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good network marketing tips

A Good Network Marketing Tip


The magic bullet, the network marketing tip which will make a difference to your success is yours!


  • Does the thought of having to know everything scare you?
  • Do you just want to build a team, make some money and have a life as well?


Many network marketers are workaholics.

good network marketing tipsThey feel that unless they are at it 24/7, it’s not going to happen.

They feel they need to be an encyclopedia.


I should know – I am or rather was one of them.


I love learning, I remember what I read and hear so for me it was a matter of pride that I knew a lot.


My Big Mistake!

But this was a big mistake. I was putting people off.

Others did not want to study, read, listen watch and take notes as I was doing.

So they thought – well how can I do this business if that is what it’s all about.

No thank you Susan!


I had to change my ways!

People were telling me to change my ways and use the tools available to me. I was doing that to some extent, but I still had to put my knowledge on  a tray and parade it around.


I finally decided to give my advisors the benefit of the doubt and do it their way.

And boy – what a difference it made- what a change to my business!


This is the magic bullet!

  • I pointed people to the websites, the brochures, the DVD’s to a 3rd party or person.
  • I said ‘ let’s look this up – it must be in here somewhere’
  • I stopped being a ‘no –it –all’ and what do you know

Others felt comfortable that they too, could send people to the information rather than have to know it all.

My life and my income changed from that point marketing online


Remember this!

You see, in network marketing – online or off line, we are the messenger. We are NOT THE MESSAGE!


  • We guide people to the information which is all there for us
  • It makes life so easy, so relaxing and would you believe it

I have more time.

Time to spend on my online MLM business and help you with yours!


Susan Rutherford

Social Media, MLM and Internet Marketing Specialist





internet marketing mistakes

Internet Marketing Mistakes

Are you making these common mistakes with your internet marketing business?


There is a saying that many people stick to, including me ‘quality is better than quantity’.


internet marketing mistakesThis is definitely true with you network and internet online marketing business.

10000’s of leads will get you nowhere if they do not convert the leads to sales or membership.

Mistake no 1 – Too many leads!

  • This is mistake number one – to go for quantity over quality.
  • In my blogs, I talk of qualifying leads and how to do this.
  • This is so important and all the top network marketers talk about it.
  • Why waste your precious time on those who are not suitable?
  • Sow your seed in fertile ground.

Mistake no 2 – Spending too much money!

Money can buy you results but you may need a lot of it.

It may be what you are looking for in the short term, but in the long term you need to build up a stable and workable system for generation your leads and your income.

You want repeat traffic rather than ‘once off visitors’


Let leads get to know you first

People need to get to know you before they make any decision – just like you are getting to know me from these letters, my blogs and my Facebook site.

Build up a loyal following of people who trust you.

This is done via your various funnels e.g.

  • SEO optimization so people find your website and information
  • Social media – particularly important today [ I shall be speaking more on this aspect]


Mistake no 3 – Hiding behind your computer!

  • Do you spend a lot of time in front of your computer screen, organizing this, writing content and blogs?
  • Or are you out there on the net, talking and sharing with others in your industry?

Surprisingly the later is really important.

You may think that you will be giving valuable information to your competition – this is usual in other forms of business but not so with the Internet.

  • It’s all about sharing if you want success.
  • So get our there, see what others are dong and make contact with them.
  • Make your self known, your presence felt, just as you would in your local area if you want business.

This is all part of building up your online presence and avoiding the mistakes, the pitfalls of internet marketing, particularly with your personal goal of network marketing online.


Until next time


Social Media, MLM and Internet Marketing Specialist


network marketing industry DVD

Network Marketing DVD Is A Must

A Great Generic DVD About the Network Marketing Industry


Network Marketing has been the instrument to change the lives of so many – for the better.

It has helped people from all walks of life to experience financial freedom, personal growth and a sense of purpose.

network marketing industry DVDThere are approximately 75 million people – entrepreneurs in Network Marketing. The industry generates an incredible $100 Billion per year.


