MLM and Social Entrepreneurship

Be A Social Entrepreneur With You Online MLM Business


Why would your online MLM business benefit if you were a Social Entrepreneur as well?


There is a huge wave, in fact a tsunami happening in the business world, but in particular the home business arena.

It is all linked to the world of helping others, being a Social Entrepreneur.Be a social entrepreneur with your online mlm business

I have written about this before, but when I saw this post in my Facebook newsfeed, I felt I had to share it with you.

It is about the CEO of the world’s top scientific and research MLM nutritional company.


He and his wife’s vision, passion, hard work and tenacity has built the most amazing following of Social Entrepreneurs and hence income earners.

500,000,000 Children Nourished

As a result, 5 million children will soon be fed with the world’s top vitamin and mineral supplement.

The Best Thing

Those participating are NOT paying anything extra out of their pockets to feed these needy children.

The company themselves forego a % of profit from the member’s monthly orders and use that money to supply the nutrients to the children.


Here is an excerpt from the post.

[I have removed any personal names etc for compliance reasons]

Social Entrepreneur Sam is fast becoming one of the biggest champions for the Social Entrepreneur Revolution that is hitting the global market place.

Through his visionary leadership, not only to the company he founded but also to other social entrepreneurs, companies all over the world are finding new ways to impact society.

Sam’s vision to take the company he founded into a whole new dimension of success and purpose is inspiring hundreds of thousands of business owners around the world to partner with him, his company and create a change for good.

Creating millionaires in the home business arena

This change, when it happens, will see 5,000,000 (that’s 5 million) children nourished every single month, and this will in turn create millionaires in the home business arena.

How exciting is that, nourish children for FREE and through a FREE program, millionaires are created???

It seems that Sam has had to go through challenges, and if you look at some of the challenges that Sam and his amazing wife have had to go through, you could not help but be amazed at the depth of character and purpose they have, to just keep going.

“I have found that the more challenges we go through, the greater the depth of leadership we are able to handle because it draws out of us a tenacity that is required to move forward and see the vision that God gives us fulfilled.”

Leadership has to be fought for, anything that is just given to us that we have not had to work towards and grow within, is something that most people treat with disdain, this would be one of the reasons why Sam and his wife are true leaders within the industry.

They know how to fight the good fight.

“Our vision was to give great value and insight into what we believe God is doing in the market and how you as an individual can partner with us to create something great for your life and at the same time, change the lives of children all around the world.”

Ethics Justice and Decency

It is so refreshing to work with a company that are NOT all about slick sales words.

They are about truth, honesty and doing good for each other and the world.

They have so many loyal product users because they don’t cheat you, they give you value and they give you the best.


This is why I too am a loyal follower and user of the best.

Why wouldn’t I want the best for my body?

For more information on how you can be a Social Entrepreneur and earn at the same time click here.

social entrepreneurs and network marketing income

Social Entrepreneurs And Network Marketing Income

social entrepreneurs and network  marketing incomeWho Are Social Entrepreneurs?

How can you be one and also have a network marketing income?


Social entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes, but they share some common threads.

  • Are people determined to solve the world’s biggest challenges through innovative and purpose-driven solutions
  • Leverage both the cash flow and technological support of their for-profit enterprises by linking them synergistically to existing not-for-profit organizations, in order to achieve their world-changing goals
  • Are the forerunners, the catalysts, for a major paradigm shift in how we solve the world’s biggest problems


What Makes Up a Successful Social Entrepreneurial Movement?

  • Take on a Global Problem
  • Develop an Innovative and New Solution to That Problem
  • Tap into the Public’s Passion for Your Cause
  • Find Creative Ways to Compensate the People Who Choose to Participate

What If You Could Turn Your Daily Routine into an Amazing Legacy?

What is income or money to you if you are not well enough to enjoy it?


income via network marketingThere is a famous saying – health is wealth. Without your health, your wealth is nothing!

What will you do today to improve your wellness?

  • Will you take a morning walk?
  • Enjoy a healthy breakfast on the patio?
  • Take your daily regimen of supplements that you know improve your day-to-day well-being?

What if

by nourishing yourself and your family—you’ve nourished a child somewhere in the world who is at risk?

would this make you feel good?


