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good online income with nutritional supplement companies

Good Online Income with Nutritional Supplement Companies


A good nutritional supplement company can do you a great favour in two ways.


  1. Improve your health and wellbeing and stave of the ravages of aginggood online income with nutritional supplement companies
  2. give you  a good primary or secondary online income.


I have spoken often about the benefits of working with a good health and wellness company.

This article which appeared in the ‘Natural Food Merchandisers’ magazine validates all I have been saying.

The reason for your good online income

‘The nutritional supplements industry topped $32 billion in sales last year, increasing 7.4 percent over 2011 sales and tracking with the previous year’s 7 percent growth. 

Natural Food Merchandisers surveyed supplement retailers across the nation to determine what factors are driving the industry’s sustained growth.

Alongside what retailers call the “Dr. Oz Factor”—referring to the shelf-clearing power of endorsements by celebrities such as Dr. Mehmet Oz—are other trends and demographics that bring a strong demand to the market.

Rising health-care and health-insurance costs compel consumers to explore preventative supplements and alternatives to more expensive prescriptive medicines.

Among the most proactive consumers are the baby boomers, who in their 50s and 60s represent a large demographic looking to supplements to maintain health and wellness.

The boomers are not the only group driving growth. Retailers also reported increased sales among men and young people.

Male shoppers often seek out the ever-increasing number of natural bodybuilding and sports nutrition supplements available, while young people gravitate toward general supplements or natural products for their children.

As an aging generation enters the market and traditional health care presents a greater challenge, supplement providers have a unique opportunity to position themselves as knowledgeable, viable health-care solutions. Whether through retail or direct sales, that kind of positioning requires education and interaction.

As Jon Fiume of Wadsworth, Ohio-based Ritzman Pharmacies, points out, “You can’t just operate in your own little box. … What are you doing to get involved in the bigger initiatives that directly impact your community? Those efforts are also going to impact your business.

Read the full report from Natural Food Merchandisers.

Natural Foods Merchandiser magazine serves the natural and organic products industry with a primary focus on the growth of retail business. 
The magazine provides innovative ideas and information on products and trends, encouraging the development of a new health model based on wellness and the prevention of illness. 
As an industry journal, Natural Foods Merchandiser provides a call to action to unify, educate, and promote the growth of the industry.



Why Is This The World’s Best Nutritional Supplement?


Why I Take This Food Based Vitamin and Mineral Supplement 


I had the privilege of attending a talk by one of the world’s top Medical directors for one of the world’s top nutritional companies.mlm income with nutrition

I am not naming the company or the Doctor for compliant reasons, but I will provide a link to a website so you can investigate them for yourself.

He is the President Emeritus of the American Naturopathic Medical Association. As an expert in the therapeutic use of dietary supplements, he is in great deand as a speaker on the topic of Complementary Medicine. 

I have heard this doctor speak many times, but each time I learn something new and I am once again inspired.


World’s Best Nutritional Supplement

I want to share with you’re the new information I learned this time. It really did reinforce for me, why I take these products.

His focus was on their latest product release, a food based vitamin and mineral supplement with so much more.

Food Based Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

It is the most advanced blend of natural vitamins, mineral, amino acids, fatty acids, fibre, phytosterols and polysaccharides.

It uses their patented Real Food TechnologySM  Solution  to give your body the whole-food, energy-boosting, immune system-supporting nutrition it wants and needs.

You body is designed to absorb vitamins and minerals from food sources.

95% of vitamins and minerals are chemically made. They can be harmful to you and difficult to absorb and utilize. [more on this later]


 New Discovery

The very exciting thing I discovered was something called IP6.

IP6 is in this top nutritional supplement


Dr’s Advice

 ‘If there is a product which has Manapol and IP6 in – you will want to be taking it’ 


What is so special about IP6?

IP6 in a nutshell [more below] is a compound found in beans, whole grains, nuts, seeds, rice, wheat bran, corn and sesame.

It is one of the B vitamins and research is showing that it has some very effective and positive properties in regard to cancer.

IP6 is present in all human cells.

It is in foods eg beans, whole grains, nuts, seed, rice and wheat bran.

 However, IP6 obtained from food is bound to protein. Before the body can absorb it, IP6 must be freed from this protein by the enzyme phytase that is present in food and naturally in the intestinal tract

The power of the phytase enzyme is damaging to IP6 and renders much of it inactive and therefore less effective when obtained in this form.

 Pure IP6 as in this whole food supplement, is not bound to protein and is easily absorbed, intact and able to provide it’s complete medicinal properties.