There is a new DVD about to launch about the Network Marketing Industry. It has been created by AVAIYA, leaders in films, which focus on positive issues.

This is the first authentic coverage or documentary on this much talked about industry.

Members of over 20 various companies were interviewed.

What comes out very clearly is that these successful people are ‘ordinary people’ living amazing lives as a result of there foresight, their perseverance and their hard work and ‘stickability’

This is an extremely powerful coverage – generic in its nature with no company names mentioned.


The areas covered are:

  • An overview of the industry
  • The Income Potential
  • The people you work with
  • Stories from Failure to Success
  • The training and development
  • Quality of life Benefits
  • Giving to others

This is really only part of the story as other  benefits come from the type of company you partner with e.g.a  health and wellness company gives you better health, a legal company good cover when need a phone company good rates.

New on the block

There is now an amazing technology company about to be launched where you get paid for people using the internet [just one of the many options and benefits] It offers a web browser to challenge Google!

Technology is now  really making its mark in the industry.

Order now

I urge all networkers and those investigating the industry to look at this well made documentary.

The DVD can be pre -ordered before the launch at a reduced price. I have no financial gain from these sales.

Susan Rutherford



MLM Online Leads For You / Video

Can you imagine what it is like to have your own MLM online leads

coming into your inbox each day?

How would it feel to have people looking for you?

Learn how to capture them and your MLM business will soar.

Watch this video to see how you can be one of the top recruiters.



Product and Resources for Your Online MLM Business


There are many many excellence products and resources for your MLM online business.


This is a list of what I have found to be the best.  They are divided into categories so you can select the areas, which interest you.


Affiliate Income

The Internet is a myriad of affiliate programs and incomes. This is how it works. Its about spreading the word and helping each other – another form of word of mouth and  Network Marketing.

Everyone earns money from affiliate programs and so you need to include them in your marketing plan and program too.

There are many to choose from, but these are the ones I have found the best for the MLM industry.


Selecting Your Company

One of the most important points to consider is demand

You must be offering what people

  • Want, need and desire
  • What they are searching or looking for
  • Use or consume on a daily basis

Where is the demand?

  • The industry of network marketing itself
  • Health and wellness
  • Technology

Health and Wellness

Paul Zane Pilzer, world renowned economist, author, entrepreneur and college professor states that the ‘fortunes of the new millennium will be created in the wellness industry.’

Within this area there are some absolutely essential points you need to know. I have outlined them in this post and I urge you to read it before you make any decisions.



We live in a world of technology, in fact ever changing technology so how can you possible ignore this as a source of your income?

There are a few technology companies in the MLM industry offering

  • Video emails
  • Template Facebook pages
  • Phones

New Company

There is a new one, which incorporates everything including an amazing web browser [with top level security].

The benefits are too numerous to list here, but I have included this link as I think it is very important.

Benefits to you

  • It works very well alongside other companies because you can use it as a promotional tool for your business.
  • In essence, you are doubling your exposure  – 2 companies for the price of 1
  • This is apart from all the other benefits.


Watch the video, then enter your email for the free information. It might take a bit of time to realize what is on offer, but well worth that time spent.


A word of caution

There are a few companies, which do not allow you to be part of another. Please ensure you read policies and procedures  – or chose a different company.

Other Types of Companies

If you want to explore other types of MLM companies, just do a search on the Internet. But please do your homework thoroughly.


Support Resources, Systems and Products

There are many of these and I have bought them all, explored them all and been to many conferences and trainings. Sometimes one personality and method suits you better than another.

My experience is to take what you want and like from them and ignore the rest without stressing over it.

Here is the list.

MLM System

As I said in my report, I strongly recommend joining an MLM system.

The top earners of the world belong to a system. In fact, if you listen to their trainings, they will tell you they only realized their success once they became part of a system.

