained in this form.

 Pure IP6 as in this whole food supplement, is not bound to protein and is easily absorbed, intact and able to provide it’s complete medicinal properties.

Make Money with World’s Best Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

Below is why this product is so beneficial and dollar for dollar such excellent value.

It contains the plant based phytonutrient blend of standardized vitamins and minerals in a base of stabilised rice bran. [see below]

It includes

  • Glyconutrients [Manapol– proven to improve brain function]
  • Antioxidants
  • Phytonutrients
  • Stabilised rice bran
  • IP6

How many people do you know who would want to spend their money on the BEST supplement rather than one which is doing them no good at all?

This is one of the best and easiest products to market and you get your own specific website to send them to

The world's best vitamin and mineral supplement


Stabilised Rice Bran

‘Stabilised rice bran (SRB) is an emerging super food which captures the most nutritious parts of the kernel that are otherwise stripped away during the milling process.’

The SRB in this whole food supplement alone, contains a wide array of fatty acids, phytosterols, glyconutrients, fibres and many other nutrients.



Manapol®,  the superior aloe vera gel used in this powder, is exclusive to the company and at the heart of their scientific nutritional breakthroughs.

 Grown in the mineral-rich volcanic soil of Costa Rica, Manapol is created from the stabilised key components of aloe vera gel (acemannan), which have been shown to provide the most benefit.

The hydroponic technology used to standardize the plant- sourced minerals is the first and only of its kind. This process makes it possible to not only include food- sourced nutrients in the product, but also to verify their amounts.’

Why You Need a Whole Food Supplement

This is important because your body can only absorb and use nutrients in this form.

95% of supplements sold are made from petroleum or its bi- products. Yes petroleum is natural but are you designed to eat it?

It is easy to tell if a supplement is synthetic. Rule of thumb – if it’s hard to pronounce – it is not food based but chemically made.

Studies done with such supplements found that they are harmful to the human body.

Some studies were actually stopped midway because those in the trial were experiencing adverse effects.

Read the labels of the very popular well-advertised brands. Check for yourself.


Synthetic vitamins may include:               Listed as

Vitamin B2                                              riboflavin                             

Vitamin C                                                ascorbic acid

Vitamin D                                                calciferol

Vitamin E                                                dl-alpha-tocopherol

Vitamin K                                                menadione or phytonadione

Pantothenic acid                                      calcium-D-panthothenate

Folic acid                                                pteroylglutamic acid


Any vitamin ending in the following is synthetic: acetate, hydrochloride, mononitrate, palmitate or succinate.

Synthetic mineral names will usually end in one of the following:

  • ascorbate
  • citrate
  • iodide
  • orotate


  • aspartate
  • disulfide
  • lactate
  • oxide


  • carbonate
  • gluconate
  • malate
  • picolinate


  • chloride
  • glycerophosphate
  • methionine
  • sulfate

One Stop Shop!

This amazing vitamin, mineral and lots more  is a one- stop shop – everything in one tub of powder which can be sprinkled on food, mixed in water or juice, suitable for children as well as adults of all ages and stages.

The $ value is excellent and people, naturopaths and health care professionals using it, are getting great results with it.

I highly recommend it.

Free Delivery

It is a great family supplement and if you buy two tubs on an automatic order, there is no delivery charge.

What To Do Next

There is so much more I could say – but for now, this is it.

If you want to look into using the world’s top nutritional vitamin and mineral supplement,

until next time 

Susan Rutherford

new online network marketing and mlm

Is the Nature Of Online Network Marketing Or MLM Changing?


 Network Marketing or MLM has been with us for many years. But now with the Internet at our fingertips – is the nature of it changing?


And if so why would this be? Why do I feel this?


Its not that the business model is any less popular or that the products the companies supply are of a lower standard. In fact, I buy from quite a few companies simply because the products are of such a high standard.


The top nutritional or supplement companies are really research companies using the MLM business model as an outlet to sell or move their products. You would be hard pressed to find better products.


Online Network Marketing and MLMnew online network marketing and mlm

The Internet has offered everyone many alternatives. Learn to master a few skills and you can use it to earn extra money.