Make Money with World’s Best Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

Below is why this product is so beneficial and dollar for dollar such excellent value.

It contains the plant based phytonutrient blend of standardized vitamins and minerals in a base of stabilised rice bran. [see below]

It includes

  • Glyconutrients [Manapol– proven to improve brain function]
  • Antioxidants
  • Phytonutrients
  • Stabilised rice bran
  • IP6

How many people do you know who would want to spend their money on the BEST supplement rather than one which is doing them no good at all?

This is one of the best and easiest products to market and you get your own specific website to send them to

The world's best vitamin and mineral supplement


Stabilised Rice Bran

‘Stabilised rice bran (SRB) is an emerging super food which captures the most nutritious parts of the kernel that are otherwise stripped away during the milling process.’

The SRB in this whole food supplement alone, contains a wide array of fatty acids, phytosterols, glyconutrients, fibres and many other nutrients.



Manapol®,  the superior aloe vera gel used in this powder, is exclusive to the company and at the heart of their scientific nutritional breakthroughs.

 Grown in the mineral-rich volcanic soil of Costa Rica, Manapol is created from the stabilised key components of aloe vera gel (acemannan), which have been shown to provide the most benefit.

The hydroponic technology used to standardize the plant- sourced minerals is the first and only of its kind. This process makes it possible to not only include food- sourced nutrients in the product, but also to verify their amounts.’

Why You Need a Whole Food Supplement

This is important because your body can only absorb and use nutrients in this form.

95% of supplements sold are made from petroleum or its bi- products. Yes petroleum is natural but are you designed to eat it?

It is easy to tell if a supplement is synthetic. Rule of thumb – if it’s hard to pronounce – it is not food based but chemically made.

Studies done with such supplements found that they are harmful to the human body.

Some studies were actually stopped midway because those in the trial were experiencing adverse effects.

Read the labels of the very popular well-advertised brands. Check for yourself.


Synthetic vitamins may include:               Listed as

Vitamin B2                                              riboflavin                             

Vitamin C                                                ascorbic acid

Vitamin D                                                calciferol

Vitamin E                                                dl-alpha-tocopherol

Vitamin K                                                menadione or phytonadione

Pantothenic acid                                      calcium-D-panthothenate

Folic acid                                                pteroylglutamic acid


Any vitamin ending in the following is synthetic: acetate, hydrochloride, mononitrate, palmitate or succinate.

Synthetic mineral names will usually end in one of the following:

  • ascorbate
  • citrate
  • iodide
  • orotate


  • aspartate
  • disulfide
  • lactate
  • oxide


  • carbonate
  • gluconate
  • malate
  • picolinate


  • chloride
  • glycerophosphate
  • methionine
  • sulfate

One Stop Shop!

This amazing vitamin, mineral and lots more  is a one- stop shop – everything in one tub of powder which can be sprinkled on food, mixed in water or juice, suitable for children as well as adults of all ages and stages.

The $ value is excellent and people, naturopaths and health care professionals using it, are getting great results with it.

I highly recommend it.

Free Delivery

It is a great family supplement and if you buy two tubs on an automatic order, there is no delivery charge.

What To Do Next

There is so much more I could say – but for now, this is it.

If you want to look into using the world’s top nutritional vitamin and mineral supplement,

until next time 

Susan Rutherford

Product and Resources for Your Online MLM Business


There are many many excellence products and resources for your MLM online business.


This is a list of what I have found to be the best.  They are divided into categories so you can select the areas, which interest you.


Affiliate Income

The Internet is a myriad of affiliate programs and incomes. This is how it works. Its about spreading the word and helping each other – another form of word of mouth and  Network Marketing.

Everyone earns money from affiliate programs and so you need to include them in your marketing plan and program too.

There are many to choose from, but these are the ones I have found the best for the MLM industry.


Selecting Your Company

One of the most important points to consider is demand

You must be offering what people

  • Want, need and desire
  • What they are searching or looking for
  • Use or consume on a daily basis

Where is the demand?

  • The industry of network marketing itself
  • Health and wellness
  • Technology

Health and Wellness

Paul Zane Pilzer, world renowned economist, author, entrepreneur and college professor states that the ‘fortunes of the new millennium will be created in the wellness industry.’

Within this area there are some absolutely essential points you need to know. I have outlined them in this post and I urge you to read it before you make any decisions.



We live in a world of technology, in fact ever changing technology so how can you possible ignore this as a source of your income?