A good system will give you everything you need to succeed including adds, landing pages, capture pages, website.  It is extremely cost effective  – in fact in most cases worth $1000’s.

This is the one I use and recommend. It also provides a very good affiliate program so you can earn as you learn. Another reason to be part of it.

Marketing Your Business

Having read the report you will be aware of the ‘ethics’ of Internet marketing – that you need to attract people to you.

To learn about ‘attraction marketing’ and how to brand yourself, I strongly recommend this one. It really is the best one out there.


Social Media

This is where so many people are making the money today. If you want to join them and learn HOW, go to this link. It is all part of the MLM system I recommend. They also have formatted and templates including landing and capture pages you can use.


If you already have enough skills and just want to put up a Facebook fan page or a Facebook Page for business, read this post


This is another great way to promote you and your business.

Video converts better than text.  There are other channels to promote your videos e.g.

  • Viddler
  • Vimeo

But, I suggest you learn YouTube first. You can get all the training you need for this inside the MLM system

or  watch out for my personal training.


Building Your Website and Business on a Budget

If you are building your business on a budget, then look at this. Very well priced with enough information to help you get started.

Building Your Website from Scratch

The MLM system has everything in you need to know to build your website, from the very simple start to the more advanced procedures and training.

Justin Meadows has a very clear E Book on the first steps of building a web site and very well priced. Please fill out the contact form for Justin’s details.


If you are an intermediate stage, SEO Mumbo by Samuel Junghenn is excellent again, with videos that show you what and how. See the Graphic link on the resources section of the website for SEO Mumbo


Getting Help

You may need someone to do it all for you or just help you.

  • Sandy McDonald
  • Samuel Junghenn
  • Justin Meadows

Please fill out the contact form for their details. They can do the lot or part of it.

In conclusion

While this list is by no means all that is out there, it is the cream. It has got me to where I am today with great success. It is very stimulating to be part of this exciting world waiting for you at the click of your mouse, the tap of your keyboard.


It is certainly enough Products and Resources For Your MLM Online Business to get you on your road to success and residual income.







steps to follow for your online network marketing business

How To Choose An MLM Health and Wellness Company


It is really easy to choose an MLM health and wellness company


because there are some essential points which have to be in place.

All you do is look for them, check them out and tick them off.


  • Scientific research and development
  • NSF certificate
  • Demandmlm health and wellness company
  • Niche market
  • Patents
  • Natural or not
  • Company loyalty
  • Good manufacturing practices

Scientific research and development company

The laws are getting very strict on ‘health companies’.

It is a very lucrative market but there must be substance to what is being sold.

It is predicted that within the next few years, 80% of the existing companies will be shut down or out of business because they do not have scientific research and back up for their products.


What does this mean for you?

You need to partner with a company which does have this research so you have a lasting business.

Here are the Check points in detail.


  • Does the company have its own laboratory? Only about 12 out of the 5000 companies registered do
  • Will the company show you through the lab?
  • Are the products tested for purity down to the smallest molecule?mlm company with nutrition
  • What tests are in place for efficacy and safety?


Are the products tested and trialled on humans, in human blood?

why is this important?

You need to know how the product will benefit you, not a test tube or a mouse.

Do you want to spend your money on expensive urine?


*Is there a NFS certificate?

The NSF Health Sciences Division provides reference standards, certification, training, consulting, good manufacturing practice (GMP) and good laboratory practice (GLP) testing, R&D and auditing for the pharmaceutical, dietary supplement and medical device industries. It includes NSF Reference Standards, NSF Dietary Supplement Certification, NSF Pharmalytica and NSF-DBA.

If the product has an NFS certification on the label, you know it does exactly what it says it does, that it is safe and pure.mlm research and development company

It is very expensive to have products tested for an NFS rating so a company has to be confident they will qualify and pass.

What happens if they don’t pass?  Then it is out there – public knowledge that their product does not do what it says it does – it is not true to the label.