You can do this – be  a Social Entrepreneur and receive and income via network marketing



There is one company who gives you this wonderful opportunity

For every purchase on Automatic Order containing one or more of the programs’ products, the company donates nutritional supplements formulated using real food to at-risk children through charitable relief programs.


This is more than  just about giving kids nutrition:

  • It’s about giving kids a chance to be kids!
  • It’s about giving you the chance to make a difference in the world.
  • It’s about also giving you an income while you take care of you health and wellbeing and that of children in need.

This is what a Social entrepreneur can do.

And because it can be incorporated into a network marketing income program, it costs you nothing to give.

No more worrying about saying “NO” to the charity callers.

You can do your bit and more and it won’t hurt your pocket.


How do you think you will feel?

Would you like to be a Social Entrepreneur?

Click here to see how you can change your life and the lives of others – for the better

Be a social entrepreneur with your online mlm business

Special Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Does your vitamin and mineral supplement have a bigger purpose?


  • What if you could turn your daily routine into an amazing legacy?
  • What if by taking your vitamin and mineral supplement you could also feed a malnourished and needy child
  • How would you feel – making a difference to your life and the life of a hungry child?
  • How would you feel if your vitamin had a bigger purpose?


vitamin and mineral supplementsWhat is this purpose which includes vitamin and mineral supplements?


Over 5 million children under the age of 5 die every year from the devastating effects of malnutrition.


Lack of proper nutrition in the early developmental years is to blame for issues such as stunted growth, retarded brain development and poor health.



This affects lives of 55 million children worldwide.


According to published reports, feeding programs are not enough— “young children are so susceptible to malnutrition because what they eat lacks essential vitamins and minerals to

  • help them grow
  • remain strong
  • fight off infections”

Nutritional deficiency has now become epidemic in America as well as the third world countries.

A significant amount of the money spent on food is used to buy processed foods. A recent national survey reports that “nearly the entire US population consumes a diet poor in real nutritional value.”


Malnutrition is linked between 1/3 and ½ of all childhood deaths

But people with a purpose are changing this and changing their own lives as well.

These people are Social Entrepreneurs and the phenomenon is known as Social Entrepreneurship.


What is social entrepreneurship?

You may not be familiar with the phrase Social Entrepreneurship, but it’s quietly becoming the most powerful business model of the 21st century.

It’s an exciting new strategy which tackles global issues like poverty, malnutrition, clean air and water, and health care.

In fact, this new initiative has the world’s leading policy makers predicting that it will not only become the most purposeful, profitable platform of our time, but also a revolutionary paradigm shift for sustainable global improvement.

While all of this may sound lofty and unreachable, it’s not.

There is easy, seamless, dynamic way for you to join other social entrepreneurs who are changing the world

The goal is to link 5 million consumers worldwide directly to the needs of   5 million malnourished children.



The company doing this has chosen to incorporate a direct marketing distribution and compensation model into their social entrepreneur business strategy.

This allows them to financially reward individuals who choose to participate in their world-changing fight against malnutrition, in direct proportion to their level of activity.

It’s a rewarding income with a priceless outcome.

What else do they have to offer you?

  • You might need more than one reason to participate.
  • It has to give maximum value to you.
  • It’s all about the quality and the type of vitamin and mineral supplement you take.

Important for you !

The question is – If you knew your nutritional supplements were made of petroleum and rocks – would you take them? Would you switch to a product which actually gave you nutrition your body could use?

The truth about what’s really in most vitamins is shocking.

  • Coal tarsynthetic vitamins and minerals
  • Petroleum
  • Rocks

They’re all common ingredients in synthetic supplements, which make up 95% of the nutritional supplement market in North America alone.

And ingredients like that simply aren’t absorbed well (if at all) by your body.


Your food does not ‘feed’ you

As you typically don’t consume all the nutrients you need at the proper levels in your diet, and it’s no surprise that malnutrition is the #1 health risk in the world, affecting more than 925 million people worldwide.


The Shocking Truth! – Is This You?

150 million people take a vitamin/mineral product.

95% of all sold are synthetically made.

Most people do not know this.

They do not know they are wasting their money and  could be harming themselves.


What you do need

  • Plant or naturally sourced vitamins extracted from foods or plants or those cultured in yeast.
  • Plants use multiple processes to accumulate minerals from the soil, predigest them and then bond them into a food matrix.
  • Minerals from plants are, therefore, more soluble.
  • Research suggests that naturally sourced vitamins are easier to absorb and retain than synthetically made vitamins.