What if you are NOT master of SEO?

Those very skilled in SEO or search engine optimization are earning huge incomes. But not everyone has the time to become a master of SEO


The New Model of MLM and Network Marketing

So to the rescue comes an MLM model giving you all the necessary systems for successful SEO results.

It gives you a blogging platform and the right to resell the system.

  • It is a networking company with a twist

Then there are the shopping companies with an option to use their money making system.

These systems offer compounding interest which we all know is the ultimate.


The Amazing Results of Compound Interest!

The famous saying in the networking world is ‘which would earn you more – a $million or 1 cent per day with compound interest?”

  • The answer of course is one cent a day with compound interest.
  • Hence the potential of the profit sharing model [ more on this later

So although these companies are new and going through some teething problems as Zeek Rewards did, they are learning from the pioneers and improving the systems.


Great Potential in the Future

 I am quite sure they will overcome all the teething problems and be very popular and worthwhile in the future.


What are the benefits?

 They could be classified as ‘virtual’ as they allow you to sit at home and manage and grow your business in a matter or minutes or an hour a day, depending on which course you take.

 You also have the option of being part of a few companies – multiple sources of income [ more on this in a later post].

Networking and MLM is here to stay, but as it has evolved over the years from its simple beginnings, so too will it continue to evolve, change and improve.


 Benefit from the Change!

As the early pioneers benefited from the start up companies, you too can benefit from the new type of MLM business model

mlm recruiting secret

What Is The Most Important Skill In Recruiting For MLM?

The million dollar question – what is the most important skill in being a top MLM recruiter?

 I had the pleasure over the weekend of meeting with a top MLM recruiter.

He asked us the million dollar question – what is the most important skill in recruiting for your MLM business?


The hands went up!

  • Just talk to everybody
  • Tell them what you have
  • Ask them questions
  • Give them a DVDmlm recruiting secret

And so the list went on.

He surprised the gathering be saying –“ I say nothing’

The hands went up again and the question was asked

‘ How do you recruit?  How to you get anyone into your MLM business?’


He stood and looked at the surprised faces and quietly told us HOW re recruits.


The greatest MLM recruiting secret and skill

“ He said I mention that I am with a great company, and I am areally doing so well. I love what I do and it has allowed me to earn a really good income.”


Then he asks the person a question totally unrelated to what he just said.



What is the reasoning behind his tactics? Why is he doing this?

It is very simple. He is creating curiosity. He is not bombarding the person with info that he does not want to hear.

He is not making that person put up their protection wall and we all have an inbuilt anti-selling wall to protect us.


People like to buy but they don’t like to be sold to.


If the person is at all curious he will bring the conversation back to the statement and ask questions.


So if this occurs,  our leader gives the person  one more point and then changes the conversation again – a question back to him.


When it is established that this person is serious in having a look he says ‘ A friend of mine showed me what I could do. I would like to give you the same courtesy.”

Make a time – let them know it will take ….minutes [ not too long] and leave it at that. Do not say anymore at that point.


It leads to success!

He and his team are having great success with this to the point where the company they are involved in grew a massive 224% during the last financial year.


Creating curiosity is non threatening and it allows the other person to BUY. An added bonus is you spend your time with people who want what you have.


So if you want to recruit more people, try it out.  It’s a great skill to have for your MLM business.







Dangers For Baby Boomers In Today’s Economy

Why are Baby Boomers alias the Greying Hair Brigade a threat to world economy?


Why is it like “It’s like a pig moving through a python”?


“It’s hard to believe, but the global greying could be a far bigger threat to the world economy than the combined effect of the Eurozone debt crisis, US unemployment and the Chinese slowdown”

Robert Reitch US Professor reported in the Australian August 2012


Reitch says that that the world is totally unprepared for the wave of baby boomers who are due to retire.

He sees the problem hitting us like a “slow-motion train wreck.

 This is going to be a major challenge over the next 50 or 100 years.”