An NFS certification is probably one of the most important points to look for when choosing your health and wellness network marketing company.


Demand for products

  • Is there are demand for the products?
  • Are they used and needed on a daily basis?


Niche market

Due to the growing research in the health and wellness industry or preventative medicine as it is also called, there are some products coming on the market which are new to the publics  knowledge and awareness.

They are sometimes classified as ‘disruptive technology’.

This can be a very good area to get into as you have no competition providing there are patents on either the research, the technology or the combination of ingredients.

Patentsmlm supplement company

You do need a product which has a patent on it – the more the better.?  This can take a while but they must be filed in multiple countries.

Not many nutritional supplements have patents on them – in fact you cannot patent a plant, but the technology of the formulation can be patented.

Why do you need a patented product?

Do you want to go to the local store and see your product or a simalr one out for much less.

There is one company I know of which has over 50 worldwide patents on one product alone, with many more pending, not to mention the patents on their other products.

This company is established. You would not expect a new company with a new product to be in this position.


Natural or not?

What is natural? Lead is natural but is it good for you?nutritional mlm company

Natural does not mean it is superior. You can have crushed up stems and fiber in a capsule and they can be classified as natural, even organic. But they do nothing for you – give you nothing.

Or you can have for example,  a vitamin and mineral capsule which is made in the laboratory from a base of petroleum, coal tar.  This will then be coated or ‘chelated’ with a protein to trick the body into thinking it is food so it is partially digested.  This will give you expensive urine.


If your urine is darker in colour after taking a vitamin supplement, it means that is where most of it is going!

High amounts of ingredients

Usually such products will have a high amount of the listed ingredients in them. You think ‘this is good – look at how much I am getting’ but there has to be that much in it for you to absorb maybe 5-30% of the vitamins or minerals.

Plus, you liver has to process and detox it. Hard work for your liver!


What is the answer?

  • Look for a vitamin and mineral supplement which is formulated from a plant.
  • Plants take up the nutrients, the minerals from the soil and humans take them from the plants.
  • We are not made to digest rocks and petroleum no matter how they may be disguised.
  • Look for this plant based product which is also standardized so you know what quantity you are getting.mlm income with nutrition
  • It is hard to standardize plant ingredients because they differ according to the soil etc. It takes again, patented technology to add this extra benefit to you.
  • But it is worth it. You really know and feel the difference when you take an active supplement.


Loyal customers and members

Look to see if the members stay with the company because they are getting benefit from the products. This is the best testimonial and proof of truth.

Income rewards

Members also need to be rewarded for their efforts and work, so the compensation plan has to be fair. Again, company loyalty will tell you this in a nutshell.

Marketing company or science company?

This is where you will have to decide what you want for yourself.

There are many powerful marketing companies with even just one ‘super juice’ which may have very little benefit to the user.

However, these companies often have better marketing plans than the scientific companies.

If their products don’t need FDA approval, they can take more liberties with their marketing materials.

Products which have been approved by a country’s regulating body have to be very compliant to the rules and regulations. These can differ from country to country. Therefore the marketing material in many cases, is restrictive.

Also, the focus of these companies is on finding a better product, a new product rather than marketing.

So you either have the benefits of a good marketing plan and a fast moving company or the benefits of products which will give you true health and wellness benefits and often a niche market.. [remembering that the laws are getting very strict on these companies so the marketing ones may not be here in the future]

In conclusion

Health starts at a cellular level. It is not something you can always measure, see or feel. Can you feel your immune system?

But your immune system is your first line of defense – your most important protector and it is dependent on healthy functioning and communicating cells.

So if a long healthy life as well as a good income is your goal, go for something which gives you good cellular health an wellness. Start at the core of your being.

After all, health is wealth. Ask any rich person with poor health.

Otherwise, you might prefer the stronger marketing compnay.

If you want more information and help on how to choose your scientific research and development  company, click on this link.

