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guts do you have the guts to be healthy?

Do You Have The Guts To Be Healthy?

Why is the GUT so Important to your health?

guts do you have the guts to be healthy?


It’s been said that the power of life and death is in the tongue.

This is certainly true, but it would probably be just as accurate to end that sentence with the phrase, “in the gut.”

At least, that’s the conclusion that many in the scientific community are coming to.

According to the recently completed five-year Human Microbiome Project (HMP) conducted by the U.S. National institutes of Health (NIH), the human ecosystem is occupied by over 10,000 different microbial species, each of which play a distinctive role in the body’s ability to manage non-beneficial bacteria, build immunity and maintain a healthy flora balance in the intestinal system. 


The study sheds new light on the conventionally accepted perspective known as the “germ theory,” which assumes that the large majority of bacteria are harmful and that a bacteria-free environment is the best way to avoid “contracting” illness.


According to one of the lead researchers for the study, Dr. Phillip Tarr of Washington University in St. Louis, MO., “This is a whole new way of looking at human biology and it’s awe-inspiring. These bacteria are not passengers.

They are metabolically active. As a community, we now have to reckon with them like we have to reckon with the ecosystem in a forest or a body of water.”


To find more detailed information on the Human Microbiome Project, you can read the highlights on the National Institutes of Health website.


If that’s a little too much to digest right now (pun intended), you can check out the ABC News article, The Ins and Outs of Gut Bacteria to learn “five fascinating facts about the tiny tagalongs in your gut.”


So it would appear that you do need the ‘Guts to be healthy’! 


Why Is This The World’s Best Nutritional Supplement?


Why I Take This Food Based Vitamin and Mineral Supplement 


I had the privilege of attending a talk by one of the world’s top Medical directors for one of the world’s top nutritional companies.mlm income with nutrition

I am not naming the company or the Doctor for compliant reasons, but I will provide a link to a website so you can investigate them for yourself.

He is the President Emeritus of the American Naturopathic Medical Association. As an expert in the therapeutic use of dietary supplements, he is in great deand as a speaker on the topic of Complementary Medicine. 

I have heard this doctor speak many times, but each time I learn something new and I am once again inspired.


World’s Best Nutritional Supplement

I want to share with you’re the new information I learned this time. It really did reinforce for me, why I take these products.

His focus was on their latest product release, a food based vitamin and mineral supplement with so much more.

Food Based Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

It is the most advanced blend of natural vitamins, mineral, amino acids, fatty acids, fibre, phytosterols and polysaccharides.

It uses their patented Real Food TechnologySM  Solution  to give your body the whole-food, energy-boosting, immune system-supporting nutrition it wants and needs.

You body is designed to absorb vitamins and minerals from food sources.

95% of vitamins and minerals are chemically made. They can be harmful to you and difficult to absorb and utilize. [more on this later]


 New Discovery

The very exciting thing I discovered was something called IP6.

IP6 is in this top nutritional supplement


Dr’s Advice

 ‘If there is a product which has Manapol and IP6 in – you will want to be taking it’ 


What is so special about IP6?

IP6 in a nutshell [more below] is a compound found in beans, whole grains, nuts, seeds, rice, wheat bran, corn and sesame.

It is one of the B vitamins and research is showing that it has some very effective and positive properties in regard to cancer.

IP6 is present in all human cells.

It is in foods eg beans, whole grains, nuts, seed, rice and wheat bran.

 However, IP6 obtained from food is bound to protein. Before the body can absorb it, IP6 must be freed from this protein by the enzyme phytase that is present in food and naturally in the intestinal tract

The power of the phytase enzyme is damaging to IP6 and renders much of it inactive and therefore less effective when obtained in this form.

 Pure IP6 as in this whole food supplement, is not bound to protein and is easily absorbed, intact and able to provide it’s complete medicinal properties.

Make Money with World’s Best Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

Below is why this product is so beneficial and dollar for dollar such excellent value.

It contains the plant based phytonutrient blend of standardized vitamins and minerals in a base of stabilised rice bran. [see below]

It includes

  • Glyconutrients [Manapol– proven to improve brain function]
  • Antioxidants
  • Phytonutrients
  • Stabilised rice bran
  • IP6

How many people do you know who would want to spend their money on the BEST supplement rather than one which is doing them no good at all?