He continues to  say that the number of retirees in the developed world will double over the next eight years. This will place incredible pressure on the services that you and everyone else have come to expect.


Do you think they are going to be available for you?


The Pain!

Can you imagine the pain of moving a pig moving through a python.

Where do you and your family lie in all this?  

Are you going to be in pain and how much?

This is not really ground breaking news – frightening as it is.

We have known this for some time – governments have known this for some time. It’s more a matter of ‘what can they do about it.’ There are so many issues at hand for them right now.



The problem is 30% of the population – the working and earing population, will be supporting 60% of the population.


This is not sustainable – retirement will NOT be comfortable.


The Solution

The answer is to have an income for when you do retire – not to rely on government pensions etc. and even your superannuation.

Do you know how much of that you need to live as you are accustomed to? Lots!


This is why I am millions of others around the world have attacked this problem in two ways – income and the other python of the greying baby boomers – health  – or lack off.

Earning income from a network marketing or direct selling health company is a great alternative.

 Lets face it – all your friends are in the same position.

You can all help each other and stay young and fit and at the same time and enjoy the leisure of your well earned retirement.


Great Results

I have been actively participating in this industry for many years.

It serves me well with income and great health and vitality.


There are many many ways to earn income for your retirement.

Some for the baby boomer age are puzzling and frustrating. But good health – that is the absence of disease and energy to enjoy life are understood by all. It is a win win situation.


However, not all health and nutritional companies are the same and not all are worth investing you time and money in – for many reasons.

Check out some of my other posts for more info. Look at my category of MLM companies. Do your homework.


I shall be writing more on this very important topic.


Baby Boomers, the greying champions of the world will maintain their strength, their great influence as they head to retirement even in today’s economy.




Anew way to make online income secret

Why Are The Baby Boomers Making Money Online?

What do these Baby Boomers know which allows them to make money online?

Keep reading to discover what and how!


There are 4 disturbing 
trends making a big impact to you me and the economy.

They are in part being fuelled and pushed by the baby boomer generation.

These trends are opening the door to them and millions of others allowing them to make money online.


What are these online business trends and how do they affect you?

Where are they leading to – why is there  a new trend altogether?


  • Is a massive shift to online boomers making online income
  • Are you taking advantage of this?

Trend 2

  • Government debt – it is MASSIVE
  • It is crippling us and the countries .

Look at Greece, the US, Spain, Portugal, Ireland

In fact, look at Europe

This is no joke – this is dire.

People were warning us about the unprecedented government and personal debt as far back as the early 1990’s.

But no one took any notice.

It is here and it is bad!


Trend 3

  • People are making less money due to unemployment and to graduates not getting employed.
  • Therefore people are having to look to other ways to make money including graduates.
  • This might be in total contrast to their degree and training.

Trend 4

  • The Baby Boomers! [see my last post on this]
  • 20 million of them turned 50 recently.
  • They are still looking for income as they want to maintain their good lifestyles and good health and wellbeing.
  • This costs money so they are doing whatever they can to earn it, create it, have it.


This is now creating another trend – a big one a MEGA trend which is

Trend 5

  • Online businesses
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Internet businesses
  • Entrepreneurs online
  • Social entrepreneurs using online systems
  • Network marketing online
  • Network marketing systems

This looks like a list of key words and it is.

The number of people searching the internet for money making systems and ideas has more than doubled since 2007.

Google insights tells us that it is 5 million per month – that is a 200% rise. This is incredible but it is also an incredible oppourtunity for you.

People are looking for what you have. They want your network marketing business, your network marketing system, your internet business.

Get it our there for them to see.

If you need to know how to get started, download my free E BOOK now. [see top of page]

It will give you all the first and important steps to start making your online income.

Stay tuned for more





baby boomers want your mlm income

Why 4 Million Baby Boomers Need Your MLM Income

Your MLM income might just save the Baby Boomers – yes the 4 million of them from EXTINCTION!!!!


I know this sounds ridiculous, but baby boomers are facing tough times.

4 million of them are turning 50 and they will not be able to afford to retire.

In fact, every 7 seconds, another Boomer turns 50 !