Enjoy your search. An MLM health and wellness company can be   a very interesting area which will get you in!


NFS Certificate Information

*No other independent testing programs require companies to comply with the strict standards imposed by NSF and its product certification programs. From extensive product testing and material analyses to unannounced plant inspections, NSF is the only third-party testing organization to undertake a complete evaluation of every aspect of a product’s development before it can earn our certification.

Most importantly for you, NSF Certification is not a one-time activity. We do not just test a single model of a product and give it our okay. Our certification programs require regular on-site inspections of the manufacturing facilities. In addition, certified products are periodically re-tested against the requirements of the most current version of the applicable national standard. If for any reason a product fails to meet one or more of our certification criteria, we will take whatever enforcement actions we deem necessary to protect the public, including product recall, public notification, or de-certification.


The NSF Health Sciences Division provides reference standards, certification, training, consulting, good manufacturing practice (GMP) and good laboratory practice (GLP) testing, R&D and auditing for the pharmaceutical, dietary supplement and medical device industries. It includes NSF Reference Standards, NSF Dietary Supplement Certification, NSF Pharmalytica and NSF-DBA.



an mlm online business system

An MLM Online Business System – How Can It Help You?


Why do you need to partner with a MLM online business system?

  • Why will it create short cuts for you and help you get started?
  • How does it offer you multiple streams of income?
  • You get to test drive it first

MLM online business systems

A good system gets you the results you want because you are working with a teams of experts. You can earn money with a system in place.

It does :

  • all the leg workan mlm online business system
  • all the techie work
  • solves all your problems
  • keeps up with trends
  • keeps up with fast pace of Internet

I am talking about a specific system here, the one which has made such a difference to me and my financial success. It is the leading online network marketing system.

This link will take you to it but read the whole post before you click. Be sure to watch until the end of these presentations. The GOLD is at the end of the 3rd presentation. You will be very pleased you took this time.

The best thing – you get to test drive it before you make a commitment- and – a money back guarantee.


Top income earners – how they do it

The top earners of the world belong to a system. In fact, if you listen to their trainings, they will tell you they only realized their success once they became part of a system.

A system will offer you:

  • Lead capture pages
  • Opt in pages
  • Lead generation
  • Template websites
  • Social media training
  • MLM training
  • Weekly webinars so you belong to something
  • Video hosting program [this alone is worth so much]mlm systems online


  • Copywriting experts
  • PPC [ pay per click advertising]
  • Proven adds
  • Auto responders
  • Hosting
  • Tracking
  • Affiliate programs **

This missing link leads to failure

A leading expert in Internet Marketing says that the one thing missing from an online association is the feeling of belonging, the ‘warm fuzzes’ as you might say. Being part of a system can give you this. You form a relationship with people, a strong bond as you have something in common.

Great friendships are made from the weekly webinar trainings not to mention what you learn from them.mlm online business systems


How to use the training offered by the system

Once you have taken out a membership to a system you will have access to the back office or members area of the website. This is very  extensive. It is your university,  $1000’ and $1000’s worth of training.

How you use it can depend on your learning style but I find it best to get an overview. Look at everything just to get a picture of what is there for you, not with the aim of specifically learning how to do anything.


You do not need to know everything at first – so rather than overwhelm yourself, just get an overview. Then take one step at a time.

Make use of the live help section and FAQ.

Creating shortcuts to get started

Go to ‘training and getting started.’ Go through this as often as you need to. It will tell you the steps to take.


Training Library

Go through this and choose the area which interests you e.g.

  • Social media
  • Blogging
  • Keyword research
  • PPC

Important tip – focus on one or two things until you have mastered them. There is so much in these resource libraries – you do not need it all!


Listen to some live and archived trainings


Explore the websites and social media pages of the top income earners to get a feel for what they are doing.

Know what websites and landing pages this system offers you. For the money you pay each month, you could not possibly do it on your own.