This is one of the best and easiest products to market and you get your own specific website to send them to

The world's best vitamin and mineral supplement


Stabilised Rice Bran

‘Stabilised rice bran (SRB) is an emerging super food which captures the most nutritious parts of the kernel that are otherwise stripped away during the milling process.’

The SRB in this whole food supplement alone, contains a wide array of fatty acids, phytosterols, glyconutrients, fibres and many other nutrients.



Manapol®,  the superior aloe vera gel used in this powder, is exclusive to the company and at the heart of their scientific nutritional breakthroughs.

 Grown in the mineral-rich volcanic soil of Costa Rica, Manapol is created from the stabilised key components of aloe vera gel (acemannan), which have been shown to provide the most benefit.

The hydroponic technology used to standardize the plant- sourced minerals is the first and only of its kind. This process makes it possible to not only include food- sourced nutrients in the product, but also to verify their amounts.’

Why You Need a Whole Food Supplement

This is important because your body can only absorb and use nutrients in this form.

95% of supplements sold are made from petroleum or its bi- products. Yes petroleum is natural but are you designed to eat it?

It is easy to tell if a supplement is synthetic. Rule of thumb – if it’s hard to pronounce – it is not food based but chemically made.

Studies done with such supplements found that they are harmful to the human body.

Some studies were actually stopped midway because those in the trial were experiencing adverse effects.

Read the labels of the very popular well-advertised brands. Check for yourself.


Synthetic vitamins may include:               Listed as

Vitamin B2                                              riboflavin                             

Vitamin C                                                ascorbic acid

Vitamin D                                                calciferol

Vitamin E                                                dl-alpha-tocopherol

Vitamin K                                                menadione or phytonadione

Pantothenic acid                                      calcium-D-panthothenate

Folic acid                                                pteroylglutamic acid


Any vitamin ending in the following is synthetic: acetate, hydrochloride, mononitrate, palmitate or succinate.

Synthetic mineral names will usually end in one of the following:

  • ascorbate
  • citrate
  • iodide
  • orotate


  • aspartate
  • disulfide
  • lactate
  • oxide


  • carbonate
  • gluconate
  • malate
  • picolinate


  • chloride
  • glycerophosphate
  • methionine
  • sulfate

One Stop Shop!

This amazing vitamin, mineral and lots more  is a one- stop shop – everything in one tub of powder which can be sprinkled on food, mixed in water or juice, suitable for children as well as adults of all ages and stages.

The $ value is excellent and people, naturopaths and health care professionals using it, are getting great results with it.

I highly recommend it.

Free Delivery

It is a great family supplement and if you buy two tubs on an automatic order, there is no delivery charge.

What To Do Next

There is so much more I could say – but for now, this is it.

If you want to look into using the world’s top nutritional vitamin and mineral supplement,

until next time 

Susan Rutherford

How to remove body fat naturally

How To Remove Fat From Your Body Naturally


Are you always trying to remove that extra little bit of fat from your body – naturally – without drugs?


Join the 1000’s who constantly are with little or no success.

If you do have success, it is fleeting. It is back on as soon as you relax. How to remove body fat naturally

Does this sound familiar?

Stop That Sugar From Sneaking On The Kilos!

There is an answer for you – the amazing new discovery of something known as the SUGAR BLOCKER.

It actually stops or blcoks the sugar which you ingest -[ knowingly or unknowingly] from entering your blood stream.

If it is not in your blood stream then it cannot be a calorie – it cannot do its dirty work of sneaking those kilos or pounds back of that  you worked so hard to get off!

Get your SUGAR BLOCKER here now


A Bit Of Fun

I am going to be writing about this a lot, but today  I am passing on to you a joke that came into my email box. It is an account of someone buying a bathing suit. It is fun and it says it all. You can enjoy a really good laugh from it.


I don’t know about you, but for me, it is never a pleasure. And not because I am grossly overweight or out of shape, but just because I cannot hide anything when standing in front of the terrible fitting room lights in a bathing suit!


So I am most grateful that I have my sugar blockers. I have managed to shed some weight over the last month or so and wow does it make a difference. I look at myself in the mirror and think – not bad, not bad at all.