There are a few technology companies in the MLM industry offering

  • Video emails
  • Template Facebook pages
  • Phones

New Company

There is a new one, which incorporates everything including an amazing web browser [with top level security].

The benefits are too numerous to list here, but I have included this link as I think it is very important.

Benefits to you

  • It works very well alongside other companies because you can use it as a promotional tool for your business.
  • In essence, you are doubling your exposure  – 2 companies for the price of 1
  • This is apart from all the other benefits.


Watch the video, then enter your email for the free information. It might take a bit of time to realize what is on offer, but well worth that time spent.


A word of caution

There are a few companies, which do not allow you to be part of another. Please ensure you read policies and procedures  – or chose a different company.

Other Types of Companies

If you want to explore other types of MLM companies, just do a search on the Internet. But please do your homework thoroughly.


Support Resources, Systems and Products

There are many of these and I have bought them all, explored them all and been to many conferences and trainings. Sometimes one personality and method suits you better than another.

My experience is to take what you want and like from them and ignore the rest without stressing over it.

Here is the list.

MLM System

As I said in my report, I strongly recommend joining an MLM system.

The top earners of the world belong to a system. In fact, if you listen to their trainings, they will tell you they only realized their success once they became part of a system.

A good system will give you everything you need to succeed including adds, landing pages, capture pages, website.  It is extremely cost effective  – in fact in most cases worth $1000’s.

This is the one I use and recommend. It also provides a very good affiliate program so you can earn as you learn. Another reason to be part of it.

Marketing Your Business

Having read the report you will be aware of the ‘ethics’ of Internet marketing – that you need to attract people to you.

To learn about ‘attraction marketing’ and how to brand yourself, I strongly recommend this one. It really is the best one out there.


Social Media

This is where so many people are making the money today. If you want to join them and learn HOW, go to this link. It is all part of the MLM system I recommend. They also have formatted and templates including landing and capture pages you can use.


If you already have enough skills and just want to put up a Facebook fan page or a Facebook Page for business, read this post


This is another great way to promote you and your business.

Video converts better than text.  There are other channels to promote your videos e.g.

  • Viddler
  • Vimeo

But, I suggest you learn YouTube first. You can get all the training you need for this inside the MLM system

or  watch out for my personal training.


Building Your Website and Business on a Budget

If you are building your business on a budget, then look at this. Very well priced with enough information to help you get started.

Building Your Website from Scratch

The MLM system has everything in you need to know to build your website, from the very simple start to the more advanced procedures and training.

Justin Meadows has a very clear E Book on the first steps of building a web site and very well priced. Please fill out the contact form for Justin’s details.


If you are an intermediate stage, SEO Mumbo by Samuel Junghenn is excellent again, with videos that show you what and how. See the Graphic link on the resources section of the website for SEO Mumbo


Getting Help

You may need someone to do it all for you or just help you.

  • Sandy McDonald
  • Samuel Junghenn
  • Justin Meadows

Please fill out the contact form for their details. They can do the lot or part of it.

In conclusion

While this list is by no means all that is out there, it is the cream. It has got me to where I am today with great success. It is very stimulating to be part of this exciting world waiting for you at the click of your mouse, the tap of your keyboard.


It is certainly enough Products and Resources For Your MLM Online Business to get you on your road to success and residual income.







magnetic sponsoring product review

Magnetic Sponsoring Product Review


Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring is an absolute must


if you are doing any sort of marketing or selling, and in particular network marketing or MLM.

Most people would pay anything for just one good tip. Magnetic Sponsoring gives you lots of not only tips, but essentials for success.

He is the first one to say that it took him six years and many companies to actually get anywhere. So he is very sympathetic to everyone’s challenges.


The Internet has changed many things in the world.Magnetic sponsoring reviews

The one thing which is very significant for marketers and sellers is the way it is done.

No longer is the hard sell acceptable. Consumers are educated- they look – they search for what they want. They like to make a decision based on their research.

So given this, are they likely to have the ‘wool pulled over their eyes?’

No, not likely at all.

This is where Mike’s attraction marketing as explained in his Magnetic Sponsoring comes in.

Learn how to attract people to you and success will follow.


What does Magnetic Sponsoring give you?

  • 7 day free online course which is instantly delivered to your E-mail
  • Series of videos that will teach you all about the important network marketing prospecting methods
  • You will learn how to brand yourself as a real expert in the network marketing industry
  • Teaches you how to create cash flow to fund your network marketing business
  • You need to make sure you generate enough cash flow in your network marketing business.
  • Teaches you how to generate endless leads and prospects for your name list.