Plus, how many people know HOW to do it?

Remember, this is a duplicable system and you want others to be able to use it too. It’s available for all your team.

There is everything you need inside a good system.

How to make money from the system with multiple streams of income

All good systems have an affiliate program. This allows members to promote the system, training and educational products within the system.

It is a win win for all. You as an affiliate can earn sometimes up to 50% of the sale.

The capture pages are set up for the products – all you have to do is put the link in your web site or add etc. It is very simple.


Avoiding  financial disaster!

You need these affiliate programs to cover your costs, particularly when getting started. An MLM business does not bring you immediate income. It is designed to grow over time.

If you think you can just focus on building you MLM business online, you will very quickly blow your budget. You need the income from the affiliate programs to support you.

If you already have a mature business and you are earning substantial income, you may then want to look at investing more into your online business so you can achieve faster results.


Important Caveat – converting your leads to a ‘YES”

This is where your alignment with the system comes in. It does take knowledge and skill to know how to convert leads to a ‘YES’.

The system provides education and training. It is much easier to get people to buy education and traingin than it is to have them buy into a business.

The websites are specifically and professionally designed to help people make a decision and feel comfortable and confident with that decision. This means you maintain a high retention rate and your integrity.


Once they become familiar and confident with the industry, they are happy to buy into a business.

You can end up making as much money from the affiliate marketing of the system as you can from your primary business.

I cannot stress enough how important it is for you use this top top material to build your online mlm business system.


This link will take you to your profit. Be sure to watch until the end of these presentations. The GOLD is at the end of the 3rd presentation. Allow yourself the time required.  You will be very pleased you did.



social entrepreneurs

How Everyone Can Be A Social Entrepreneur


The Ultimate Social Entrepreneur


I was privileged and shocked all in one night.


My privilege was to hear a most inspirational talk from a passionate and inspirational social entrepreneur who is taking amazing steps to make the world a better place for all.


My shock was to hear that there are 925 million children in the world suffering from malnutrition. And this is not exclusive to the emancipated and hungry child of a poor third world country.

This includes the overweight, over fed but under nourished children of the developed world.


Harvard business review stated in September of 2010 that ‘if you are not thinking of social entrepreneurship, you will soon be guilty malpractice’


My speaker told us how his company is doing just this:

social entrepreneurs

social entrepreneurs


  • Taking a ‘for profit’ business
  • Utilizing it’s knowledge and infrastructure
  • To enrich your life
  • And the lives of others

Why does he need to do this?

What has happened to the charities of the world?

Don’t companies do this anyway?


Let’s look at these points.

Why does this need to be done? Because business today cannot be separated from social mission.


Harvard review told us that, but there is a new wave of thought and doing sweeping the world – everyone has to be responsible for helping others – a benefit to the ‘whole’ as well as the individual.


Charities only do well in times of abundance. When the money stops coming in to the individual, they stop giving.

When the money stops coming into the company, the company falls behind in its charitable support.


Nic Frances with Maryrose Cuskelly wrote about it in their book, ‘The End Of Charity’

He explains that the ‘market can be a tool for delivering a range of values besides profit’. This means that corporate social responsibility can benefit the business as well as the community – that ‘welfare organizations will only really be effective when they start exploring social enterprise and corporate partnerships’


In other words, there needs to be money made before money can be given and shared. So if the social venture makes money for the company and or the individuals, then all can afford to give and share.


There is one network marketing company blazing a trail across the world which such a program.  The company as most do, always had a benevolent side to it, encompassing corporate and individual input.

However, when there is a down turn in the economy – this area is also affected.


So this incredible speaker wanted a way where the giving could continue, no matter what the economy of the world was doing. The result is an innovative and rewarding program for all.

All members of the company are part of the giving program, but it does not cost them a thing. It does not come out of their personal pocket.


Instead, the company takes a % of the profit they make from each member’s monthly order and uses it for their charitable work.