And all because my sugar blockers STOP BLOCK any sugar from entering my blood stream and doing their dirty work!


Get Your SUGAR BLOCKER here now


I even ventured into the shop to buy a new bathing suit. Yes I bought the miracle suit, but as I said – it’s not bad, not bad at all.

Read this account of someone having a less than pleasant experience – you will get a good belly laugh. Then pass it on to someone else



Finding the right bathing suit!’



‘When I was a child in the 1950’s. 60’s & 70’s, the bathing suit for the mature figure
was-boned, trussed and reinforced, not so much sewn as engineered.  They
were built to hold back and uplift, and they did a good job.


Today’s stretch fabrics are designed for the prepubescent girl with a 
figure carved from a potato chip.


The mature woman has a choice, she can either go up front to the maternity 
department and try on a floral suit with a skirt, coming away looking like
a hippopotamus that escaped from Disney’s Fantasia, or she can wander
around every run-of-the-mill department store trying to make a sensible
choice from what amounts to a designer range of fluorescent rubber bands.


What choice did I have?


  I wandered around, made my sensible choice and
entered the chamber of horrors known as the fitting room. 


 The first thing
I noticed was the extraordinary tensile strength of the stretch material. 
The Lycra used in bathing costumes was developed, I believe,
by NASA to launch small rockets from a slingshot, which gives the added 
bonus that if you manage to actually lever yourself into one, you would be 
protected from shark attacks. 


Any shark taking a swipe at your passing 
midriff would immediately suffer whiplash.


I fought my way into the bathing suit, but as I twanged the shoulder strap 
in place I gasped in horror, my boobs had disappeared! 

Eventually, I found one boob cowering under my left armpit. 


It took a
while to find the other.  At last I located it flattened beside my seventh rib.


The problem is that modern bathing suits have no bra cups.  The mature 
woman is now meant to wear her boobs spread across her chest like a speed 
bump.  I realigned my speed bump and lurched toward the mirror to take a
full view assessment.


The bathing suit fit all right, but unfortunately it only fitted those 
bits of me willing to stay inside it.  The rest of me oozed out
 rebelliously from top, bottom and sides. 


 I looked like a lump of Playdoh 
wearing undersized cling wrap. 

As I tried to work out where all those extra bits had come from, the 
prepubescent sales girl popped her head through the curtain, “Oh, there 
you are,” she said, admiring the bathing suit. 

I replied that I wasn’t so sure and asked what else she had to show me.


 tried on a cream crinkled one that made me look like a lump of masking 
tape, and a floral two-piece that gave the appearance of an oversized 
napkin in a serving ring.


I struggled into a pair of leopard-skin bathers with ragged frills and 
came out looking like Tarzan’s Jane, pregnant with triplets and having a
 rough day.

I tried on a black number with a midriff fringe and looked like a
 jellyfish in mourning.

I tried on a bright pink pair with such a high cut leg I thought I would
have to wax my eyebrows to wear them.


Finally, I found a suit that fit, it was a two-piece affair with a 
shorts-style bottom and a loose blouse-type top.  It was cheap,
comfortable, and bulge-friendly, so I bought it. 


My ridiculous search had
 a successful outcome, I figured.


When I got it home, I found a label that read, “Material might become 
transparent in water.”



Well, I hope you are laughing because I am just reading it yet again.


But to enjoy your trip to the chamber of horrors. Your bathers will look stunning with the aid of  your SUGAR BLOCKER. Keep that sugar that is hidden in so many foods OUT OF YOUR PRECIOUS AND BEAUTIUFL BODY.


Get your SUGAR BLOCKER here now


petroleum plant

Are Your Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Natural Or Petroleum?

What Is Really In The Food You Eat, Your Vitamin and Mineral Supplements?


Do you know that the vitamins and minerals you buy at the health store or anywhere are toxic chemicals and rocks?

Instead of 100% Real food source vitamins and minerals they make them in a lab from petroleum and rocks.;

They are also added to your food!

You think you are getting ‘enriched’ iron, calcium etc.Are your vitamin and mineral supplements synthetic or natural

But what are you really getting?

Poison – sludge perhaps?

Watch this NOW If you just eat or are taking any fortified food or vitamin and mineral supplement.