Magnetic Sponsoring uses Internet marketing methods to generate leads for you on autopilot.

You will not have any trouble sponsoring new reps when you have a large list of leads to choose from.


To learn direct from Mike, the master about what it really takes to create true time and financial freedom, click here.

This is your roadmap to freedom.

Then, if you are honestly serious about building a profitable network marketing business fast, check out this site MLSP . It has absolutely everything you need to succeed.

It gives you all the TOOLS you need and an extensive library of advanced insider training including more from Mike Dillard and other experts.

The KEY to your success

  • generate traffic to your sitemagnetic sponsoring product review
  • generate leads on demand
  • and promote your business.

So not only do you earn from your primary business, but you earn a considerable amount as an affiliate from these sites.


When starting on the Internet it is essential to have more than one source of income! Here you will be able to make some immediate profit while building.

Plus, it is the perfect solution to help you and your team get started – regardless of your skill level.


An MLM or network marketing business does take time to develop, but the time spent is so worthwhile.

  • If you are at all serious about what you do, then I would seriously considered investing in Mike’s course.
  • It could be the best money you ever spend.

Click here for a preview on what it has to offer.

The short video will tell you what you can expect and how you can unlock the real secret to the success of your MLM online business with attraction marketing and Magnetic Sponsoring.








Your MLM Internet Business For Under $500 – Building On A Budget


Mike Dillard  from Magnetic  Sponsoring has a great E book out

‘Building On A Budget’


I learnt so much from the very first read. I did not think I could possibly build my MLM Internet business with a start up of under $500

It only cost me $29 and told me as much as I had learnt from a course which cost me over $1000!


but before you have to think of purchasing the book, you can get access to free videos and preliminary information


This is what you will discover.

5 ways to build your MLM business cheaply

  • No expensive pay –per- click ads
  • No opportunity leads
  • No banners
  • No postcards
  • No cold calling

‘Now you can learn how to generate as many leads as you want every month using these 5 little-known, under used online strategies that are easy to follow and simple to learn’.

It gives an excellent overview without going into too much detail. Too much detail can end up in a terrible overload.  This is a danger.

Great MLM system

And best of all, if you like what you read, hear and see, you can then explore they system they offer.

The system is great because so much of the hard work, the very specific work has been done.

You have the rights to utilize everything you need for your online MLM marketing business.


But I suggest you begin  with the free videos. No $ outlay, but will get you started.


You can access the book once you have listened and watched the videos of you so decide,   You really can get you Internet MLM business moving with this information.





market samurai review

Market Samurai Review


Market Samurai – Try Before You Buy

If you want to

  • Obliterate your competition
  • Be at the top of the search engines
  • Get leads into your inbox
  • Market Samurai is your answer

I joined the 200,000 smart marketers who are using Market Samurai to

‘seize the spoils of victory

It is no doubt one of the most popular tools in Internet marketingmarket samurai review

And the best thing is – there is a free trial period – try before you buy.

My path to success in Key word research

I downloaded the free trial, which lasted for a month, did lots of keyword research which I knew to be essential for my success. Then decided to buy it.

Great video tutorials wiped out any confusion

I knew a little bit about key word research, but I still needed help, so I watched all the online videos they provided.

They were fantastic and explained every step of the way – great visuals too, so there was no confusion for me.

Easy check of key words

Now I can use it very quickly. It just sits on my desktop.

When I am writing a blog or post and I need to check some key words, I just set it going.

it’s so easy and I feel very confident in it’s accuracy.


Alternative tools

Google does give you a free key word research tool. This might be a good way to start and get used to the process. I know some  people just use Google. [but not the gurus]

But it does not offer all that Market Samurai guide has, so if you are serious about your online business, I would strongly urge to purchase it at some stage.

Market Samurai guide in a nutshell

I have just listed the  functions, but there are more. As I write this, I received an email with some new tools and information which I shall blog about.

Market Samurai shows you

  • What markets are worth targeting
  • What markets are worth avoiding
  • Which keywords you should focus on for fast results
  • Which keywords should be avoided


  • Which markets have weak competition
  • Which markets show impossible levels of competition
  • What are the chances of achieving front-page rankings for a keyword
  • What topics you should write articles on for your website

  • It slashes time wasted on tasks that don’t directly create results
  • It tells you exactly what you need to do next –

This means you have the highest probability of success, in the shortest time, with minimal waste of effort.

market samurai reviews

How you and I earn Money from these recourses

As I am recommending these recourses, you may be asking ‘ what’s in it for me?’