The Answer

The company who makes the world’s highest and most absorbable standardized plant based vitamin and mineral supplement supplies the same product to the needy children of the world.


Bottom line

  • You give yourself the best
  • You help the starving children of the world
  • You get a financial reward as well.

For more information on how you can make a difference ot your life and the life of others click here now

Stay tuned for more posts  on this up and coming topic!

Susan Rutherford







Earn Money Online /Video


Who doesn’t want to earn some extra money online?


Who doesn’t want to receive a helping hand – or lend a helping hand?

Imagine if everyone could earn some extra money just by giving someone a helping hand!

How would that make you feel?

How would it make those you helped feel?


Who doesn’t want to earn money online?

Who doesn’t want to receive a helping hand – or lend a helping hand?

Imagine if everyone could earn some extra money just by giving someone a helping hand!

How would that make you feel?

How would it make those you helped feel?

Susan rutherford  here Internet and attraction marketer.

You can do all of this.

Just share a website with people  – all people whom you know, whom you meet.

2 billions people are online each day and they will all want to use the Home Page pays$ System


Because they ALL need a home page to access the Internet

  • You will be part of a great wave which is changing the way the Internet us used
  • You will be part of a wave which is changing the way people earn money online.
  • You will be part of a wave which will allow everyone to earn money online
  • There will be no competition
  • You will not have to be an expert
  • All you will do is share a web site, a link.

Off course you can do more if you want more.

But for the moment lets just focus on what sharing this link can give you.

It’s free

  • You can earn money – 5%of the advertising revenue.
  • Imagine if Facebook shared just 5% of it’s advertising revenue with its users? Wow.
  • Do you know how much money that could put in your pocket?

What else will you the free user receive?

  • Receive all our valuable free resources Ø
  • Get chances to be in our weekly draw to win prizes Ø
  • Get paid on your personal Internet usage!

You have

  • The smart library
  • The university
  • Games
  • Recommended software
  • Bargain finder for products to buy
  • You own video site
  • Secure emailing [no spam emails]
  • Online chat system
  • Websites
  • Weekly draw to wind prizes

Everything you need and use on the Internet is in spot at the click of your mouse

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • All web browsers
  • All information you will every need

AND you will earn money just by doing what you always do on the Internet.

AND you will be helping others as well as yourself.

Can you say ‘NO’ to this?

Can you afford to say ‘NO’ to this?

Click  here for the full details of the program

In my next blog, details of what you can earn as a paid member rather than a free member.

See you then




















The Facebook Phenomenon And You/Video


What is the Facebook Phenomenon


There is a new EXPLOSION about to hit the world

The EXPLOSION will be in giving something away just as Facebook did.

this is the Facebook Phenomenon and you can capitalise on it now!

Watch the video or read the transcript to discover how.


The Facebook Phenomenon – How Can It Change The World – Your world?

Everyone has heard of Facebook!

Facebook – 750 million members in just 6 years

Co-founder, Mark Zuckerburg – the world’s youngest billionaire

Valued as high as US$50 billion in 2011

If they go public in 2012 value could reach US$100billion


Susan rutherford  here Internet and attraction marketer


University of Melbourne VOICE December – January 2012

“In five years from now there will have been another Google or Facebook explode onto the scene, and we will wonder how on earth we could have managed without whatever service it provides.”

There is a new EXPLOSION about to hit the world

The EXPLOSION will be in giving something away just as Facebook did

What most people do not know is how they made their money – and continue to make it…

Yes it’s Advertising

As the story of Facebook grew…so grew the desire of companies to advertise with Facebook.

  • Image in Facebook had decided to share just a small percentage of their fortune with the members who helped them become so successful.
  • Imagine how many of their members could have been helped!

What if there was a company who decided to share its revenue with tis members?

  • Imagine if this company gives away an immensely valuable product that all Internet users will want
  • Imagine you area getting paid every time you go online
  • Imagine getting paid when other people use the Internet

This would truly be sharing the wealth.

Imagine if many many more people had the

  • money they needed to take care of themselves and their family
  • Money to spend on pleasures
  • It’s not about competition or ‘who has the most’
  • Its about quality of life for more.