This is an outrage!

This is the most frightening video and information and its something most of us do not know.

We are told that the food we eat is filled with calcium, vitamin b, Iron. But where do those vitamins and minerals come from?

Are they really good for you or are they harming you?

Once you have watched the video which is on my Face Book page,  click on the link provided to see a better choice, a better alternative for you. 

This is REALLY important and everyone needs to spread the word. We are being gipped!

Are you swallowing petroleum products each day?

95% of all vitamin and mineral supplements are synthetic – would you believe, made from by products of petroleum!

And people are swallowing them faithfully – everyday because marketing says they are ‘the best’.

But are they the best because the companies producing them are making lots of money – from your ignorance?

  • Why is food fortified with rocks and chemicals?
  • Why are children, adults, grannies suffering?
  • Should weetbix have iron flakes in them? 
  • Can a body really digest iron – metal?
NO NO NO definitley not,  but bits of rock, metal, petroleum are in so many foods which are eaten by so many – everyday.
Watch the video to see the real story – click on the link above, then follow the link on the post to get your answer.
Everyone deserves a better deal!



are you a meal away from a heart attack or stroke?

Are You A Meal Away From A Heart Attack Or Stroke?


Does the thought of a heart attack or stroke scare you – a lot?


Did you know that the risk of suffering from cardiovascular death is the greatest in the two- hour time period after you eat a meal?

This is partly because during that time, you can experience dangerous blood sugar spikes which acutely impair blood flow through vital arteries, ultimately leading to a heart attach or stroke.

This post may seem away from the title of my website, but as I work with nutritional network marketing companies, it is in line with what I can offer you.

This is a new discovery and such an important one for the western world, so please read on!

I am including purchasing information at the end of the post.

What you eat and how you control it is so important

The after-meal blood sugar surge directly impairs your arteries ability to respond to the demand for blood flow, particularly increased blood flow which might be needed.

This is one of the reasons why diabetics have such a high rate of heart attacks and other cardiovascular disorders.

It is difficult to eliminate these after-meal blood sugar surges, but you can do something to lessen them.

Sugar is the Demon

Sugar is the worst offender for these blood sugar spikes, particularly if eaten on its own  [more on this later].

If you can BLOCK the sugar which you knowingly eat or which unknowingly creeps into your diet, then you are lowering your personal risk of debilitating stroke and heart attack.



The simplest and most cost effective way to do this is via the new SUGAR BLOCKER tablet which not only blocks the dangers sugar from entering your blood stream, but also contributes to improved digestion and immune function.

All you need to do is take one or two before each meal or snack and you stop that sugar causing the after meal glucose spikes.

You could be also helping to prevent cardiovascular problems.

How many people do you know who were fine one minute and debilitated with a stroke

or heart attack the next?


Essential points to know about the dangers of Sugar

The following list and this only just touches on it, is from a variety of medical journals and scientific publications.

I could say this is ‘not to scare you’ but in reality we all do need to be scared because it is such a problem.

  1.  Sugar can suppress your immune system and impair your defenses against infectious disease.
  2. Sugar upsets the mineral relationships in your body: causes chromium and copper deficiencies and interferes with absorption of calcium and magnesium.
  3.  Sugar can cause can cause a rapid rise of adrenaline, hyperactivity, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, and crankiness in children
  4.   Sugar can produce a significant rise in total cholesterol, triglycerides and bad cholesterol and a decrease in good cholesterol.
  5. Sugar causes a loss of tissue elasticity and function
  6. Sugar feeds cancer cells and has been connected with the development of cancer of the breast, ovaries, prostate, rectum, pancreas, biliary tract, lung, gallbladder and stomach.
  1.  Sugar can increase fasting levels of glucose and can cause reactive hypoglycemia
  2.  Sugar can weaken eyesight.
  3.  Sugar can cause many problems with the gastrointestinal tract including: an acidic digestive tract, indigestion, malabsorption in patients with functional bowel disease, increased risk of Crohn’s disease, and ulcerative colitis.
  4.  Sugar can cause premature aging.
  5.  Sugar can lead to alcoholism.
  6.  Sugar can cause your saliva to become acidic, tooth decay, and periodontal disease.
Most people are conscious of this but it can be difficult to avoid sugar all the time. And do you really want to?
Would you like to be able to have your cake and eat it too – just a bit of it?
 Have your Cake and Eat it Too – Just Block  the Sugar!
You can with the new scientifically proven and peer reviewed sugar blocker.
Just take 1 or 2 BEFORE you eat. The sugar will not pass into your blood stream. Its all that simple.
I will show you how in the next post or go to the website and discover for your self [see link below]
 For you protection, you can get your supply of the sugar blocker by just going to this website and placing an order.