In 2012 alone, about 3,000,000 to 4,000,000 will turn 50.


But the bottom line is – they cannot afford to retire.

In 2012, Canada increased retirement age to 67.

People are working for longer and longer


baby boomers want your mlm incomeThey need another way to make money.

They are tired – they want a change, but they like a good lifestyle so they are not prepared to give up what they know an love.

So many of them are looking towards an MLM income.


This is where you come in. And if you work with a health and nutritional or wellness company, all the better.


Because guess what – they are looking for

  • Good health
  • Energy
  • Youth
  • Mental clarity
  • Flexibility
  • Maintain good looks
  • As well as income.

The boomers are obsessed with ‘staying young’. They want it all.

Why Income from your MLM company appeals

There is so much on offer for them, but the biggest trends are the

  • Health and wellness companies [only the handful of really good scientific ones]
  • Pure Online income from using your computer –[a really simple option or adjunct to anything else as it also has a something you give away]
  • Shopping


If you are an online marketer, find out about income for the baby boomers.

If you are a baby boomer looking for income, retirement or otherwise, then check out just a couple of options.

health and wellness

income just from using your computer


Word of warning!

You do need something with a good system otherwise you have to do too much ground work yourself and this can be very time consuming and very difficult.


Stay tuned because I shall be posting more on this.








direct selling inof al babla

Direct Selling And Your Online Income

How Can You Make Money Online Via Direct Selling?


The industry in all forms –  is booming!

This September in Money magazine’s signature issue, Best Places to Live, Custom Content will be creating a custom section on Direct Selling.


This unique method of distribution has enormous potential for entrepreneurs .

  • online income with direct selling
  • the common misconception is that it only works with women’s products
  • cosmetics
  • health products
  • home aides
  • women and children’s fashion
  • products with a female purchase appeal

This is not so!

The reality is that not only products, but also services such as electric power and custom menswear are getting involved, giving entrepreneurs more options and ways to build a business and taking direct selling from the family kitchen to the office.


The big one is just using the

  • Computer
  • Making money from being online,how to make money online
  • Emailing,
  • Banking
  • Whatever you do on your computer

You can earn be being a free member or by being part of the income program.

You have something to GIVE AWAY!

It is so easy and great for all

And its GLOBAL – all over th  world already.

Click here to participate or just see what it is about.


social entrepreneurs and network marketing income

Social Entrepreneurs And Network Marketing Income

social entrepreneurs and network  marketing incomeWho Are Social Entrepreneurs?

How can you be one and also have a network marketing income?


Social entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes, but they share some common threads.

  • Are people determined to solve the world’s biggest challenges through innovative and purpose-driven solutions
  • Leverage both the cash flow and technological support of their for-profit enterprises by linking them synergistically to existing not-for-profit organizations, in order to achieve their world-changing goals
  • Are the forerunners, the catalysts, for a major paradigm shift in how we solve the world’s biggest problems


What Makes Up a Successful Social Entrepreneurial Movement?

  • Take on a Global Problem
  • Develop an Innovative and New Solution to That Problem
  • Tap into the Public’s Passion for Your Cause
  • Find Creative Ways to Compensate the People Who Choose to Participate

What If You Could Turn Your Daily Routine into an Amazing Legacy?

What is income or money to you if you are not well enough to enjoy it?


income via network marketingThere is a famous saying – health is wealth. Without your health, your wealth is nothing!

What will you do today to improve your wellness?

  • Will you take a morning walk?
  • Enjoy a healthy breakfast on the patio?
  • Take your daily regimen of supplements that you know improve your day-to-day well-being?

What if

by nourishing yourself and your family—you’ve nourished a child somewhere in the world who is at risk?

would this make you feel good?


You can do this – be  a Social Entrepreneur and receive and income via network marketing



There is one company who gives you this wonderful opportunity

For every purchase on Automatic Order containing one or more of the programs’ products, the company donates nutritional supplements formulated using real food to at-risk children through charitable relief programs.