Think what a better place our world would be – your immediate world if everyone had a good quality of life without struggle and hardship.

This is what everyone deserves and this is how many are going to achieve it.

  • Imagine no more as this new ‘EXPLOSION” is here!

The EXPLOSION will be in giving something away just as Facebook did.

It is about to hit the world in one great swoop.

Everyone who uses a computer or mobile device can be part of it and earn money just from using their devices.

And this part will be FREE.

I shall keep you updated as it rolls out but if you are impatient, go here to see what it is all about.

Stay tuned for my next blog



Network Marketing Company Members Feeding Hungry Children Video


Are  your network marketing members feeding hungry children?


Is their monthly order making a difference to the children and their business?

This video tells you what an innovative company is doing


The New Wave Of Network Marketing Video


There is a new wave of network marketing about to surge.

Richard Poe wrote about wave four. Could this be wave 5?

You definitely need to hear about it.

This video tells all!

network marketing company members

Network Marketing Company Members Feeding Hungry Children


Imagine if your network marketing company members individually fed hungry children?


  • What if you were part of a Network Marketing company, which set aside part of the income from your monthly order to feed hungry children?
  • You were enriching your own life as well as others?
  • How would that make you feel?
  • Would that make a difference to the way people viewed your company?
  • Imagine if you could have a charity as part of your business and that charity could not only make money, the participants would also be feeding the needy children of the world.


So many hungry children

There are 1.2 billion adolescents across the world, nine out of ten of these young people live in developing countries. Millions are denied their basic rights to quality education, health care, protection and exposed to abuse and exploitation.

925 million of those children are malnourished. They may be getting food, but not necessarily nourishment e.g. the daily requirement of essential vitamins and minerals. This lack can be devastating on their development.


Leading MLM companynetwork marketing company members

There is one MLM company which is leading the way to change the plight of the malnourished children of the world.


I was fortunate enough to hear about it first hand from the developer of the program. This company is part of a new wave which is sweeping the developed world. It is a system where for profit companies and businesses take their knowledge and skills, their infrastructure to create a social giving program.

  • It provides a win for the participators, the givers and well as the receivers.
  • You enrich your own life as well as others.
  • What better way can you do this other than via network marketing?

Network marketing already supports  a practice and philosophy of ‘giving to receive’. This takes it one huge step forward.

This is a new wave and a very forward thinking leader has embraced it with love and passion.

It has certainly made a difference to the way my customers regard their participation.

The response I am getting from my MLM online marketing is amazing. I am so pleased I was privileged to hear about this new way of doing.

Click here for  more information and to see how you can make a difference.


Below are some excerpts from an article by Bill Drayton

Bill Drayton is the founder, chairman and CEO of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public. Since 1980, Ashoka has helped social entrepreneurs develop, share, and scale their ideas. Valeria Budinich leads Ashoka’s worldwide efforts to forge profitable alliances between private companies and citizen-sector organizations.

“What we believe:

We believe that capital markets can and must be tapped at scale and directed to commercial investments which fuel market-based approaches to solving the world’s most critical social and environmental problems.


What we do:

We pool capital from private investors and help channel these resources to sustainable enterprises capable of offering a blended return (financial, social and environmental).  

Our first client, the Oasis Fund, offers both loans and equity to social ventures around the world, with a strong priority on models which directly impact low-income and ‘base of the pyramid’ communities, while delivering attractive total returns to investors.


We are witnessing a sea change in the way society’s problems are solved, work is performed, and businesses grow. Collaborations between corporations and social entrepreneurs can create and expand markets on a scale not seen since the Industrial Revolution. These markets will reach everyone, but especially the 4 billion people who are not yet part of the world’s formal economy. They will offer new and remarkable products and services in sectors as diverse as education, transportation, and finance.

You may be skeptical of this claim, and with good reason. The citizen sector—the term we use to define the millions of groups established and run by mission-minded individuals across the globe who are attempting to address critical social needs—has long been regarded as understaffed and inefficient. But that has changed


For-profit organizations today have an opportunity to collaborate with citizen-sector organizations (CSOs) on large-scale problems that neither group has been able to solve on its own. The power of such partnerships lies in the complementary strengths of the participants: Businesses offer scale, expertise in manufacturing and operations, and financing. Social entrepreneurs and organizations contribute lower costs, strong social networks, and deep insights into customers and communities.