 Australian customers need to open up a purchasing account – USA can purchase retail.

[ it will come under the name of membership. Only those in the US can purchase retail off the website. Aussies can only purchase wholesale but that is good for you. It is only $30 to open up your account and your make it back virtually on your first product]

If you need help of have any questions my personal phone number is 0417 843 122




plant based mlm company vitamins and minerals

MLM Companies With Real Vitamins And Minerals

Not all vitamins and minerals from all MLM companies  are created equally!


 In fact it is 95% over 5% – it is very unequal.

95% are made from petroleum- coal tar.synthetic vitamins and minerals


Only 5% are made from plants –  something your body does know how to digest and use.


Are these the ones you are taking? The useless ones or the good ones?


We were designed to eat plants and get our nutrients from them.

Plants get them from the soil.

We were not designed to eat the dirt, gorund up rocks and petroleum.

Yes it might be natural in that it comes form the ground, but it is not for human consumption.


Why are there so many synthetic vitamins and minerals?

Two reasons

  1. Price
  2. Technology has not been available until now to make pure plant based and standardised vitamins and minerals

Test your vitamins and minerals to see if they are plant based.plant based mlm company vitamins and minerals

Put them in the oven and see what happens to them.

If they change, go black, melt in any way – they are synthetic – made from a petroleum base and coated in a protein to trick your body into digesting them.


How many nutrients do you think you are absorbing from them?


Science And Technology Continues To Change The World.

Science and Technology Have Changed Vitamins and Minerals.

2400BC  – The Abacus

1791 – The Steamboat

1834 – The Refrigerator

1924- Television

1958 – the Silicon chip

1990- the world Wide Web

2007 – The iPhone

2011 – The Real Vitamin and Mineral Supplement


Click here to discover what a true plant based vitamin and mineral supplement is from a science based MLM company

multi vitamin and mineral supplements

Multivitamins And Minerals Cut Cancer Risk by 8%

 If you could cut your cancer risk, would this be a pill worth swallowing?


“Swallowing a daily multivitamin pill could reduce your risk of cancer by  about 8%, a new study shows”


The researchers said that it was likely the combination of essential vitamins and mineral in multivitamins mirrored healthier dietary patterns.

multi vitamin and mineral supplementsThese healthier patters had preciously been shown to reduce cancer risks.


But the experts also warn that a daily pill should not replace a healthy diet or be taken as cancer prevention.


The study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. It involved nearly 15,000 male doctors aged 50 and over who took either a multi vitamin or a placebo over an average of 11 years.


“ Compared with the placebo, men taking a daily multivitamin had a statistically significant reduction in the incidence of total cancer”


Tips essential to cut cancer risk 

This is a great study and something the scientists have know for a long time – that complete nutrition is essential for health and to cut caner risk.


What happens if nutrients are missing?

  • Nutrition has a domino effect in the body.
  • Even if one micro vitamin is missing, this affects a whole chain of chemical reactions deep in your cells.  
  • One thing is missing – the chemical reaction does not take place.This leads to another ‘mishap’ and so on.
  • Eventually your body is in trouble.


  • Your immune system is affected.
  • It does not recognize foreign bodies
  • It does not recognize cancer cells.
  • They start to divide and multiply.

And this can all start from just one missing micro or macro nutrient.

So you can see why this long term and important study got such good results and why your daily vitamin and mineral supplement is so important.



Not all supplements are created equal.

95% are synthetically made and therefore you can be wasting your money and not getting the results you might expect.

Read here to see the real truth

 For the worlds only 3rd generation and top top naturally plant sourced nutrition [ the only way to take supplements] click here.

 Start your cancer prevention today with the best plant sourced vitamin and mineral supplement.

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