This is more than  just about giving kids nutrition:

  • It’s about giving kids a chance to be kids!
  • It’s about giving you the chance to make a difference in the world.
  • It’s about also giving you an income while you take care of you health and wellbeing and that of children in need.

This is what a Social entrepreneur can do.

And because it can be incorporated into a network marketing income program, it costs you nothing to give.

No more worrying about saying “NO” to the charity callers.

You can do your bit and more and it won’t hurt your pocket.


How do you think you will feel?

Would you like to be a Social Entrepreneur?

Click here to see how you can change your life and the lives of others – for the better

how to make money online

Converting MLM Prospects To Your Business

“How do you actually get my MLM prospects to convert and sign up for your business” ?


This is a very frequent question.

MLM online is fantastic BUT

The automation and power of the internet and it’s systems is fantastic.

Everyone loves it. It will get you prospects.

But it is not everything.


You are important

No level of systems and automation will ever completely

replace the fact that YOU still need to still be part of that system.

Yes you in person.

This means someitmes talking on the phone.


People do sigh up to your business without speaking to anyone but it really is better if you have a conversation with them first.


Think of this!

They may not be suitable for your business. Not everybody is.

Do you want to waste time on someone who is not suitable?


Paying the money

Some people will not make an important decision or send money without talking to a real person.

And this is OK. In fact it is good.

It gives you a chance to qualify them and gives them a chance to take a good look at your offer and see if it suits them.


Remember you are looking for like-minded people


Bottom Line

You need to learn the skills of prospecting, positioning and speaking with your prospects over the phone or

in person.

You may be cringing at the thought of this.


Most people are NOT good at first!

It is a learned skill. I had to learn it and all the top producers have learnt what and how to do this.


This is where the attraction marketing comes in.

You need to attract people to you before they will think of joining you.


Attraction Marketing

That’s why learnt how to use Attraction  Marketing to build my Internet business

  • You attract on and offline
  • But you have to attract.
  • The systems help to attract
  • You the special person still have to be part of it.

You are still in a business of relationships, but using the internet and systems to enhance it


How to go to the top

So, if you want to be at the top, earning good money, then you will have to master the art and skill of recruiting.

There is ONLY one course that I would recommend to

you that I believe can actually give you ALL the

training you will need to master this skill.


Check out the free training videos first…then

you can decide for yourself.


Until next time


Susan Rutherford

Social Media, MLM and Internet Marketing Specialist


network marketing and social media

Why You Need A Website And Social Media

You own and control your website – you don’t own your social media site!


network marketing and social mediaI have been talking a lot about network marketing, MLM  online in combination with the Facebook or Social Media recipe and method.


This is not to detract from your other online SEO work, building your website, doing your market research. All this is very important too.


You need a website other than what you might have on Facebook. You are in control of your website, but Facebook is in control of your information there.


I have been giving you links to my website for information. This is so you can become familiar with me and what I do. It’s all part of getting to know one another online.I also have links to my website from Facebook.


Your Main Online Purpose

Your main purpose is to build your list. You need to do this by taking people to your website and getting them to give you their name and email [only this at first] in return for something of value – just as you received my free ebook.


Who is in control?

  • Your website is your main tool, it is you, it is your personality and who you are.
  • You are in control of it and unless you so something really unethical, it is always yours.
  • The social media sites are own and controlled be them. They can shut you down without warning.
  • Always have your information on both sites – your website and the social media sites.

Tips for your website

You do need to be specific to your URL with key word usage etc, but you can also have different categories within your site to talk about different things.


I have recently put up a category about HEALTH as I am very interested in this and have a lot to offer.

My next category might be anti aging as this is a very popular topic and something everyone desires.


Not and SEO expert?

But I am focusing on this ‘gift’ I have as I can see that this is the way to build an online business – the easiest way particularly if you are not an SEO expert and do not have the time or the inclination to become one.

Access the GIFT Here

To access the gift and the new and easier way of doing network marketing online the social media way, click on this link now to access your gift.

Explore what it has to offer you and pass it on to others. That is what it is for.


Susan Rutherford

Social Media, MLM and INternet Marketing Specialist



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