But to work together effectively, they must focus on creating real economic as well as social value. We believe they can do so by forming what we call hybrid value chains (HVCs), which capitalize on those complementary strengths to increase benefits and lower costs.

This trend has been developing for years, and we’ve participated in pilot projects that have delivered impressive results and promise extraordinary growth. HVCs can now be found in many industries all over the world. Collaboration between corporations and CSOs has reached a tipping point: It is becoming standard operating procedure. Indeed, we believe that if you’re not thinking about such collaboration, you’ll soon be guilty of strategy malpractice.


Companies can now team with organizations in the citizen sector to create enormous new value — social and economic benefits that exceed their cost. This form of hybrid business model will lead the way toward a new economy — and the companies that figure it out won’t just thrive; they will develop huge competitive advantages.


We are on the cusp of a fundamental change — a worldwide change in the skills everyone needs to succeed, in the nature of organizations, and in how businesses must be led.

This is a rare moment in history. Are you ready to be a changemaker in the private sector, the citizen sector, or both? Do you and your employees have the necessary skills? How will you and your organization fit in this new world?


What if you were part of a Network Marketing company, which set aside part of the income from your monthly order to feed hungry children? It makes this industry so worthwhile!

Click here for more info and to see how you can make a difference.

mlm companies

The New Way Of Network Marketing – What Is Taking The World By Storm?


A Network Marketing Secret!


There is a new way, a new wave of network marketing just about to make a massive surge. Richard Poe wrote about Wave Four of the network marketing industry. This might be wave five.

It is all about enriching the lives of others – the needy, while enriching yours at the same time.


  • Would you like to give to those in need without it costing you a cent?
  • Would you like to enrich the lives of others while enriching yours at the same time?
  • Are you doing this already or is your life like the Dead Sea?


Giving results in success


Most successful people say that they did not see success until they started to give or tithe. Once they incorporated giving into their lives, they received in return.

It is said that if you do not give or enrich the lives of others as well as yourself, your life becomes stagnant- like the Dead Sea. Nothing flows – including money.


The Dead Sea is the saltiest lake in the world. It is called “dead” because the high salinity prevents any fish or other visible aquatic organism to live in its water. Hence it’s name ‘Dead Sea’.

mlm companies

lack of flow results in lack of life!


Although the Jordan river runs into the Dead Sea, There are no outlet streams – nothing flows.

Anything, which is stagnant, is ‘bad’. Think of the problems in your body when things are stagnant. Think of stagnant water lying around – the slime, the bacteria produced.



No Money to give?

The argument constantly comes up ‘ that’s all very well for them – they have the money – they can afford to give some away. I don’t have a dollar to spare’


This is true for so many people. There are no dollars to spare.


So knowing that it is in the giving that you receive, but you have nothing left to give, how can you change this so your karma also changes?


In my blog  on how everyone can be social entrepreneur, I spoke of how Harvard business review stated ‘if you are not thinking of social entrepreneurship, you will soon be guilty malpractice’


Is that going to be the same for the individual? To make life and lifestyle sustainable on this planet, are we going to have to share the resources a little more – give a little more?

But there needs to be money made before money can be given and shared

Money is made – Money is shared!

A program has been set up by a company where everyone can do this regardless of their financial means.

The program is set up so that a % of money made by the company from the monthly orders goes to enriching the lives          of others.

They are enriching the lives of others while enriching their own at the same time.

This company is part of the network marketing industry – an industry which is booming despite the tough economic              times of today.


Nutrition to 1000’s and 1000’s of needy children

  • In this case, it is in the area of health and nutrition. 1000’s of malnourished children all around the world a receiving the daily nutrients essential for their proper growth and development.

network marketing secrets

  • The individual has a monthly order for their own essential nutrients and at the same time feeds one or more needy child – every day.

How good do you think they feel?

This is going to be the new face of networking and will change the perception, the success of the company and the individuals.


It will create a new wave of how MLM companies work and function. In the industry, you do have to give before you receive, but this will put a totally new light on the concept and philosophy of ‘it is in the giving that you receive’


Charities might be a thing of the past due to financial restraints, but this plan, this system is proving to be far superior.


It you want to know more, please click here


There definitely is a new way of network marketing and its about to sweep the world by storm!













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