As this is a nutritional research and development  company, they have set up programs to feed needy children with especially formulated nutrition. The results they are getting are far superior to the fortified grain distributed by governments.


This program is established in northern America and is about to be launched to the world.

So far, 15,400 children have been impacted. When it launches in Australia, 10,000 will be nourished. This is just the beginning!

The company works with established organizations who know where the needs are.

Although this company is not the only one doing good in the world, it is the only one where the whole membership base has been included into the program.


Money is made for all, so all can give.

They are enriching other lives while they are enriching their own lives.


This is such a good thing. It makes everyone feel happy and positive about what they are doing. It opens up a totally new world and aspect to the network marketing industry.


There are millions of people around the world involved in networking. Imagine if all the companies did this – what an impact it would have on the world. A world, a society  of social entrepreneurs!


Already the developer of this program is being invited to speak in many countries. He already has a voice and everyone it taking notice. He is the leader in corporate social entrepreneurship.


For me personally, it has made it all so worthwhile. I was being rewarded in many ways before as I reached out to help others in my business. But now there is a new and even more purposeful meaning to my world and the meaning of networking.

You really will be building a net, which will capture, protect and nourish all. Everyone can be a social entrepreneur.




how to make money on the internet

How To Make Money On The Internet


How to make the money on the internet

  • You need an avenue to provide this
  • In an area which is in demand
  • That can be easily achieved without affecting your current job or professionhow to make money on the internet
  • That will give you results

You do need a niche market or niche product. There is a new and exciting one just starting, which I shall be writing about.


The Internet boom

The Internet has changed our world. This is not a bad thing; in fact it is absolutely very exciting if you know how to go with it.  Opportunity knocks at so many doors.


Internet shopping boom

With the Internet brings the fast pace and ever-expanding online shopping phenomenon. People of all ages and stages sitting comfortably at home, the delights of the world at the click of their mouse.


This might be tough for some of the traditional retail stores, but gold for others. Shoppers are looking for everything. It’s not only clothes and accessories, traditional goods supplied by the department store. They are looking for and buying household items, sporting items and holidays.


Biggest Internet Demand

One of the biggest demands on and off line is health and wellness. The informed and savvy society of today demand health and wellness. They are not satisfied with waiting to get sick and then fixing it with a cocktail of drugs and the resulting poor quality of life.


What is driving industry?

There is a tidal wave in the form of the Baby Boomers. They are not going to slide down the slippery dip of decay if they have any say in it. They are kicking and fighting to stay at the top in all areas of life.


Being a baby boomer myself, I know at what lengths I go to in order to maintain my health, youth and good looks. And I am talking about quite incredible achievements for my age. There are millions like me – hungry for the fountain of youth and longevity.


It’s what you know that counts

What it really boils down to is being informed.

It’s just amazing what is out there for you. Once you experience a result with one thing, you think ‘ I wonder what else I can do, take, experience’. The more you know, the more you explore, the more you discover, the more you want.


It is very exciting!

This is where the money is being made

This is what is driving the boom and the Internet is contributing to it in a very big way. After all, it is the information highway!

This is the area where money is being made, despite the economic hardships the world’s experiencing.

Walk into any chemist, drug store, pharmacy or health shop, and see the shelves bulging with pills and potions and lotions.  But this does not spell income for you. Are they are not going to share their profits with you? No, not at all.

Internet income for you

To make income from these pills, potions and lotions, go online and see what is available. Absolute multiple choice! This is where the money is for you.


But this off course makes it a competitive industry as well. So it pays to do a bit of homework before launching in. More on this on future blogs. It is essential to know what you are doing and HOW you are going to do it.

Its all here for you

The Wall St. Journal has done a lot of the homework for you by reviewing the main form of sales and distribution of the health and wellness industry.


Boom of the online network marketing industry

It is the other boom in this time of doom, the network marking and direct sales industry. The nature of this industry has changed with the advent of the Internet.