There is something in it for me and for you too. I earn a commission and you can too. Just as I recommend certain products, you can do the same.


This is all part of your Internet marketing income – affiliate marketing – it can be very powerful for you.

Bottom line

You earn money from your primary business and money from this secondary business. People may want to buy Market Samurai, a hosting plan, but may not want your MLM business.

So you are marketing to a much wider audience and literally doubling your income potential.

This is how it works on the Internet.



The rewards are there and they are worth it. But be patient and kind to yourself.

Have a look at Market Samurai and  Google key word tool. Sigh up for my free newsletter, explore this web site.

There is so much information for you here before you spend a cent.


You will be able to build a web site and find those leads and that money you deserve. YOu too can write  reviews on the benefits of Market Samurai as key word research tool.





new way of online income with profit sharing

Build Your Own Web Site


How to Build Your Web Site  – Review of SEO Mumbo

Get Your Web Site Right = $$$$$$$

By Samuel Junghenn

The problem!

You know that

  • Internet = $
  • Leads in your inbox  = $ build a website

But – you are

  • Confused by the internet jargon
  • You know some things but not all – not enough to make $


You want a

  • Simple explanation
  • Someone to show you HOW
  • To make that $

From Ah to Ah Ha

Let me tell you how I went from the confused and frustrated to the Ah Ha – yes I’ve got it!

I went straight to the experts and found SEO Mumbo put out there for you by Australia’s Samuel Junghenn.

Benefits for you

The best thing about this course – well there are quite a few good things, but what really helped me is that it is visual – all  there on my screen for me to see.

As Samuel was explaining the steps etc, I could see exactly what he was talking about via the on screen mind map.

Because it is downloaded onto my computer I have been able to go through it as many times as necessary.


Great Help

He also includes a PDF format which I have printed out and bound into a book. So I have been able to go  through that and highlight the important bits.

I found it a great help to look at the videos, then read about it as well.


Great Results

What was once ‘mumbo jumbo’ has now fallen into place.

I have been able to use what is in this course and apply it to my website and hence my marketing campaign.


The result – leads into my inbox and money in my pocket!web site buider


What is in the course about?


  • Keyword research
  • Domain names
  • On site optimization
  • Content
  • Existing site


  • New sites
  • Reverse engineering
  • Automation
  • Word press

Web site tools

Samuel works  with the amazing keyword research product Market Samurai. [see recommended products]

You can also use Google key word research which is free.

Market Samurai is a lot more sophisticated and as your initial key word research is so  important, I found spending the money well worth it.

He uses Cheap Domains and Host Gator which I do too. I decided that if the gurus are using them, they must be okay. [ see link in recommended products]


One other excellent tool he will be talking about is Word Press.

This is an open source blog tool and publishing platform  – in other words you use it to write your web site, blogs, posts and pages.

Word Press offers  many many free themes to choose from-  also paid themes. They really do have everything you need and most experienced web site people use word press.

Who is this course suitable for?

The intermediate person.

If you are a total beginner, SEO mumbo is not for you –  yet.

It does presume you have some knowledge of the internet and website tools and navigation.

The beginner

For the raw beginner I suggest you start with Sandy McDonald’s ……… [ see my review] .

Sandy has a great understanding and empathy for the beginner and will take you through the first steps.


Then you will be ready for SEO Mumbo and then Fast Web formula.

The problem

What I found is that there are plenty of products telling you WHAT you can do, but not so many telling you HOW to do it.

It’s the HOW which is gold to you. All that knowledge does not mean a thing unless you know how.


Learn to do one thing well, then go onto the next.

I felt as though I wanted and had to do everything at once, but it did not work.

When I stopped and got good at one thing at a time – I had great success.


How you and  I earn Money from these recourses

As I am recommending these recourses, you may be asking ‘ what’s in it for me?’

There is something in it for me and for you too. I earn a commission and you can too. Just as I recommend certain products, you can do the same.


This is all part of your Internet marketing income – affiliate marketing – it can be very powerful for you.


Bottom line

It’s money from your primary business and money from this secondary business. People may want  to buy a hosting plan, a domain name, but may not want your MLM business.

So you are marketing to a much wider audience and literally doubling your income potential.

This is how it works on the Internet.


The rewards are  there and they are worth it. But be patient and kind to yourself.

Have a look at SEO Mumbo, get my free newsletter, explore this web site. There is so much information for you here before you spend a cent.

You will be able to build a web site and find those leads and that money you deserve.



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