Recipe for success

  • The combination of the demand for health and wellness
  • Effective income model of network marketing
  • Technology of the Internet

A word of caution

You need to know a few facts before you launch in and waste your precious time and money. Remember, it is very competitive as well as lucrative. You do need a niche market or niche product. There is a new one about to boom which I shall be writing about.


What to do next

Study this website for many of your answers, watch the videos and download the free material.


Then explore the web itself. See what others are doing. There is plenty for you to research.




setting up website

How To Start Your Website


The question so often asked is ‘ where do I start’ so this is all about

‘How To Start Your Website”


The start of any project can be the most formidable.

However, if your get help from those who are experienced and have already made the mistakes, you can sail through error free with much faster results and returns.


Here are the first steps for you. I am calling itsetting up website

‘Start Right”


Current knowledge – are you a beginner, intermediate or skilled?

What do you already know in regards to Internet marketing, building a website, blogging, social media etc.

It does not matter if you are starting from scratch or if you are grade 1- 2- or 3+ level.

You can still succeed regardless of where you are at the start. It might just take a little longer to get started.


Accurate information to start with.

It is really important to have accurate information from the start.

The technology of the web moves at a very fast pace.

You need to keep up with it.

The best way to do this is to subscribe to newsletters of the top Internet marketers

  • Sign up to their webinars
  • Buy their E books and training material
  • Hire a coach, trainer/mentor

What you need to know at first

I outlined the first 10 steps in my post

You can check these out.

In my next post, I spoke about number one, your purpose and how much income you are looking for. It’s important to establish your goals.


Domain Name

Once you have that established, its time to look at the next step of finding your domain name.

This needs to relate to the area you are in eg mine is mlm business opportunities online.

Before you decide on a domain name, you need to do some very very thorough key word research. It is essential that your key words are ‘marketable’ eg people want what you have to offer.

Some areas are very competitive – namely the network marketing area. But it’s also a very high traffic area, which means the rewards are higher.


Key word research

Because this is so important, you would be well advised to get some help in this area if nothing else.

I shall put some names up at the end of the post whom I can recommend through personal experience.


Keyword research tool

I use Market Samurai because it is the most sophisticated on the market. [ see my review]

I am not going through what it does as you can click on the link  in the side bar, and go straight to the site


Purchase domain name

Once you have decided on your main key word, you need to purchase a domain name using those key words or as close as you can get.

I use Name Cheap because it was recommended to me by my coach and the top Internet marketers I was in touch with.

You purchase your domain name here but then you have to host the web site.


Hosting your web site

Here I use Hostgator for the very same reason – it is the one the top people use.

They have the knowledge, skills and experience to check them all out.  You do not need to waste your time doing this when they have.


So you have a domain name and your site is in its hosting position. Now its time to start putting the web site together. For this you need a program or publishing platform.


Website publishing tool

Once again I use what most of the top Internet marketers us – WordPress.

It has everything you need, very used friendly and lots and lots of themes, many of them free.

It also has numerous plug-ins which make your web site creation and life very easy.

It’s actually amazing what it can do.

Another plus is that if you decide to outsource some of your tasks [more on this later] all the outsources know how to use WordPress.



You will need some money to set yourself up.

Its not a lot at first – eg domain names are only about $9.00pa hosting might be from $3.00 per month.

Market Samurai is more and the training and teaching materials you might buy vary, but generally, things are cost effective on the internet.


If you have money and no time, then you can get this all done for you.  This can be very very powerful

I suggest if this is your situation, fill out my contact form so I can give you some names to explore. I also have some ‘coaching reviews’ on my site.


Help with key word research

Sandy McDonald [ also excellent training tools for using the programs – particularly good for beginners]

Samuel Junghenn  [ also excellent intermediate training programs [ online]


This is enough information for getting started but more in coming posts and blogs.

Once you have completed these steps, you will well on your way to setting up your website.









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